[YesAuto Test Drive] Since the launch of Coupe last year, Dodge's voice in China seems to be much smaller. Until recently, Dodge introduced a brand new model to the country-Dodge Coupe. Maybe everyone is already familiar with the CROSS style of cars and SUVs before, but now Coolway combines the three elements of cars, SUVs, and MPVs, bringing us a brand new crossover concept. Therefore, many netizens agree with the media. This model has a relatively high degree of attention. Recently, we also happened to participate in the Dodge test drive event held in China, so today we will take you to see how this big guy from the United States can bring us different feelings.

To be honest, when I first saw Kuwei, it felt that it was easier to accept than Kubo. The square front face, the wider air intake cross chrome decoration, and the angular headlights made the United States more attractive. The muscles of the car are vividly interpreted, making it bigger and more powerful. However, if you only look at the side lines, it feels that Coolway is more inclined to the shape of MPV.

Although it is a crossover model, it is definitely not lost to those large professional off-road vehicles in terms of size. Compared with some SUVs in the auto market, the Cool Wei can be regarded as a big man. Its wheelbase of close to 3 meters and a body length of nearly 5 meters give us high expectations for its internal space.

From my personal point of view, Coolway’s exterior design is still acceptable, and its more standard “American-style” shape brings a rough feeling that seems to be exclusive to men. For many female friends, sitting in the co-pilot or The back row is more suitable.

For the interior design of Coolway, the overall feeling still retains the style of American cars, Fangzheng is simple and practical, but if you look closely, you can still clearly see that it has improved in terms of design and materials. Kung fu, compared with Kubo, the degree of luxury has been improved a lot.

The simple design of the center console is quite practical, which I like very much. The positions of the audio, air conditioning, and function buttons are all clear. You can know where to press at a glance, especially when you are driving, you don’t have to find the button you want to press. And when you are crazy, your safety is greatly improved. However, Coolway's LCD screen is designed at the bottom of the center console, which is basically parallel to the thigh, which may have little effect on operation, but if the driver wants to operate the multimedia system, he has to bow his head, which brings hidden dangers to driving. , I have to say that Coolway's central control panel design is a mixed blessing.

In addition, friends who have seen our previous real-time shooting articles of Kuwei may have noticed that the LCD screen of the car in the real-time article is located on the center console, and the center console of the model we test drive this time Going down again, this may make friends a little confused.

Later, after communicating with the manufacturer’s personnel, it was learned that what we had photographed in the 4S store was a show car, and it was a model sold in the United States, and our test drive model is the real imported domestic “Chinese version” of Kuwei. The difference is that the LCD screen is moved below the center console.

The design of the central control panel is very concentrated and simple. You don't have to think hard about what functions this button has. The several buttons are very clear there. The functions of Coolway's multimedia system can be said to be very complete, and the expansion interface is also very rich. The only downside is that because it is an imported car, the system is all in English, which is a bit troublesome to operate.

In addition to being rugged, Coolway is also quite in place in many details, such as a spectacle case with auxiliary rearview mirrors and a roof reading light that can be adjusted at will. They are all very user-friendly. This makes me feel a little bit human. Unexpectedly, it turns out that American cars can also be very meticulous.

Of course, the characteristics of Coolway are not these, rich storage space and seat combination are its biggest features, let us look at it together below.

In fact, for many SUVs or MPV models, the storage space is relatively abundant, but after seeing the Cool Wei today, I discovered that its performance is better. You can find a place to put your belongings in the car. And most of them will not make you feel that it is not enough, absolutely atmospheric!

Of course, what we have mentioned above are all regular items, and there is nothing to show off. There are not a few special places that make me more interested in Coolway, including the storage box under the passenger seat and the rear row. The storage box at the foot, this design has never been seen in the previous models, these storage spaces are hidden in the dark, usually they will never be discovered by others.

Next, we are talking about the cool seat, the sofa-like seat feels quite comfortable, and even a friend with a larger body will not feel inappropriate to sit on it. In terms of seat combinations, there are even more types, among which the rear seat can adjust the front-to-rear distance and backrest angle just like the front row.

In addition, if you need to carry some large items, Cooway’s trunk can definitely satisfy you. Put down all the second and third rows of seats, and you will see a completely flat trunk with the maximum volume at this time. It's already over 1460L, and it's probably no problem when it is a double bed.

After watching the static experience, let's take a look at how Coolway performs in driving.

First of all, let’s take a look at the engine of Coolway. At present, Dodge has only one model introduced to the country. It is equipped with a 2.7L V6 engine with a maximum power of 136kW (185 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 256N·m. For a V6 engine , This kind of power is nothing to show off.

In the past, the concept of domestic car fuel consumption has formed a mark in our minds, but now from the manufacturer’s introduction, the fuel consumption of Kuwei can be around 10.3L. I personally have reservations about this result. Of course, we are in the official fuel consumption. There is no conclusion before the test.

In addition, it may be due to the issue of torque tolerance. Dodge did not use a CVT gearbox on the Kubo like the Kubo. Instead, it uses a 6-speed Autostick gearbox. The 2.7 V6+6AT powertrain overall is still It is quite reasonable. Judging from the actual driving experience, the smoothness of the gearbox is still quite excellent. The gearbox is automatically shifted at around 2000 rpm, and basically no frustration is felt. I am quite satisfied with the performance of the gearbox.

However, the power performance of the Cooway is a bit unsatisfactory, and the driving style is a bit overdone. You can clearly feel that the engine is a bit too powerful for such a huge body. During the entire test drive, overtaking has become a more difficult task. Every time you have to step on or full throttle, presumably if this continues, fuel consumption will also be affected.

Although the Kuwei is relatively large, it is relatively easy to drive on rugged mountain roads. There is not much flickering feeling when passing corners, and the braking system is very sensitive. From the moment your foot hits the brake pedal, you You can feel the strength of the brake and make you full of confidence. In addition, the steering system feels heavy and the road feels vague. Of course, these are in line with the characteristics of SUV models.

Test drive summary:

After the test drive of the day, we can be considered to have some simple understanding of Kuwei, the first thing that impressed me most is its rich storage space, especially the hidden storage box is very ingenious and quite practical! In addition, the flexible trunk space also greatly enhances practicality. Compared with some simple urban SUV or MPV models on the market now, the advantages of Cooway's crossover concept are still very obvious. You can bring your family and friends on weekends and travel to the countryside with confidence. Of course, the premise is that you will not care about the overly comfortable driving style and the price of 300,000 yuan, just as the manufacturer's positioning of Kuwei is a high-income elite group, and if you care about the price, CR-V and Qashqai seem to be better choices.

Dodge Coolway detailed parameter configuration table