[YesAuto Test Drive] Hohhot in September is very refreshing, the temperature is good, the sun is full, and the air is very good. The broken clouds in the sky are my favorite scenery. Transferring from the city center to Gegentala (the name of a beautiful grassland), we started today's itinerary. This is not a travel report at all, but the opening moment of the Lancer Wingshen Zhishang Edition Test Drive Meeting!

To be honest, Yishen is a car I’m familiar with. I participated in the previous 2.0L CVT and MT tests. Although today’s attention is no longer as excited, since there is a 1.8MT that I’ve never touched before. I think there will still be some interest ignited for the Zhishang version and the photography opportunities combined with the grassland scenery.

The Zhishang version is a new model of Lancer Yishen. There are five-speed manual (125,800 yuan) and six-speed CVT (143,800 yuan). The displacement is 1.8L. The main purpose of launching these two models is to Increase the cost-effectiveness by increasing the configuration, especially the sports-related elements. Perhaps this is because the voice of the previous users has been paid attention to by the manufacturers… In short, it is a good thing.

The launch of the new model can indeed solve some user needs. Let’s take the 1.8MT Zhishang version as an example. Its launch will bring this displacement manual transmission model to a higher level. In other words, it has been listed as the 1.8MT model. Top matching position. In terms of price, the car has increased by 9,000 yuan compared with the comfort model, followed by 6 major upgrades in the configuration, including black interior, sunroof, sports surround (lip + side skirt, excluding rear spoiler), leather seat The chair and seat belt are not equipped with a reminder function.

In contrast, the 1.8CVT Zhishang Edition has positioned itself between the comfort type and the luxury type. There are more than 10 upgrade items. In addition to the 6 configurations of the manual Zhishang version, it also adds more Functional steering wheel (including audio adjustment and cruise control function), paddle shift, 6 speakers and 6-disc CD sound system.

I personally view the launch of the Wingshen Zhishang Edition in this way. The increase in configuration is small, and the expansion of the user base is big! It is important to know that before 1.8L models have no exterior kits, this makes Yishen’s main sports brand lack the ability to cover comprehensively. I believe that many young consumers switch to 2.0L models because of this, even if they feel that the 1.8L displacement is already Enough. Now that the problem is solved, the 1.8L Zhishang version provides a full car surround, and the CVT model also adds paddle shifters. I wonder if car owners who are planning to consider Yishen will be tempted? If I say regret for the Zhishang version, I think the rear spoiler or the “reserved item” should be one of them…

I haven't touched the 1.8L model before, so I came to the scene with a question today. Will it be much different from the 2.0L? How does its position compare to similar cars? I think this should also be the most concerned issue of car owners? No, today I deliberately picked one, and it is also the only 1.8 manual Zhishang version. The configuration is definitely not as high as the automatic version, but those are not important to me. The key is to look at the performance of 1.8+5MT!

Yishen’s 1.8L all-aluminum engine (code-named 4B10) is imported just like the 2.0, with a maximum power of 100kW/6000rpm (136 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 175N·m/4250rpm. It has Mitsubishi’s unique MIVEC technology. The gearbox has not changed. It is still equipped with a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed INVECS-III CVT gearbox.

Familiar gearbox, familiar operating experience, Yishen 1.8MT will please people when it comes up! The shifting stroke is not long, the gears are clear and have a sense of inhalation. Among the current manual transmission compact cars, this equipment of Yishen is really good! Especially in 2-3 gears and 4-5 gears that require oblique push, the shaking of the wrist can easily complete the shift, and the degree of smoothness is very ideal. Several media friends in the same car have given high Evaluation.

There is no difficulty in the cooperation of the accelerator pedal and the clutch! Especially the clutch point is not too low, which is good news for novices. I have not been in contact with the 1.8L model before, but at the moment the vehicle started, it left me with the impression that the sound is not loud and the engine output is quite smooth, which is a good first impression.

1.8L displacement is enough! In the following process, I tried to shift gears at around 2000rpm and 3000rpm respectively; in the former state, the power performance will not differ greatly from 2.0, and the gentle acceleration and pedal strength are still in line with my expectations; there is no obvious fatigue, just It has dropped slightly, which is normal. I think if compared with the 1.8MT model of the same level, Yishen should be regarded as a model with a good driving feeling. I personally recommend that you have the opportunity to take a test drive.

When it comes to power, the shift timing of 3000rpm or higher can reflect the style of the 4B10. Although it is weak compared to the 2.0MT model, the current acceleration is still somewhat similar to that of the early stage. And it will still be accompanied by a small push back. For the 1.8MT model, the official gave an acceleration of 11.5 seconds to 100 kilometers. If based on the experience of previous tests, the measured data of Yishen should be improved by about 0.5 seconds. Regarding this topic, I think it is necessary to wait for the test car to come. Just verify it.

For the birth of Wingshen Zhishang Edition, I think it is absolutely necessary. The choice of configurations and models has been increased. As long as you find it useful, you can be satisfied. There is no doubt about this! However, in my opinion, its appearance is more of the gospel of young consumers. The reason can not be simpler. The previous sports elements appeared too little on the 1.8 models! And now it’s a lot richer. If I'm a prospective car owner, then the most attractive feature of the Zhishang version should be the newly added surround and black interior. I wonder if you have any thoughts about it?