[YesAuto Race] Maybe you, like me, started your fascination with those super sports cars from those racing games, such as the Need for Speed series on the computer and the GT racing series on the PS game console. At that time, the favorites were nothing but driving. Like Porsche and Ferrari super sports cars. From the game back to reality, as these super sports cars have become more and more on the market in China, luxury car brands have also introduced related car models to the country. This time, I will introduce you to these single-brand events that can make us feel the charm of supercars at close range.

The so-called single-brand event refers to a special event that uses exactly the same car to compete on the field. Usually these single-brand events are organized by car manufacturers, mainly for the purpose of cultivating drivers for higher-level competitions, and to give their senior customers more opportunities to experience the stadium, while achieving the purpose of promoting brands and models. At present, the single-brand events that have been held in China mainly include the Ferrari Pirelli Cup Asia Pacific Challenge, the Porsche Carrera Cup and the Scirocco R Cup.

Ferrari Pirelli Cup Challenge

Competition introduction

Ferrari’s single-brand event is called the Ferrari Pirelli Cup Challenge. This event officially came to the Asia-Pacific region and China as the fourth round of the series in 2011. This event has a history of 19 years overseas.

This competition was held in Zhuhai on June 19th, Shanghai on July 24th, and Ordos on September 4th. The Asia-Pacific Challenge this season has 3 stops in China. The fourth stop is Held at the Motegi Circuit in Japan.

Participating riders

The drivers participating in the Ferrari Pirelli Cup Challenge include customers who first tried their edge in the Ferrari Shell Cup and experienced the track in person, as well as drivers who participated in the main Pirelli Cup events and have racing experience. In other words, if you can't become a professional racing driver “working” on the track, buying a Ferrari may be the most likely way to participate. It is also worth mentioning that Aaron Kwok also participated in this race, his car number is 88.

Game development

The Ferrari Pirelli Cup Challenge is a global single-brand event officially organized by Ferrari. It was launched in 1993 and has a history of 19 years. According to statistics, as of 2010, the event has gathered more than 2,200 drivers from more than 24 countries. The professional and amateur players compete on the same stage but are ranked independently, which not only avoids the side of the event, but also ensures its excitement.

The Ferrari Pirelli Cup Challenge consists of the Italian Series, the European Series, the North American Series, and the Asia-Pacific Series which debuted in 2011. This year, the newly added 458 Challenge model participated in the Ferrari Challenge.

Due to the introduction of new models, drivers driving the 458 Challenge will be divided into two groups (professional car owners and amateur drivers) in the race. According to FIA regulations, the race has adopted dynamic starting (that is, starting in sequence) since last year, and the winner of the Ferrari Pirelli Cup Challenge can receive the “Coppa Team” (Coppa Team) and special prizes.

Competition models

The 458 Challenge used in the Ferrari Cup debuted in Maranello in July 2010. This car is based on the production version of the Ferrari 458 Italia, which is Ferrari's fifth model in a single-spec series.

Single-brand events are different from other car events in that the cars they use maintain the original design of the mass-produced car to the greatest extent, except for the seven-eight-eight sponsor LOGO and racing number that we see on the surface of the car body. , The 458 Challenge racing car looks the same as a production car, and the graceful posture of the 458 has not been ravaged. But in order to reduce the weight of the 458 Challenge, Ferrari engineers thinned the body panels and widely used lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and Lexan.

The power of this 458 Challenge model is basically the same as the production version of the 458 Italia. The mid-rear, 4499cc V8 engine can output a maximum power of 570 horsepower at 9000 rpm, and can output a peak of 540 N•m at 6000 rpm. Torque. The transmission also uses a similar 7-speed dual-clutch F1 transmission, but the transmission ratio has been fine-tuned compared to the normal version.

Of course, as a racing car, this 458 Challenge model used in the new season will naturally use some unique tricks, such as the E-Diff electronic differential used for racing for the first time, and a special suspension device, which is better than the production version. Reduced chassis height by 50mm, equipped with steel single ball joints, hard springs, single ratio alloy shock absorbers, 19-inch forged wheels with central nuts, larger Pirelli bald tires, and a new generation of Brembo CCM2 integrated with the latest ABS system Brakes, etc. In addition, 458 Challenge is also equipped with F1-Trac traction control system.

