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[YesAuto Technology] Han Yu described in “Send Li Yuan to the Preface to Pangu” that “curb eyebrows and plump cheeks, clear voice and body, show outside but benefit in…” Xiuwaihuizhong can be understood as referring to beautiful appearance. Smart at heart, the same applies to describing a car. What a car can really please users is not only whether the appearance is beautiful, but the color that is usually overlooked is also the key to whether the product can impress people.

● The development of car colors will also follow the trend of popular colors, but the bright colors in other fields may not be suitable for cars;

● In addition to beauty and ugliness, the sales of models of different colors will also be affected by the value retention rate;

● Compared with the appearance, the color of the interior is relatively single, which is related to its inability to affect the safety of use;

When we observe a car, we are often attracted by certain lines, shapes, and details. After combining our preferences, we finally give an evaluation. In fact, in this process, we will also be influenced by colors. Cold black, stable white, and passionate red will invisibly enhance or weaken our feelings. Therefore, the choice of color in car design is very important.

If you want to launch a successful industrial design, you can't just vent your emotions, but also need theoretical support. The chances of working behind closed doors to come up with products that are recognized by the market are extremely low, and extensive research on market demand is required. Since the development of a car takes 3-5 years, it can be said that the grasp of the shape and color can be said to be based on existing materials and predict the aesthetic trend in a few years. The difficulty can be imagined.

Today, when everything is interconnected, things will also influence each other, and colors, shapes, and aesthetics will continue to spread in this process. Clothing with fast changing trends tends to show the trend first, and industrial consumer products follow closely behind. Because of the long value, price and development cycle of automobiles, they tend to appear at the end of the trend.

Of course, due to different fields, not all popular colors will spread in these different fields. You may have felt that although the “local gold” caused by the iPhone in the past few years has swept many electronic consumer fields in an instant, until today, there are only a handful of cars with golden paint.

Speaking of consumers' choice of car color, in addition to visual effects, it will also be affected by other factors. For example, most consumers in the Chinese market will consider value preservation.

Therefore, the black and white buyers and the number of possessions are among the best. In addition, some colors in some countries or regions have special symbolic significance or folklore, which is also an important reason why these colors cannot surpass black and white.

The part of car design and color is not only the appearance, but also the interior part. Just as the development of styling needs to enter the goal first and then execute it, the interior color control also has its own process.

Today's car brands on the market are trying to create their own taste, and you can clearly feel the difference between them before sitting in the car. The calmness of an executive-class car, the passion of a sports car, and of course the comfort of a family car, can leave such an impression on people because of its color scheme.

Like the exterior color, the color matching of the interior also emphasizes following the fashion trend. However, compared with the wider display space of the exterior part, the space for adjusting the color of the interior decoration is relatively small.

In recent years, more and more gray interiors have appeared on the market. Studies have shown that consumers love gray regardless of gender, age, and class. The data shows that consumers' choice of gray is actually higher than that of other colors, and men prefer dark gray than women, and 25% of the people who prefer gray are from high-income earners.

In addition to trying to improve the aesthetics, developers must also consider safety for interior components. On the one hand, it is necessary to reduce the emission of toxic and harmful gases after various processes, and on the other hand, to ensure that they will not be harmful to users under extreme conditions. Causes an unfavorable impact.

On the other hand, the color matching of the interior is only one part of the overall color and texture development, because our naked eyes will judge the surface texture of the material. The fine leather texture is naturally more favorable than the large-particle plastic surface. In other words, under the premise of limited cost, some technical methods can also improve the product texture.

The words written at the back:

For designers, it is not difficult to create a design without cost control. The real challenge is to develop a design that meets the needs of many consumers within a very limited budget. As the saying goes, the tastes of most people are difficult to adjust, and the tastes of most people are often indifferent. How to master scale and heat, not only meet the needs of use, but also reflect their own characteristics requires not only strong design skills, but also rich experience. For car designers, the highest goal they pursue is more than beauty and ugliness.