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[YesAuto Car Forum Meng Material] For car owners in many cities in China, the restriction has become a part of daily life. The introduction of restrictions on traffic is to alleviate congestion on the one hand, and to reduce pollution on the other. In fact, these problems are not unique to China, and many developing countries are also facing similar challenges. In recent days, the authorities in New Delhi, India, have begun restrictions on car traffic, with the aim of reducing the increasingly serious smog in the city.

Since the beginning of November, the air pollution level in New Delhi has soared day after day, reaching its worst level in three years. Kokiwal, Chief Minister of the State of Delhi, India, said that the air pollution in New Delhi has reached “unbearable levels.” The city’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens were forced to suspend classes for several days, and many flights were cancelled due to smog at the airport.

Early winter is the most polluted time in India. Farmers burned straw to clean up their fields, causing a lot of smoke and dust. The biggest festival of Hinduism, Diwali, is also at this time of the year. To celebrate the festival, people will light oil lamps and fireworks to celebrate, which will further increase the degree of air pollution.

In response to this severe air pollution, the Indian government began a two-week restriction on vehicles. During the travel restriction period, the vehicle runs on odd-numbered days with an odd number at the end, and runs on even-numbered days with an even number at the end of the vehicle. It is understood that this measure will reduce the number of cars on the road by nearly 1.2 million vehicles every day. At the same time, Chief Minister Kokivar also called on motor tricycle drivers to abide by this regulation.

The restrictions on odd and even numbers have begun in New Delhi, India, but not all citizens think it will be useful. A resident named Ajay Jasra said: “The restrictions on odd and even numbers are useless at all. The air pollution is mainly due to Punjab and Haryana. Burning straw in the state, industrial pollution is also very serious.”

According to WHO survey data, 7 of the world's 10 most air-polluted cities are from India. Although India also has environmental protection laws, they are not implemented well. Take the burning of straw as an example. The Indian government has allocated budget to purchase straw processing machines, but farmers are still burning straw because they did not get these machines at all. . Odd and even number restrictions have been implemented for some time, but the air pollution in New Delhi may last longer. (Wang Meng, Home of Wenzhou Automobile)