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[YesAuto Factory Secret] What can be done in 72 seconds? Maybe you can read a few lines of text, write an email, say a few words to a friend, or just hang out in a daze. However, in the final assembly workshop of the Changan Ford Hangzhou plant that has just been put into production this year, a brand new Ford Edge can be rolled off the line every 72 seconds (target production beat). What we want to show you today is the secret behind these 72 seconds.

It should be said that the Changan Ford Ruijie is one of the models that have attracted much attention during the recent period. Through a visit to its production line, it can be seen that the technology and craftsmanship of the Changan Ford Hangzhou plant has reached the current level of domestic joint venture car companies. The mainstream level, and the vehicle itself does have many bright spots and advantages. It is believed that with the continuous increase in production capacity, the current “hard to find a vehicle” status will also be improved.

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