[YesAuto Evaluation] Among the domestic independent brands, SAIC MG's models are undoubtedly the most recognizable and designed, whether it is the British style MG7 and MG3 SW, or the trendy MG6 and new generation MG3. , MG's model design can always give people a bright feeling. In the first half of this year, SAIC MG enriched its product line and brought consumers a new compact hatchback MG5.

MG5 shares the platform and power system with Roewe 350. Its internals are actually not too new for us, but the design is more fashionable and sporty, and it is more suitable for young consumers. Moreover, the combination of the 1.5L engine and 4AT on the Roewe 350 made us not dare to have too high expectations for the performance of the MG5 in the test field.

Regarding the experience of the static part, my colleague has already given a detailed introduction, please click the following article for details.

power system

The MG5 tested this time is equipped with a 1.5VTi-Tech inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. This engine has continuously variable valve timing technology. The maximum power is 109 horsepower/6000 rpm, and the maximum torque is 135 Nm/4500 rpm. What's the highlight, and the MG5, which is still only equipped with a 4AT gearbox, can already be regarded as an outlier among new domestic compact cars.

The frowning MG5 does have the temperament of a hot-blooded hatchback, but this does not mean that he really has the ability to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. The 1.5L engine + 4AT gearbox is no longer mainstream in the compact car market today, and the automatic gearbox with only 4 gears does not conform to the sporty style of the MG5.

The MG5 has a brisk throttle. You only need to move your toes lightly at the start, and the power will immediately emerge. This tuning style often appears on Japanese and Korean cars, which easily creates the illusion of strong power. However, this illusion will disappear after the first tens of meters, and the momentum will return to flat afterwards. If you drive calmly, the not-so-advanced 4-speed automatic gearbox will not cause you inconvenience. The slow up and down gears are actually quite smooth. But once you want to speed up a little while cruising at a constant speed, the problem arises.

The gearbox with only 4 gears has a sparse gear ratio, and only 2 gears and 3 gears can be used for daily speed increase. Coupled with the lack of engine power, the torque provided by the gear ratio of 3 gears is a bit weak when speeding up and overtaking. And if you choose to step on the accelerator and let the gearbox roar down to second gear, the power will become stronger at this time, but the dry sound of the engine is very annoying, and if you often let the speed close to the red line, the fuel consumption will also look good for you. . Therefore, even if the MG5 looks like a steel cannon, it is better to be calm when driving on the road in consideration of energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as understanding of your own wallet.

There is another detail worth mentioning about the speed, that is, the red line speed of the engine on the MG5 dashboard is actually 7000rpm, and the number at the bottom of the tachometer has reached a staggering 8000. But in fact, everyone knows that it is just a trick of SAIC designers, because even if you kick the throttle into the engine compartment, the engine speed will never exceed 6000 rpm…, the so-called red line speed is just a decoration.

In general, the combination of the 1.5L engine and 4AT of the MG5 can be said to be unremarkable. This combination could barely be regarded as the mainstream configuration three years ago, but today it is obviously not up to the pace of the times. But we don't have to be too disappointed. There will be a 1.5T+ dual-clutch version of the MG5 in the later period. This is a “hard product” worth looking forward to.

Chassis and handling performance

The MG5's three steering wheels are exquisite in shape, and the perforated leather covered on both sides feels good, but they are slightly slender when held. This is also mentioned in the previous test drive and experience articles. Another problem is that The left side audio multi-function button is a bit too far out, it is easy to misoperation when the left hand holds the steering wheel normally. The overall feeling of the steering is brisk and lively, but it is not as sensitive and direct as a real sports car. The feedback is just right, and it can be applied to both men and women.

The suspension is still the structure of the front and rear torsion beams that are common in small cars, with a long stroke, soft adjustment in the initial stage, and full of toughness in the second half. In daily driving, most of the short-wave vibrations can be filtered out delicately in the soft early stage. It's just that when encountering obstacles like deceleration bumps, the flexible rear suspension section will clearly transmit the vibration to the car after being compressed. At this time, the passengers sitting in the back row will be easily knocked out. . Of course, from another perspective, the tight rear suspension adjustments appear lively and agile in daily driving, thereby enhancing the overall sense of movement of the chassis.

