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[YesAuto Travel Notes] In the previous program, Dongdong Xiaolichee and I went into the vicinity of Laozhanggou together and brought you a unique “Basic Wild Luxury Game”. In this program, I Will fulfill the promise, continue to take everyone into the mountains and experience a different kind of camping experience brought to us by a small off-road trailer. what? The RV is too expensive? No place to put it? Camping is fine, but it must be able to take a bath? no problem! Satisfy you tonight! Let's go, get in the car… (The experience environment in this issue is the closed mountain off-road environment suggested by the business, not public roads)

Regarding regulations and procedures:

Speaking of trailer products, it is definitely not possible to avoid the problems of license plates and regulations. For this reason, I also consulted the corresponding manufacturers and some riders who have used similar products to get an overview: although this type of off-road small trailer complies with The “Road Traffic Law” stipulates 550kg, and there is no too much description of the license in the regulations, but the actual situation is actually to go through a formal license (to apply for an independent driving license) to get on the road. The licensing cost of this trailer is about 5,000-6,000 yuan. Small trailer manufacturers have corresponding licensing services, so in terms of the legality of the road, you don’t need to worry too much.

Editor's summary: Self-driving camping should have enjoyed life

In fact, this kind of small trailer is very popular in overseas areas, especially in Australia, Europe and other places. The biggest feature is that off-road vehicles can go off-road with small trailers. The passing ability is much more convenient than towing RVs and self-propelled RVs. Can go to many places that RVs simply can't go. Therefore, many off-road teams like to pull it out. In China, RVs have only gradually emerged in recent years. The biggest headache is that there is no place to put them. Storage conditions and thresholds for use must be considered. The utilization rate is actually not high. If it is a small off-road trailer, it can be set off at any time when it is pulled up, which is very convenient.

Okay, that’s all for sharing in this issue. The content of the camping and picnic experience is basically finished with everyone. In the next issue, we will continue to walk into the mountains and share with you about bicycle self-help and team trip rescue. We will see you in the next issue of the situation and the necessary common sense!