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[YesAuto Troubleshooting] Friends who know a little about car maintenance will know that engine lubricants are indispensable for every vehicle maintenance. However, there are only a few lubricant manufacturers that can produce and sell in this field, the major car brands Which lubricating oil manufacturer OEM produced the original engine oil designated for use in its 4S shop? Starting this week, we will continue to bring you relevant introductions.

As the information involved in this article is somewhat professional, if you are not clear about the knowledge of automotive engine lubricants, I suggest you read the following two articles before reading this article.

1. Basic knowledge, reasonable use and Q&A about engine oil

2. Tell what you don't know-a big summary of domestic oil brands

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Before officially starting the introduction, there are several questions that need to be explained:

Question 1. What is the difference between the original lubricating oil and the brand lubricating oil bought in the market?

At present, all the original lubricants designated by domestic car manufacturers for each 4S shop are all produced by OEMs from existing brand manufacturers that can produce automotive lubricants. Therefore, in theory, as long as the brand model can be matched, in terms of oil quality There is not much difference. However, some automakers may require OEM brands to add some additives to their lubricants to better suit the daily use of their brands.

Question 2: Why do 4S shops require original lubricants for maintenance?

Some brands of 4S shops will say that the original engine lubricant specified by the manufacturer must be used when maintaining the customer’s vehicle. Otherwise, some consequences will be borne by the consumer. Is there really anything in the original lubricant that can guarantee the cost? The “secret recipe” for the smooth running of the engine of the brand vehicle?

In fact, this is not the case. As mentioned in the first question, the so-called “original lubricants” of major manufacturers are also produced by major lubricant manufacturers, and 4S shops require customers to use “original lubricants.” “In fact, it is a matter of forcing consumers to consume. In terms of manufacturers, they definitely hope that car owners will repair their cars in their own 4S shops in order to seek greater profits. Therefore, the maintenance stipulates that the original engine oil must be used during maintenance to restrict car owners.

In addition, some manufacturers will also stipulate that if the original engine oil is not used, the owner will be deemed to have automatically given up the remaining warranty period.

Okay, after talking about the two issues just now, I will officially start to reveal the origin of the original lubricants recommended or mandatory to be used by various domestic car brands during maintenance. Due to the large number of brands, we will introduce them into categories such as Japanese/Korean, European and American, and independent. Today, we will first talk about Japanese/Korean models .

The selection and sorting of related brands in this article are not sorted in terms of attention, holdings, etc.

Dongfeng Honda

At present, Dongfeng Honda provides four models and three types of engine oil for its 4S stores. They are: SL grade 5W-30 mineral oil, SM grade 0W-30 fully synthetic oil, SM grade 5W-30 fully synthetic oil, SM grade 5W -40 fully synthetic oil , consumers can choose to replace according to their own needs. In terms of prices, Dongfeng Honda implements a unified sales strategy for parts and accessories across the country. The specific prices are as follows:

Dongfeng Honda uses products launched by Tianjin Nissei Lubricant Co. , Ltd., a joint venture contracted by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), Nippon Oil Co., Ltd., and Meiwa Industry Co., Ltd.. Many domestic automobile factories produce engine oil as OEM.

Applicable models:

    At present, Dongfeng Honda CR-V, SPIRUI and Civic models can use the four oils mentioned above, but in general, 4S shops will recommend: models with 2.4L engines use SM 0W-30, SM 5W-30 and SM 5W- 40 These three fully synthetic engine oils, while the 1.8L and 2.0L models use SL 5W-30 mineral oil , but consumers can also allow consumers to use higher-grade engine oils.

Guangqi Honda

There are currently three types of original engine oils designated by Guangqi Honda for 4S, two mineral engine oils (SL grade 10W-30, SM grade 5W-30), and one fully synthetic engine oil (SM 5W-40) . Like Dongfeng Honda, Guangqi Honda also implements a nationally unified price in terms of parts prices. The models and prices of the original lubricants used by Guangqi Honda are as follows:

Like Dongfeng Honda, Guangqi Honda's original engine oil is also a product launched by Tianjin Nisseki Lubricating Grease Co., Ltd. Since the engine on its model is also a Honda series engine, the oil model is basically the same as that of Dongfeng Honda, only at the low end. The label of mineral oil is different. In terms of price, although it comes from the same generation factory but the same level and volume of lubricants, the selling price of Dongfeng Honda is cheaper than that of Guangqi Honda .

Applicable models:

    Guangqi Honda manufacturers generally replace engine lubricants according to the following recommendations, but high-grade lubricants can be backward compatible with low-grade lubricants. Consumers can choose the corresponding lubricant model according to their own conditions.