Thanks to many optimizations and improvements, the 458 Challenge’s lateral grip on the track can reach 1.6G, setting a new lap record of only 1:16.50 on the Fiorano track used by Ferrari, which is better than his “predecessor” F430 Challenge was fast for a full 2 seconds. It can be said that this 458 Challenge is definitely the most exciting Ferrari Cup car of “unprecedented”.


The Ferrari Pirelli Cup Challenge is not just a car race to compete for rankings. Its greater significance is to reward those senior Ferrari customers, so that they can really drive the Ferrari car on the field to “run away” and experience it. It feels like being a racer and competing on the field. It is also a great blessing for Ferrari fans to be able to see so many Ferrari supercars competing on the sidelines. Next year, this event will also be held in China, so there is an opportunity for us to experience the roar of Ferrari cars on the track.

Porsche Carrera Cup

Competition introduction

The Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (PCCA) is a single-brand event operated by Porsche since 2003. It has been in development for 8 years. The name “Carrera” from this competition is undoubtedly a tribute to a generation of classic models of the Porsche brand.

The Porsche Carrera Cup Asia is an integral part of the Asian Motorsport Festival. This competition is often used as the starting point for the FIA series of high-level events. For example, in the three races in Malaysia, Shanghai and Singapore, the Porsche Carrera The Cup is the “warm-up show” of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

Participating riders

Participants in this competition come from all over Asia, as well as participants from Europe, including experienced touring car and racing drivers, as well as ambitious and potential amateur drivers. Similar to the Ferrari Pirelli Cup, the Porsche Carrera Cup is also divided into two groups A and B according to the difference between professional and amateur drivers.

It is understood that drivers who want to participate in this race need to purchase a Porsche 911 GT3 car and pay a certain modification fee (Race Package) to qualify for the PCCA. Including the purchase, modification, maintenance, and debugging of the car, the sum of these costs for a year is about 2 million euros!

Game development

The Porsche Carrera Cup Asia was held for the first time in 2003 and is one of the events of the Asian Festival of Motorsports (AFOS). Worldwide, similar events launched by Porsche include the Porsche Carrera Cup in Germany, Japan, and Italy, as well as the GT3 CUP Challenge held in the United States and the Middle East.

It also serves as an auxiliary event for the F1 Chinese Grand Prix and the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix. After years of growth, this event has not only achieved great success, but also established an extraordinary influence worldwide. This event officially entered China in 2007 and has set up stations in many cities in China.

Competition models

The car used in the Porsche Carrera Cup is the 911 GT3 Cup (Type 997). This model inherited pure racing pedigree is based on the Porsche 911 GT3 RS sports car. However, participants are only allowed to make very small cars. The range of changes to ensure the true expression of the technology of the game results.

The appearance of the new 911 GT3 Cup car inherits the classic “frog” styling of the 911 series. As a racing car that is very close to the production car, its body has not undergone major modifications, and it is still consistent with the production version of the 911 GT3 RS sports car.

In terms of power, when the new 911 GT3 Cup racing car was launched in 2010, its engine displacement increased by 0.2 liters to 3.8 liters, and the power was increased by 30 horsepower compared with the old model, engraving the maximum output of 450 horsepower at 8,500 rpm. With this powerful heart is the 6-speed manual sequential transmission, which is also the basic configuration of the car.

This racing car uses 18-inch wheels, the front tires are 24/64 R18, the rear tires are 27/68 R18, and the tire supplier is Michelin.

In detail, the front spoiler lip of the car has been lowered by 15 mm, which increases the downforce of the front axle; the downforce of the rear axle is also increased because the rear wing is widened to 1.7 meters. This change is to emulate the faster 911 GT3. The setting for the Cup S sports car to compete in the FIA GT3 competition. In addition, the use of more carbon fiber materials reduces the weight of this car to 1150 kg.


