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Ford brought the new C-MAX at this year's Bologna Motor Show. It has been several years since the release of the old model. People's interest and concern for it have gradually disappeared. It is a good policy for manufacturers to choose to release its replacement products at this time, but its name remains the same, and it is still C-MAX.

Like its sister car S-MAX, the new C-MAX is described as a utility vehicle suitable for family use. It is modeled on the S series to make certain adjustments to the front face of the body, and it is also equipped with a new panoramic glass roof.

On the other hand, the change is the lighting equipment. The new C-MAX uses HID xenon lamps to replace the original parking lights, and the light blue fluorescent design is very fashionable and the effect is also very good. The rear lights still use LED lighting.

The new C-MAX has done a significant upgrade in the interior, which is more fashionable than the original C-MAX. If you are accustomed to using iPod to enjoy music, C-MAX also designed a data port in the car to connect with it.

In addition, you can also choose by yourself whether you need the configuration of the panoramic glass roof. The general situation is like this, what we need now is to wait patiently, maybe one day we will find it in the sales hall!