[YesAuto Race] The 36th Dakar Cross-Country Rally 2014 ended on January 18th. The MINI team’s driver Roma won this year’s car championship. The result has already been released, and the process is even more exciting. Today’s article we will first The content from the first stage to the rest day of the Dakar Cross Country Rally will be summarized, and we will take everyone to see what happened in the first seven days of this event called the “journey of death”. (The picture in the text comes from the official website of Dakar)

● Introduction to Dakar Race History

First of all, let's give a brief introduction to the history of the Dakar event. The founder of this event is called “Thierry Sabine”. In 1977, Thierry Sabine was lost in the Libyan desert while participating in a cross-country motorcycle rally. He experienced life and death in the process of finding a way out. When he walked out of the desert and returned to France, he told his father that he would start a rally from Paris to Dakar. Finally, after unremitting efforts, the first Dakar Rally was officially held in 1979, and 36 years have passed.

Although Thierry Sabine is no longer there, the event has not stopped. Except for the cancellation of the event due to terrorist threats to attack Dakar participants in 2008, the game has continued to this day, of course, starting in 2009. In order to avoid the interference of terrorists, the route of this event was moved to South America.

● Introduction to Dakar 2014

The 2014 Dakar Cross-Country Rally will start from Rosario, Argentina, via Bolivia, and finally arrive in Valparaiso, Chile. There are 13 stages in total and a total mileage of about 10,000 kilometers. This race has a total of 195 motorcycles and 47 motorcycles. Four-wheeled motorcycles, 154 cars and 76 trucks participated in the competition. The Chinese Haval Racing Team has two cars participating in the competition. The Chinese driver Zhou Yong drove a MINI car to participate.

The MINI team adopted a pack of wolves tactics in this competition, with a total of 12 cars participating in the competition. The drivers are also top-level, such as Dakar 11 champion Peter Hansel and famous racers such as Roma and Attia. In this competition, the participating brands of the automobile group also include Toyota, Hummer, Fiat, Nissan, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Ford and many other manufacturers. Below we will take the stages as the order and introduce the exciting content of each stage of this Dakar through pictures.

Stage 1-January 5

On the first day, the first stage started from Rosario, Argentina, and ended in San Luis. The total mileage was 405 kilometers, and the special stage was 180 kilometers. The riders had to cross the narrow forest road, most of the whole road was sand and gravel.

After the end of the first stage, the Haval team unexpectedly won the first place. This is the first time that the Chinese team won the stage championship in the Dakar, and won the Chinese team's most in the history of the Dakar. good grade. Chinese driver Zhou Yong, this time Dakar also joined the MONSTER ENERGY X-RAID team, won the 25th result in the first stage, 13 minutes and 07 seconds behind the first place.

Stage 2-January 6

The second stage starts from St. Louis and ends in San Rafael. The total distance is 798 kilometers, and the special stage is 433 kilometers. 11 crowns Peter Hansel won the championship of this stage. Sosa of the Haval team was delayed a lot of time due to a mechanical failure of the vehicle. There was no result in the second stage. The organizing committee announced his retirement on the third day. Chinese driver Zhou Yong drove the No. 319 car to finish 40th in this stage, and his total score was 31st, and his results have declined.

The most confusing aspect of the second stage was that Sosa’s No. 306 car had a mechanical failure and eventually led to the subsequent retirement. Haval, who had thought that it was a good start, would perform miracles in this Dakar, but because of this The emergence of unexpected events makes the future become confused again. However, it is gratifying that Christian, the driver of Harvard Racing's No. 315 car, is currently stable in seventh place.

Stage 3-January 7

The third stage is still in Argentina, starting from San Rafael and ending in San Juan. The special stage is 301 kilometers. In this stage, Peterhansel's No. 300 car had 6 punctures, and it took 28 minutes to change the tyre. The championship of this stage was won by his teammate Roma. Chinese driver Zhou Yong performed well in this stage, finishing in 14th place.

Stage 4-January 8

The fourth stage starts from San Juan and ends in Cilequito. The special stage is 657 kilometers. It is the first marathon stage since the start of the race. It is bound to bring severe challenges to the drivers and cars in such a hot environment. . The championship of this stage has not been repeated, and it was won by Sainz Carlos, the god of rally in Spain.

