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[YesAuto technology] When buying a car, many consumers may ask the salesperson of the 4S store to change to a new car or simply change to a brand model just because the gap on both sides of the engine compartment cover is uneven. And if we carefully observe the cars produced by different manufacturers, we will find that the cars produced by the first-tier manufacturers have more uniform body clearance control, giving people a high-quality feeling. How does the manufacturer ensure that the appearance of each car body is fine and uniform in the production process? In order to solve this mystery, I went to the Guangzhou Fick Guangzhou factory, where the Jeep Freeman is produced, and went deep into the quality center of the factory to explore the secrets.

● What does the Quality Center do?

The quality center of GAC Fick Guangzhou factory has a three-coordinate measuring instrument, a white light measuring system (to detect the geometrical parameters of parts by taking pictures), an all-aluminum alloy body master model, and parts inspection tools. The geometric dimensions of the finished parts and the entire vehicle can be measured, and the matching accuracy of the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle and the body can also be detected through the master model. More importantly, the quality center also has the ability to analyze the above-mentioned measurement data, which can solve all kinds of quality problems encountered in the production process. In short, the center of mass is closely related to the gaps on the body, the sealing and waterproof performance of the passenger compartment, and abnormal noise. Even wind noise and vehicle performance are also inseparable from it.

The three-coordinate measuring instrument is much more efficient than manual measurement. It has been widely used in the automotive industry. It is especially suitable for measuring the appearance of vehicles, the size of structural parts, engine parts and other parts with spatial curved surfaces. Next, let's take a look at other measurement methods of the quality center, including the main model of the Freeman body that is more than 5 million yuan in price and made of all aluminum alloy.

In addition to measuring the parts with the three-coordinate measuring instrument mentioned above, the quality center will also use some inspection tools and white light measurement systems to inspect the outer covering parts manufactured in the press shop, and also use the main model to measure the inner and outer trim parts and the body The matching accuracy is measured.

The equipment of GAC Fick's Guangzhou Factory Quality Center has reached the mainstream level of joint venture manufacturers. It can measure the geometric dimensions of parts or vehicles, and optimize the production line based on the analysis results of the measurement data to ensure that the products meet the quality requirements. At the same time, the main model can detect the matching accuracy of the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle and the body, which can fully reflect the assembly status of the parts on the body, and then improve the accuracy of the parts according to the matching status to achieve the most optimized matching effect.

● What are the benefits of the quality inspection center's inspection to the final product?

As mentioned above, the center of mass can measure the geometric dimensions of parts and the accuracy of the fit between the interior and exterior trims and the body. So what are the benefits of these tests of the Quality Center for the final mass-produced products? Let's explain to you through a real freeman car.

The detection of geometric parameters and matching accuracy of the body-in-white components can not only improve the consistency of the appearance of the vehicle and make the gaps in the appearance of the body fine and uniform, but also help to ensure the sealing of the vehicle and improve the NVH performance. At the same time, the quality center plays a vital role in monitoring production quality and ensuring the stability of production quality.

● How do quality center inspection and production line online inspection perform their respective duties?

As mentioned above, the quality center inspects the results of production and assembly, and can get a detailed analysis report of the quality of production and assembly. These analysis reports will be fed back to the production line as the basis for production line adjustment. In addition, in order to ensure the control of product quality during the production process, online testing equipment is available. Online testing equipment will check the results of key processes on the production line to ensure production quality. Of course, advanced equipment is also one of the heroes in improving quality stability and body welding accuracy.

Full text summary:

The inspection work of the quality center and the online inspection we see on the production line perform their duties and cooperate with each other, in order to improve product quality and ensure the stability of product quality. The quality center focuses on the inspection of production/assembly results and analysis of product quality issues, and optimizes the production line based on the results of measurement and analysis; while online inspection places more emphasis on process control to ensure the stability of product quality. The quality center random inspection and online inspection have improved the accuracy guarantee ability of Freeman and the subsequent production models of the factory.

After reading this article, you in front of the screen should have a certain understanding of the causes of uneven clearance between body parts, right? Advanced production technology and highly automated production lines are not the only conditions for producing high-quality cars. High-precision testing equipment and quality control methods are also essential. (Photo/Text/Car House Chang Qinglin/Car House Chang Qinglin/Liang Haiwen)

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