SL grade 10W-30 mineral oil: Accord 2.0L/2.4L, Fit, Fengfan

SM grade 5W-30 mineral oil: Odyssey, Accord 2.0L/2.4L

SM grade 5W-40 fully synthetic oil: Accord 3.5L

Imported Mitsubishi

Imported Mitsubishi has always used engine lubricants officially called the “Queen” series in China. Currently, the imported Mitsubishi 4S stores in China provide four levels of engine lubricants: SL grade 10W-30 mineral oil, SL grade 5W-30 Semi-synthetic oil, SM grade 5W-30 fully synthetic oil, SM grade 5W-40 fully synthetic oil . Due to the emphasis on service, imported Mitsubishi 4S stores also implement a nationally unified price for accessories. The specific information is as follows:

Similarly, Nisseki Lubricant Co., Ltd. also provides original lubricants for imported Mitsubishi 4S stores. Four kinds of engine oils are available from low-end mineral oils to semi-synthetic and fully synthetic engine oils.

Applicable models:

In the Mitsubishi 4S shop, you can see a list of models recommended by the manufacturer for “Queen” series engine oils. The table indicates that all current imported Mitsubishi models can be used, from the Pajero that focuses on off-road performance to the EVO models that focus on speed performance. That is to say, whether it is low-grade mineral oil or high-grade fully synthetic oil, all Mitsubishi models are “take all”.

GAC Toyota

There are three types of original engine oils used by GAC Toyota in 4S stores: SM-grade 5W-30 semi-synthetic oil, SM-grade 5W-20 fully-synthetic oil and SM-grade 5W-40 fully-synthetic oil. The price of engine lubricants is in the country. The scope is also uniform, and the specific prices are as follows:

As for lubricating oil manufacturers, GAC Toyota currently has two suppliers. Among them, the fully synthetic engine oil is produced by the French Elf Lubricant Company, and the semi-synthetic engine oil is produced by Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants . At present, GAC Toyota is also the only Japanese joint venture manufacturer that uses synthetic engine oils for the original recommended engine lubricants .

Applicable models:

Manufacturers have strict requirements for the use of these three types of engine oils:

SM grade 5W-30 semi-synthetic oil: used on Yaris models

SM grade 5W-40 fully synthetic oil: used for Camry and Highlander 2.7L models

SM grade 5W-20 fully synthetic oil: Highlander 3.5/2.7L. Only for Camry models.

a Toyota

After talking about GAC Toyota, let’s take a look at FAW Toyota’s original engine oil. In early 2010, FAW Toyota upgraded all of its original SL-grade semi-synthetic and fully-synthetic engine oils. At present, except for the 10W-30 mineral engine oil, it is still SL. In addition to the level, the remaining 5W-30 and 5W-20 are all upgraded to the SM level .

In addition, because FAW Toyota does not implement a nationally unified retail price, the price of gasoline at each 4S store is also different. The following is the price of related engine oil at Beijing FAW Toyota store: 5W-20 is 230 yuan, 5W-30 is 195 yuan, and 10W-30 is 99 yuan.

In addition, FAW Toyota originally also provided SL-grade 5W-40 fully synthetic engine oil, which has now ceased supply.

FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota use some of the same parts suppliers, so the SM 5W-20 fully synthetic lubricant uses the products produced by French Elf lubricants ; and the 5W-30 and 5W-20 oils There is no relevant information on the origin of the packaging, but we found the phone number of FAW Toyota's parts company. After that, we called the company. The relevant personnel told me that the two oils were from a supplier named “Ripeng”. I have not inquired about the relevant information of this oil supplier.

Applicable models:

FAW Toyota also has clear regulations on the models that the relevant lubricants are matched with

SM 5W-20: Crown, Reiz, Prado, Land Cruiser

SM 5W-30: RAV4, Vios, Corolla, Corolla EX, Prado, Land Cruiser

SL 10W-30: Vios, Corolla EX

Among them, Land Cruiser, Prado, Corolla EX and Vios have two types of engine oils that can be replaced, but 4S shops often recommend low-grade engine oils, and high-grade lubricants can be replaced if customers require them.

Dongfeng Nissan

Nissan’s performance on engines has always been very good. Its HR series and VQ series engines have always had strong advantages in engine technology and fuel economy. Therefore, Nissan is also considered to be among Japanese manufacturers in terms of engine lubricant suppliers. Kind.

At present, Dongfeng Nissan provides three types of engine lubricants for 4S stores, namely SL-grade 10W-30 mineral engine oil, SL-grade 5W-30 semi-synthetic engine oil and SL-grade 5W-30 fully synthetic engine oil . In terms of price, Dongfeng Nissan only stipulates the unified selling price in regions such as replacing the oil and filter, and has no separate regulations on the oil price. Therefore, we can only introduce the price of oil with the Beijing area as a representative.

I just mentioned that Dongfeng Nissan is the most kind of Japanese brands to provide original oils. The reason is that it is not because of the high grade of its original lubricants, but the more “horizontal” manufacturers of lubricants, except for the lowest grade mineral oil. In addition to the Great Wall lubricant produced by Sinopec, the other two synthetic motor oils are all lubricants provided by Shell. The semi-synthetic motor oil is similar to the commonly referred to as “blue shell”, and the fully synthetic motor oil is similar to the commonly referred to as “gray shell”.

Applicable models:

Dongfeng Nissan does not have manufacturer regulations on the engine oil corresponding to lubricating oil, but there are often some suggestions in 4S shops. The information we have learned is as follows.