Christian of China Harvard Team won the eighth place in this stage, and the overall result is still seventh. The Chinese driver Zhou Yong only finished 67th in this stage. It is understood that Zhou Yong's car had problems with the entire rear axle after a leap and landed. Later, although it was repaired to continue driving, the results have fallen far behind.

Stage 5-January 9

The fifth stage starts from Chilesito and ends in Tucuman. The special stage is 527 kilometers. Although it is not as long as yesterday's stage, it is still a marathon stage, and the total distance of this stage is as high as 911 kilometers. Rome, who led the third stage, once again led this stage.

Perhaps the focus of this stage was not on the driver’s performance. At around 18:00 local time, the car that the two reporters were riding in lost control and fell into a trough of more than 100 meters deep after passing a sharp turn in the stage. Two of the four people in the front row were killed. After that, another tragedy happened. The 51-year-old Eric Palant, the No. 122 motorcyclist, died in this stage. He never returned to the finish line when most of the riders completed the race. After that, the organizing committee found his body along the way, and had not received his distress signal before, and the specific cause of death is still under investigation.

Stage 6-January 10

The sixth stage started from Tucuman and ended in Salta. Peterhansel took the lead again in this stage and won the first place in the stage. The prince of Qatar, Atiyah, won the second stage, and the Chinese Harvard team's Christian's performance declined and won the tenth place in the stage. Chinese driver Zhou Yong only surpassed 46th in this stage due to previous losses.

Closed-January 11

On January 11, the Dakar cross-country rally ushered in a rest day. This is the only day of rest for all teams and drivers in the entire race schedule. In the first six stages of the high-intensity competition, the drivers both physically and mentally All have withstood a severe test, and they need to re-adjust their condition on this day to better face the next difficult game.

The first half of the 2014 Dakar Cross-Country Rally will be introduced here. Three people died when the race was halfway through, and there were countless vehicles withdrawing from the race. This shows the horror of this devil race, Dakar. It is precisely because of this difficulty that many fans are attracted to challenge. Judging from the results of the first six stages, the performance gap of the top drivers is not too big. Then, the MINI team’s driver Roma is How did you win the championship? We will give you a detailed introduction in the next issue.

[YesAuto Off-Road Race] In the previous article, we introduced the content of Dakar's first half of the schedule “First Stage to Day Off”. Three people were killed when the race progressed, which fully proved the cruelty of Dakar. In today’s article, we will introduce the content from the seventh stage to the end of the race. The MINI team’s driver Roma finally withstood the threat of Peter Hansel and finally won the car championship trophy. The Chinese Haval team finally finished with a total result. After finishing eighth, the Chinese driver Zhou Yong was in danger in the second half of the stage. There were two rollover accidents. Let's take a look at the specific content.

Stage 7-January 12

The seventh stage starts from Salta and finishes at Uyuni. The special stage of the car group is 533 kilometers. The winner of this stage was Sainz from Spain. So far, the overall result of the automobile group is led by the MINI team driver Roma, also from Spain. Christian of China Harvard Team won the 13th place in the stage and 10th in the overall result. Chinese driver Zhou Yong performed well in this stage and finished 19th. However, his overall result was only 42nd due to the fact that he lags behind in the first six stages.

The drivers ran smoothly in the seventh stage without major accidents. It seems that everyone has found their own race rhythm through the summary and adjustment of the rest days. There are still six stages. At present, the gap between the top five is less than one hour, so who will win the final victory is still not conclusive.

Stage 8-January 13

The eighth stage starts from Uyuni, Bolivia and ends in Calama, Chile. The special stage is 302 kilometers. Attia and Peter Hansel of the MINI team won first and second places, and Sainz of the Red Bull Racing team won the third place. Roma finished sixth in this stage. He has suffered a puncture twice and is still ranked first in the overall results list. Chinese Haval team driver Christian won the tenth place in the stage and advanced to the ninth place in total. Chinese driver Zhou Yong is in 23rd place in this stage, with a total score of 43rd.

Stage 9-January 14

The ninth stage starts from Calama, Chile and ends at Iquique. The special stage of the competition is 422 kilometers. The first place in this stage was MINI Team driver Peter Hansel. He is currently ranked second in overall results. The gap with the first place in Rome has been reduced to 12 minutes. There are four stages next, and who is the final one? The championship is still unknown. Chinese Haval team driver Christian won 15th in this stage, and the overall result is still ninth. Chinese driver Zhou Yong finished 16th in this stage, and his overall result improved to 32nd.

