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[YesAuto News] On July 10th, the 2020 Xiaopeng G3 model was officially launched, but due to its more favorable price than the old model, the new model has a longer battery life, some old owners of Xiaopeng G3, especially those who have not mentioned it yet. The owner of the car expressed puzzlement and protest. Regarding this issue, at noon on July 12, Xiaopeng Motors Chairman He Xiaopeng gave an official response via Weibo. The following is the full text of the response:

The editor has something to say:

Judging from He Xiaopeng's reply, Xiaopeng Motors has recognized the troubles caused by the incident to the old car owners, and there may be some misunderstandings in it, and tried to make up for the “mistakes” made by apologizing and some compensation. For the new car-making forces, it is commendable to be able to respond to the user’s voice as soon as possible, and to show their sincerity, but in the end, whether every old car owner is satisfied, everyone will have their own judgment.

At the same time, the problems reflected behind this incident have also raised a warning to every company: that is how to ensure the interests of the car owners who have ordered (especially the car has not been mentioned) while the product is iterated and improved, and that everyone is in the opportunity It is equal in the face of interests. At this point, every company also needs to think about it. Water can carry a boat and it can overturn the boat. Every user is the bearer of the brand. Only by respecting the needs of users will everyone continue to support this company. We will continue to pay attention to the follow-up progress of this incident.

[YesAuto News] On July 12, Xiaopeng Motor’s chairman He Xiaopeng officially issued a statement to apologize and provide compensation to the owners of the old Xiaopeng G3, but the statement does not seem to have been approved by the owners of the old Xiaopeng G3. Beijing this weekend Collectively defend their rights with some old Xiaopeng G3 owners in Guangzhou.

From the pictures exposed on the Internet, in Beijing and Guangzhou, some old Xiaopeng G3 owners organized collective rights protection this weekend, and even expressed their indignation by pulling up banners outside a Xiaopeng Automobile City Service Center. For the time being, Xiaopeng Motor’s Chairman He Xiaopeng’s statement on Friday did not seem to have won the approval of the old car owners. According to other media reports, there are three main appeals of old car owners: 1. Replace the battery with a higher battery life; 2. Replace the long battery version for free; 3. Return the car directly.

According to previous reports, the specific compensation plan released by Xiaopeng Motor’s chairman He Xiaopeng on July 12 is as follows: from now (July 12), when purchasing any additional models of Xiaopeng Motors within 3 years, enjoy the benefits of the proposed purchase On the basis of all the current promotion policy rights and interests of the new car, an additional 10,000 yuan exclusive subsidy rights will be enjoyed. As far as consumers are concerned, the compensation plan does not solve the doubts raised by the current owners of the old Xiaopeng G3. Some of the owners who ordered the old Xiaopeng G3 but did not deliver have put forward a request to replace the new model, but received The reply is that the order cannot be changed, so the current statement is more like a soothing effect for the owners of the old Xiaopeng G3. Some users said: “It’s normal for vehicles to be upgraded, but it’s not right to conceal the upgrade and sell the old models to us.”

Regarding the rights protection incident for the owners of Xiaopeng Motors, we also hope that car owners can exercise restraint and carry out legal and reasonable rights protection within the scope permitted by law. At the same time, we also hope that Xiaopeng Motors can provide consumers with a more reasonable solution as soon as possible. Most of them are considered by users, and we hope that both parties can reach a consensus. Regarding this rights protection incident, we will continue to follow reports. (Part of the information comes from the Internet; Wen/Car Home Geng Yuan)