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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Let's talk about the trend of breaking the world in the future and lead the continuous improvement of car design. On the evening of November 22, Autohome gathered many top forces in the automotive design industry and gathered at the “Breakthrough·Automotive Design Private Salon” to discuss the way forward for automotive design.

●Another top-notch smart feast of car design

“Break the World·Car Design Private Salon” is another car event after the “Night Talking Wind Catcher-Private Car Design Salon in China” during the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. After attracting many big names in the car design industry last time, this salon brought more heavyweight designers together.

In this “Breakthrough·Auto Design Private Salon”, dozens of major car design designers from nearly 20 major domestic and foreign brands gathered together. They were invited to attend the meeting, including Shan Wei, deputy dean and design director of BAIC Group Research Institute, and SAIC Motor Shao Jingfeng, deputy chief designer and global design director of the Group Technology Center, Chen Zheng, global design director of Changan Automobile Brand, and Zhang Fan, deputy dean of GAC Research Institute, and many other local Chinese designers. Under the auspices of Li Boxu, editor-in-chief of Autohome, Chinese and foreign designers, whether working for Chinese or international brands, talked about car design in a relaxed manner in the salon.

●What did the designers talk about

Advances in design continue to broaden the boundaries between aesthetics and functions of automobiles, and refresh people's perception of automobiles. This trend makes designers happy and painful. Happiness lies in the improvement of status, and pain lies in the challenge of breaking the world. It requires continuous innovation and more fierce competition. How to face this huge challenge, design experts have a lot to say, and at the same time, they are also seeking answers.

Four topics were set up in the salon that night, namely: 1. How does car design enhance brand value by expanding the circle; 2. Is it necessary for ordinary consumers to buy cars? 3. How to make users pay for the design? 4. How to improve the efficiency of the automotive design process. Topics with a high degree of relevance evoked the interest of design experts, who expressed their unique views and started discussions.

How to enhance the brand value of automobile design by expanding circle

The new trend urges car companies to “break the boundaries”, especially in the direction of consumption. At present, the structure of China's automobile market is upgrading, and the trend of consumption upgrading is obvious. The share of compact and below cars has fallen, the share of medium and medium-sized cars has increased, high-end brands have gone up, and independent brands have become more difficult. Talking about the circle breakthrough on the spot, it was discussed that many auto brands have also begun to break through existing channels and began to expand to other related cultural circles, hoping to obtain more user groups, and also discussed through the cases of other industry brands.

The salon showed the competition analysis report of China's passenger car market provided by Autohome Big Data, and deeply analyzed the competition status of various sub-level models.

In the era of fierce competition and more and more refined positioning of products, designers are laying products for different circles, and big data can provide more in-depth and multi-dimensional references.

Is it necessary for ordinary consumers to buy cars?

With the emergence of shared travel, many consumers have begun to consider whether they still need to buy private cars, especially those with infrequent self-driving needs, but the other side of the matter is that the demand for shared travel operating vehicles has begun to increase.

How car sharing and online car-hailing will affect future product development and design is a new topic and an unfamiliar topic for many designers. The vehicles of the online car-hailing platform are operating vehicles. In order to pursue profits, shared travel platforms have begun to try to cooperate with car companies to create customized models dedicated to shared travel services. The top designers present had an in-depth discussion on the new R&D and design models required by this emerging market.

Some designers said that the purchase of operating vehicles is a heavy asset, and the travel platform will tend to reduce the weight of assets, reduce the service life of the vehicle, and make the purchase cost further lower than ordinary private cars on the market.

How to make users pay for the design?

“Consumer preference insights” is the key issue of Autohome’s private salon design. Autohome shows designers accurate user research obtained through big data analysis in the salon to understand what kind of cars Chinese consumers like, especially Views on design. The display and analysis of this data has once again aroused heated discussions among designers.

Unfortunately, in the past, limited by technical conditions, it was difficult to obtain sufficient data support. Autohome relies on a large user base and professional big data analysis to obtain more realistic, accurate, subdivided and in-depth user portraits. For designers and developers of auto companies, this is almost “one step in place” Design strategy, so that they are more likely to design a model that makes the target consumer group feel “one shot into the soul”.

How to improve the efficiency of the automotive design process

“What kind of cars do Chinese consumers prefer” is an eternal topic in the automotive design world. Autohome has had in-depth exchanges with the R&D and design departments of major car companies and suppliers over the years. It is probably the media that knows “how to build a car” best. It also has a leading car big data system and is also the favorite of car companies and designers Embrace the information platform. Whether it is a car home, or car companies and designers, they all hope to help designers improve the efficiency of the design process through new ideas and new technologies in many aspects.

In the salon, the designers had a more in-depth and open discussion with the editor-in-chief Li Boxu of Autohome and the attending editors, and studied the details of improving the efficiency of the design process from their respective professional perspectives.

This is a smart collision of fun and success

It is interesting to talk with colleagues in stride, but this kind of time always flies quickly, and soon comes to the end of the salon. The designers are still immersed in the joy of talking, and finally expressed their feelings for the next time. After looking forward to the “Private Car Design Salon”, he returned happily.

The successful holding of the “Break the World·Car Design Private Salon” allowed car designers to embrace the car home more intimately. The car home serves as the smartest user group that serves China’s largest car-watching, car-buying, and car-using user group. This embrace of information platforms means that designers embrace the largest part of China’s automotive user groups. For Autohome, this is to promote the research of cutting-edge topics in automotive design, strengthen the professionalization, precision and efficiency of auto design, and further consolidate the leading position of Autohome in the automotive professional field. (Auto House Text/Wei Jiangpeng Picture/Luo Hao)