The eighth and ninth stages progressed fairly smoothly. Except for car punctures and mechanical failures, there were no casualties. Judging from the results, Roma continued to march toward his championship throne, while Peter Hansel was tight. Forcing, gradually narrowing the gap with Rome, in the next game, the two of them will surely spark a lot of sparks.

Stage 10-January 15

The tenth stage starts from Iquique, Chile, and ends at Antofagasta. The special stage of the competition is 631 kilometers. Atiyah, the driver of the MINI team driving the No. 301 car, won the first stage, followed by Dakar 11th crown Peter Hansel, who finished second in the stage. The total result was only two minutes away from the first place in Rome. So far, it's hard to say who will sit on the championship. Chinese Haval team driver Christian won the 11th place on the stage, and the overall result rose to eighth. Chinese driver Zhou Yong suffered an overturn, and the driver and pilot were not injured.

Stage 11-January 16

The eleventh stage starts from Antofagasta, Chile and ends in El Salvador. The special stage of the competition is 605 kilometers. The MINI team driver Terra Nova won the car stage first and the overall result ranked fourth. Rome, the top overall scorer, finished second in this stage. Dakar 11th champion Peter Hansel finished fourth in the stage. He ranked second in total and there was a gap of about 5 minutes between him and first place Roma. Chinese Haval team driver Christian won the 12th place in the stage, and the overall result is still in the eighth place. Chinese driver Zhou Yong's car has been repaired and he finished 21st in this stage, and his overall result rose to 27th.

From the current point of view, the biggest suspense in the car group is who the champion will go to. Currently ranked first is Roma of the MINI team, and second is Peter Hansel. The difference between him and the first Roma is only about 5 minutes. There is still a chance to win the championship. However, there is currently a saying that in order to protect the top three, the MINI team prohibits drivers from risking overtaking their own cars, focusing on stabilizing the overall situation. So, will Peterhansel follow the organizational arrangements and run the rest of the race honestly? The answer may be found in the twelfth stage.

Stage 12-January 17

The twelfth stage starts from El Salvador, Chile, and ends in La Serena. The special stage of the competition is 350 kilometers. The French driver Peter Hansel of the MINI team won the first place in this stage, and the total score also surpassed Rome by 26 seconds to win the first place. Rome was delayed for some time due to a puncture during the stage. Chinese Harvard team driver Christian won the tenth place in the stage, and the overall result is firmly in the eighth place. Chinese driver Zhou Yong finished 15th in the stage and ranked 31st in total.

Stage 13-January 18

The thirteenth stage starts from La Serena in Chile and ends in Valparaiso. The special stage of the competition is only 157 kilometers. The second-ranked MINI team driver Rome overtook Peter Hansel in this stage and won the Dakar car championship. Peter Hansel won the second place, Qatar Prince Atiyah won the third place, and the MINI team won. The first three. The total score of Chinese Haval Racing driver Christian is eighth, and the total score of Chinese driver Zhou Yong is 31st.

Full text summary: The 36th Dakar Cross-Country Rally 2014 is now all introduced. There are many things to watch in Dakar this year. In the first stage, the driver of the Chinese Haval Team Sousa won the first stage, which is the first of the Chinese team. Won the first stage in Dakar for the second time. In the fifth stage afterwards, two reporters and a motorcyclist were killed successively, casting the shadow of death again for the Dakar race. In the second half of the race, although no one was killed, there were still many accidents, including: the Spanish god of rally Sainz retired from the race, the Chinese driver Zhou Yong rolled over twice, and countless times the car had a flat tire. Always remind people of the cruelty of Dakar. From the performance point of view, the wolves tactics of the MINI team finally worked, taking the top three places in the car group. China's Haval team has submitted the top ten answers for three consecutive years, enabling the Chinese team to achieve many breakthroughs in the Dakar event. Although the Chinese driver Zhou Yong only ranked 31st in total, his results were not easy to come by. His several encounters could lead to direct retirement. In the end, Zhou Yong insisted on completing the race. Dakar is like this, full of challenges and dangers. This is also the charm of Dakar. As its founder Thierry Sabin said, Dakar is for those who participate in the competition. Said it is a very unforgettable experience in life, and for those who have not been able to participate in the competition, Dakar is their dream.