As a representative of sports cars, Porsche is undoubtedly the brand’s enthusiasm for car racing. The Carrera Cup has been successfully held in China for many times. Through the success of this event, many car companies have also been optimistic about China’s racing cars. Big cake in the field. In the future, we are bound to see more car races added to the ranks of single-brand races.

Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup

Competition introduction

The Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup is a single-brand event specially launched by the Volkswagen brand for Scirocco R models. Last year, this event was also called the Scirocco Cup. With the global launch of Volkswagen Scirocco R models, this event Also changed its name.

In 2011, when the Scirocco R Cup was fully upgraded to the Scirocco R Cup, a total of 5 stations were set up in China, and the two games in the middle of the schedule were moved to the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the regular 45-55 km speed race this year, the Scirocco R Cup also held a 12-hour endurance race at the fifth station.

Participating riders

As for the drivers, the requirements for the drivers participating in this race are different from those of supercars that cost tens of millions of RMB. As a more friendly Scirocco R sports car, the driver qualification requirements for the race will not be very high, as long as they are over. It is only necessary to be 16 years old and have a D-level or above field competition license issued by the China Automobile Federation. But participating in this competition also requires a not low cost, which is 59,000 US dollars.

Game development

It must be admitted that the Volkswagen brand plays an important role in world automobile events, and the VW brand has a long history in the promotion of sports models. For example, the Scirocco R Cup here, formerly known as Scirocco Cup (Scirocco Cup), has a history of development dating back to 1976, and has a history of 35 years.

In 2011, Volkswagen upgraded the Scirocco Cup Scirocco Cup to Scirocco R Cup Scirocco R Cup, a very important aspect is to cooperate with the launch of the Scirocco R model that maximizes the sports performance. In 2009, the Scirocco Cup officially entered China, and successively successfully held 4 sub-station events in Shanghai (2 stations), Beijing and Guangdong Zhaoqing. By 2011, the number of Chinese sub-station events expanded to as many as 7.

It is also worth mentioning that Volkswagen once introduced a single-brand competition with a higher degree of attention in China, that is, the Volkswagen POLO Cup, but now the POLO Cup has been fully handed over to the Shanghai Volkswagen 333 team, which has close cooperation with Volkswagen, in China. Therefore, the official single-brand event organized by Volkswagen is currently only considered the Scirocco R Cup in China.

Competition models

The new Scirocco R car has many improvements. From the perspective of the body, the hood and trunk cover are replaced with carbon fiber material, which makes the body more lightweight. Two air guide holes are added to the engine cover to improve the heat dissipation performance of the engine.

At the same time, the rear of the car is equipped with a new enlarged rear wing, which increases the downforce at the rear of the car and effectively improves the grip performance of the rear wheels. In addition, the interior and lighting of the car have also been improved. The engine ECU software has also been upgraded, making the power more powerful.

The engine cover and the trunk cover are replaced with carbon fiber material, which makes the body lighter and the vehicle weight is reduced to 1160KG. The engine cover also adds air guide holes to improve the engine's heat dissipation performance.

In terms of power, the Scirocco R race car is equipped with Volkswagen’s advanced powertrain technology combination 2.0 TSI engine and 6-speed DSG gearbox. The engine ECU software is specially upgraded for the competition. The power is more powerful. It can output a maximum power of 250 horsepower at 6000 rpm. In the speed range of 1700-5000 rpm, the Scirocco R car can output a peak torque of 280 N•m.

In terms of tires, Bridgestone’s POTENZA RE-55S dry tires, with a specification of 245/40 R18, have stronger grip performance and a corresponding increase in working temperature. All Scirocco R cars are equipped with hans system, fully independent adjustable racing suspension, racing anti-lock braking system and so on.


Although the Scirocco R Cup is still a little extravagant for ordinary people to participate, it is undeniable that this competition is indeed the closest single-brand competition to us. And more importantly, this competition is also a stage for Volkswagen to train and select rookies for the development of its own motor sports. If you have a dream of being a racer, then Scirocco R Cup can really be the starting point of your dream.