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[YesAuto Technology] Today, if you ask a boy or man if he likes cars, most of the time you get a definite answer. Many people attribute it to our natural love for machinery, which can be recorded in history books. The content often hits the face. Few people find that women have always been one of the driving forces for its development. At first, I couldn't believe it, just like you, until…

● Whether in China or the world, the proportion of men in car buyers is still higher than that of women;

● However, it is often women who hold the financial power, so their opinions should not be underestimated;

● Products designed for women may not be successful, but failure is not far from failure without considering women;

There is an old Chinese saying that “behind every successful man is an extraordinary woman”, women have existed since the birth of automobiles. Mrs. Bentz completed the “road test work” of Mercedes-Benz's first car, which has always been praised as the inventor of the automobile.

Most of today's countless brands that demand the wind and rain have experienced ups and downs in the initial stage of their establishment. Those who help these founders take the first step are often in-house helpers. From this perspective, their role is even far greater than financial support and technology research and development.

Although the curry rice is small, it will not even be mentioned in the official review of history today, but without their heart-warming actions, these well-known brands will not be born today, let alone those familiar products.

I believe that this kind of story is still happening today. The girl who watched silently while you were playing the simulator, and the girl who chose to sit in your car when you were just out of the driving school, was driving the car invisibly. go ahead.

The mutual encouragement between husbands and wives is just one of the many paving cornerstones. The foundation that drives the rapid development of the company is still the product, and they have different personalities just like people. This is also an important reason why we are obsessed with it today.

The cars born in the early days had neither doors nor roofs. This kind of arduous travel in the sun and rain obviously cannot meet the needs of the upper class, especially the ladies. So somebody got the idea on the carriages that have been in use for centuries.

In the early days of the birth of automobiles, most of them were non-load-bearing bodies, and there were many examples where the shell part was completed by a third-party design company. As long as you have money, it is not out of reach to ask a design company to build a car for yourself.

Poverty really limits people's imagination. Today we are still surprised to hear that the local tyrants in the Middle East buy cars with different colored headscarves. In fact, rich people played this way almost a century ago.

The high school philosophy class tells us that the change of things is a cyclical development from quantitative change to qualitative change, and then to quantitative change. Mere changes in appearance and color cannot fully satisfy the demands of female consumers. So in the 1950s, cars that were truly designed for women began to appear.

Noting that female consumers are only a small step in the development process of the automobile industry, they are gradually entering the development link. Compared with the results obtained by male R&D personnel, being a female tends to have a deeper understanding.

In the early years, most of the women in the car development team worked in the color matching and fabric matching departments. They played their own advantages in color and detail control to make the car interior more refined. When time entered the 21st century, women began to try to lead development.

The car design process is not only about shaping the language, but also about the color and material matching. In these links, the proportion of women is often higher than that of men. This is as interesting as good fashion designers are often men.

The design emphasizes integration. Many of the details on the car today may seem familiar to you. This is the result of mutual learning. Today, prosperous ladies begin to pursue luxury goods, and the color schemes and details are moved to the car.

Many car companies have even launched joint models that cooperate with luxury brands. Basic operations such as changing colors and materials can attract countless fans. As a seven-foot man, I believe you would not choose them.

On the other hand, after the arrival of the big data era, we have also obtained some interesting figures through statistics. Of course, the Chinese market is very large, just for your reference.

● At the beginning of the launch of some models, it is believed that female consumers will be the main purchasers. The data after the launch shows that this is not completely the case, such as Toyota C-HR;

● In addition to the Volvo YCC and Nissan JUKE mentioned above, the BMW 4 Series concept car and the second-generation BMW Z4 are also projects completed by female design and development and design teams;

Written at the end:

Whether it is men or women, it is actually countless consumers like you and me that promote the development of automobiles. At the beginning of the car, there were shortcomings of this and that, and it was the characteristics of the development at that time to learn from each other's strengths and quickly improve itself. In the process of gradual improvement, its role has also changed from the initial means of transportation to a carrier that meets various needs. Therefore, there will be today's models with different personalities, and the various shapes, colors, and functions derived from this all exist to meet consumer needs. As a force that cannot be ignored, female consumers should naturally be satisfied with their ideas, and only then have the “friends” who accompany us today.