SL grade 10W-30 mineral engine oil: Tiida, Tiida, Liwei, Sylphy 1.6L

SL grade 5W-30 semi-synthetic engine oil: Sylphy 2.0L, Teana 2.0L, Qijun 2.0L, Qashqai

SL grade 5W-30 fully synthetic engine oil: Teana 2.5L/3.5L, Qijun 2.5L

Changan Suzuki

Changan Suzuki is famous among Japanese manufacturers for producing small-displacement and long-life engines. At the same time, its engines also have better characteristics in terms of wear resistance. This is also the case for Suzuki's M series and K series engines used in China. Don't care too much about it.

At present, Changan Suzuki has three types of engine oils in China, namely SH grade 15W-40 mineral oil, SH grade 5W-30 mineral engine oil and SJ grade 15W-40 mineral engine oil . At the time of our writing, we also learned that Changan Suzuki has begun to equip 4S stores with new SJ grade 5W-30 mineral engine oil for use . In addition, since Changan Suzuki does not provide uniform parts prices, we cannot provide you with accurate quotations.

In the selection of lubricant suppliers, Changan Suzuki chose Kunlun lubricants under PetroChina as its original special lubricants. However, all provided is mineral oil. It can also be seen from this that Suzuki's engine is relatively “skin-hard” and durable.

Applicable models:

It is understood that at present, Changan Suzuki's classification of different engine oils for different models is divided according to the engine oil grade. The specific information is as follows

SH grade 15W-40 mineral oil: Swift and Alto summer special oil

SH grade 5W-30 mineral oil: Swift and Alto winter special oil

SJ grade 15W-40 mineral engine oil: SX4 summer special engine oil

SJ grade 5W-30 mineral engine oil: SX4 winter special engine oil

FAW Mazda

FAW Mazda sells a lot of models in China, ranging from the small sports car MX-5 to the family car Mazda 6 Ruiyi to the cost-effective MPV Mazda 5. But these models are all subordinate to Mazda MZR series engines (except RX-8). Using a dual-rotor engine). As for the original lubricants, FAW Mazda only provides two options, namely: SL grade 10W-30 mineral engine oil and SM grade 5W-40 fully synthetic engine oil. At the same time, FAW Mazda also implements a unified national price for parts.

Regarding the manufacturer of FAW Mazda's original lubricating oil, we did not find the corresponding information on the packaging, so we called FAW Mazda's accessories company for inquiries. After consulting the manufacturer, we told us that mineral engine oil is provided by a lubricating oil factory called “Idemitsu” , And the fully synthetic engine oil comes from a lubricant similar to the “extreme protection” provided by Castrol .

The “Idemitsu” lubricant plant is known to be a large Japanese petrochemical company, and the “Idemitsu” lubricant used by FAW Mazda comes from its South Korean production plant.

Applicable models:

FAW Mazda officially stated that these two lubricants can be used on any model. (Including RX-8 with dual-rotor engine).


Subaru's horizontally opposed engine has long been synonymous with sports, so in order to ensure that these series of engines are known for their sportiness, a very good engine lubricant is needed to maintain it. At present, Subaru manufacturers provide original lubricants as SM grade 0W-40 fully synthetic engine oil , and the price varies from region to region.

The manufacturer of this engine lubricating oil is F-1A high-grade lubricating oil produced by Xinhui Lubricant, which is famous for producing engine lubricants for competitions.

Applicable models:

This oil can be applied to any Subaru models on sale, whether it is a 2.0L, 3.0L naturally aspirated engine or a 2.5T supercharged engine.

Dongfeng Yueda Kia/Beijing Hyundai

Beijing Hyundai and Dongfeng Yueda Kia have adopted almost the same engine powertrain in China, and the lubricant supplier is also the same group. However, since the same powertrain is used and the same lubricating oil supplier is used, why there are two different grades of engine oil is more puzzling.

At present, the official recommended engine oil of Beijing Hyundai is SL grade 5W-20 mineral engine oil, while the official recommended engine oil of Dongfeng Yueda Kia is SJ grade 10W-40 mineral engine oil .

The lubricating oil suppliers of Beijing Hyundai and Dongfeng Yueda Kia are both South Korea’s SK petrochemical plant, and SK chemical plant is also South Korea’s largest chemical plant, providing original loading oil and 4S shop original for Hyundai, Daewoo, Kia and other brands. Factory lubricants.

Applicable models:

Beijing Hyundai and Dongfeng Yueda Kia only provide one type of original engine oil, so the applicable models are all of their models.

The above is the introduction of the engine lubricant suppliers recommended by some domestic Japanese and Korean manufacturers. In fact, the biggest work of this article is just to popularize knowledge, and does not comment on the quality of the manufacturer’s lubricants. After all, as long as it can The lubricating oil used to ensure the normal and basic use of our vehicles are all good things.

At the same time, since some Japanese brands have not been investigated in this article, such as Changan Mazda, Acura, etc., please don't worry, we will separately dig out the suppliers of the original lubricants that “missed” the brand. If you have any thoughts after reading this article or want to know more information, please leave a message on my blog (click to enter: Zhai Yuan's blog), we will investigate in time.