[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] Why people can judge how far things are from themselves is because people have two eyes. As technology becomes more and more intelligent, cars also need to judge the distance of things to realize driving assistance functions and even autonomous driving technology. Recently, Kunihiko Onuma, chairman and CEO of Hitachi Automotive Systems (hereinafter referred to as “Hitachi”), revealed that they will equip the Suzuki Spacia with a stereo camera, which is mainly used for anti-collision automatic braking systems.

● Binocular stereo camera

In recent years, more and more models have been equipped with high-tech configurations such as automatic braking, automatic parking, ACC adaptive cruise, aligning assistance, lane departure warning, etc. The realization of these functions is generally achieved by a combination of cameras and radars. To collect information, because ordinary cameras can only collect image information, radar can only collect distance and location information. The Hitachi binocular stereo camera used for forward-looking driving assistance has two cameras, which can not only collect images, but also collect distance and position information.

The binocular stereo camera that will be used on Suzuki Spacia is mainly used for anti-collision automatic braking systems. It can judge the distance and relative position of vehicles and pedestrians on the road, and help the driver to brake to avoid danger. Although some manufacturers have made monocular cameras with strong distance judgment capabilities through optimized calculation methods, there is still a big gap compared with binocular cameras. The binocular camera also has its drawbacks, because the two cameras have a certain distance limit, so its lateral volume is larger.

to sum up:

At present, the manufacturers of stereo cameras include Continental, Bosch, and Denso. Whether Hitachi can achieve better performance in the driver assistance camera market remains to be verified. Generally speaking, we can only see high-tech configurations such as anti-collision automatic brakes on more high-end models, and Suzuki uses this configuration on Spacia, so at least we can imagine that with the advancement of technology, what is now called The cost of advanced high-tech will also be reduced. In the future, we will definitely be able to enjoy more driving assistance functions and active safety configurations in low-end cars in China.