However, the long suspension stroke still brings some problems. If you encounter some small road undulations at high speed (over 100km/h), the softer suspension will cause the body to sway slightly at the beginning, which is often said The stability is slightly insufficient when driving at high speed.

Finally, let’s take a look at the final test results of MG5.

100 km acceleration: 13.46 seconds

Compared with the previous 15.2 seconds acceleration of the Roewe 350 using the same power system, the performance of the MG5 with one butt less this time is a sigh of relief, but the 13.46 second result is still far away from sports. The only relief is that the daily feeling of driving a small horse-drawn cart has been reduced a lot. For this set of power system, it is difficult for us to ask for its good performance, let's wait patiently for the future 1.5T models.

Braking performance: 42.92 meters

The braking performance is almost the same as the previous Roewe 350. The average score of 42.92 meters is in the qualified category, but there is no surprise. The conditions during the test are also similar to the Roewe 350. The braking system must be fully warmed up before it can enter the state. In the last few tests, the distance was within 43 meters.

Winding pile

Let's take a look at the performance of the MG5 around the pile. In the fierce driving, the steering is a bit vague and not sharp enough. The long suspension stroke caused more obvious body roll, and the body's posture seemed a little embarrassed. Fortunately, the toughness of the suspension was good. The continuous shuttle between the pile barrels can also cope with the shift of the body's center of gravity. Tracking is also satisfactory. Overall, the MG5's handling performance was slightly lower than our expectations, and did not show too strong athletic potential. Compared with sports compact cars such as Mazda 3 Star Cheng or Focus, there is still a big gap.

Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption performance can be said to be a surprise. In the total test mileage of 140.9km, the whole journey is air-conditioned, the load is an adult male, and a small amount of photographic equipment. During the entire fuel consumption test, the sections with an average speed of 30km/h or below accounted for about 30%, and the unobstructed loops of 60-80km/h accounted for about 70%. In the end, 11.22L of gasoline was consumed, and the average fuel consumption was 7.96L. In the case of poor power and insufficient gearbox, MG5's fuel consumption performance can be said to be pretty good, as long as it is driven gently, 4AT models can also be very fuel-efficient.


During low-to-medium speed driving, MG5 has excellent noise control, but after high speed, the high-speed engine noise will obviously become louder, and the tire noise will also become a little disturbing.

to sum up:

The final test result of the MG5 was basically what we expected: Although the acceleration performance is slightly improved compared to the Roewe 350, the power is still its biggest bottleneck; and the braking distance and the staking test, the performance of the MG5 is slightly lower than ours. expected. It is undeniable that the MG5 is doing well in all visible places: the exterior interior design is outstanding, the space is abundant and the configuration is full of selling points; although the performance is mediocre, the fuel consumption is not high, and the noise control is also good. For the vast majority of first-time car buyers, workmanship, space and fuel consumption are what they are most concerned about. If price is not considered, MG5 still has the potential to become a competent fashion scooter.

But in fact, the biggest problem with the MG5 lies in the price. Its guide price of RMB 8.77-12.87 is almost on par with that of joint venture brands. In this price range, domestic compact hatchbacks are already strong. Choose sports and control, Mazda 3 Star Cheng 1.6 and Focus Hatchback Classic 1.8 are both sports masters in compact cars, and currently there are also about 10,000 discounts; if you want to choose a large home space, there are Tiida 1.6L, brand, Quality, power and practicality are not lacking; if you want to configure and cost-effective, the 1.8L top configuration of Emgrand EC7-RV only needs 105,800. Therefore, if the MG5 only relies on its beautiful appearance and the Invoka system, it is difficult to take the lead in direct dialogue with opponents.

As a brother model of MG5, the transaction price of Roewe 350, which has been on the market for a long time, is much more reasonable. At present, the discount rate at dealers is about 12,000, and on the basis of discounts, you can also enjoy a package of thousands of yuan or tens of thousands of kilometers. Free maintenance, the total discount is equivalent to about 15,000-17,000. In contrast, it is not difficult to see that the MG5 guide price obviously still has a lot of moisture. If you really like its shape and design, you don’t have to rush to shoot. I believe that within a few months, the price of MG5 will soon be like that. Descend to a relatively reasonable position. (Photo/Text/Photo: Li Yi, Car Home)