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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] With the advancement of society, people’s thinking is also advancing with the times and is developing non-stop; and cars have gradually entered thousands of households from the luxury goods, and they are definitely not young people. Cars are also of great significance to people after retirement. Today we recommend 6 different classes and types of cars for reference according to different needs after retirement.

Considering the age and characteristics of retirees, when selecting models, I mainly thought of these points. One is the brand. Older consumers have certain limitations on the concept of the brand. They are common brands in their impressions when they are young. Development so far must be trustworthy. The second is the price. There may be some savings after retirement, so joint venture brands are the first choice.

Warm home style: During the busy half of their lives, they have basically been deprived of their busy work every day. They finally retired. It is rare for the two of them to relax, buy a comfortable car, go to the park and shop every day, and the children also have their own The business is no longer worrying about the elderly, so the two have enough time to go on an outing. We call this kind of people a warm home style. Of course, the car must conform to this characteristic.

GM Buick Excelle Price: 9.99 million -11.79 million

Frankly speaking, if you talk about the configuration and technology of Excelle in the same class of cars, the competitiveness is not so strong, but in terms of brand and price, it is still attractive to older consumers; the calm and capable appearance is already It can be recognized, and the affordable and practical configuration will not dazzle car buyers.

The entry-level model priced at 99,000 yuan has a sunroof. The Excelle should be the lowest price of the sunroof among the joint venture brands. The sunroof is of great significance to smokers and is an advantage compared with joint venture models at the same price; The two mid-to-high-end models are equipped with 4-probe reversing radar.

The interior is leaning towards a mature home style. The transition of the center console line is naturally not rigid. The dual-barrel instrument panel and the blue degree are quite modern; the integrated functions on the center console are all practical, and the audio has a USB interface. , You can connect an external audio source, which is more convenient for driving cars of all ages. It's a pity that the traditional 4-spoke steering wheel does not have any multi-function buttons.

The internal space of Excelle is quite satisfactory. The 178cm height experiencer is not affected by the sunroof when sitting in the front row. The wheelbase is 2600mm, the distance of the leg punch is basically enough, and the head space is slightly cramped; in addition, there is no central armrest. Eleven shortcomings, but for the consumers faced by this article, these can basically be ignored. The utilization rate of two people driving in the back seat is not high.

The Excelle currently on sale only has a displacement of 1.6L, equipped with Twin-Tec dual overhead camshaft engine with a maximum power of 110Ps/6000rom and a maximum torque of 146N·m/3600rpm. The automatic model has a 4-speed automatic transmission, and the manual version is 5 Although the rear dual-link suspension structure is relatively simple, the independent suspension is more comfortable; the remote start function of the top-equipped model is very rare in the same class of cars; here we recommend the automatic transmission model, although The 4-speed gearbox disdains many people, but you should consider the convenience of driving when you are old.

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Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy Price: 12.48-16.78 million

With the growth of the years, the pursuit of vehicle performance has also changed. The pursuit of surging power when I was young emphasized tough suspension. Nowadays, comfortable driving and spacious space are the primary objects of attention; Sylphy is restrained and full in appearance. The front face can see Nissan’s family pedigree, and is more tolerant of the driver’s age.

Space should be the most basic guarantee for ride comfort. Experiencers with a height of 178cm and a slightly stronger body have more than a punch in the front head space, and the head will not be depressed if it is a model with a sunroof; the wheelbase level of 2700mm is compact. It is one of the best in the car. The experiencer sits in the back row with two fists and four fingers on the head. The space performance is good.

On the basis of a spacious space, the seat can also provide better comfort. The shape of the seat is about soft and hard, and the wrapping support for the sides and legs is relatively good, but it is not like a sports car seat. Tight. The length of the rear seat cushion is 500mm, which is not weak compared to cars of the same class or even higher, but it is a pity that the middle seat does not have a headrest.

The towing arm suspension that is tuned for comfort is obviously not suitable for intense driving, and the dynamic performance posture is not beautiful, but I believe that consumers after retirement will not have too intense driving style. There are two types of engines: 1.6L and 2.0L. At present, the sales of the two displacements are good, but the gearbox is quite different. The 1.6L model has manual transmission, and the automatic transmission model is 4-speed; 2.0L models are all CVT transmissions. , More emphasis on driving comfort.

Except for the lowest models, all models of Sylphy are keyless start, and all models are equipped with automatic air conditioning as standard. The 2.0L models have the most abundant configuration. The multi-function steering wheel integrates functions such as cruise control and Bluetooth phone, and has two sets of memory seats, which is convenient for different people. When driving and getting off the car, the seat and steering wheel automatically retract to provide convenience for the driver.

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Old and strong: There are many retirees who will be re-employed, or they will continue to use their residual heat. Most of them either have a new skill or have a special contribution to the industry. For this type of consumer, a business-oriented model would be more suitable. It would be more suitable for driving out without losing face and identity. Of course, they would also have a slightly wider budget for buying a car.

FAW-Volkswagen Magotan Price: 18.98-263,800

Magotan's brand is very suitable for consumers at this level. The brand effect of Volkswagen seems to be deeply ingrained in the hearts of contemporary consumers, because we have already been in contact with Volkswagen since the beginning of the Chinese automobile industry, so even if you don’t use your mind at all. Choosing the brand of Volkswagen is also a good thing. Magotan has the low-key and calm atmosphere of a commercial vehicle, and it is unassuming; and its internal technology is also relatively leading in the same class of cars.

The interior is the consistent style of Volkswagen. For young people, such a design may lack the passion and dynamics that driving should be. The low-key and steady interior division of older drivers is more suitable; The steering wheel can control audio and other equipment; and the standard electronic handbrake of the whole series is equipped with AUTOHOLD automatic parking to make driving more convenient and safer.

The editor with a height of 188cm has no problem sitting in the front row. The wheelbase of 2709mm has no advantage in a medium-sized car. The space performance of the back leg with a punch and two fingers is also satisfactory, but considering the height of the experiencer , Our evaluation of the Magotan space is also qualified. The 2011 Magotan adds the VIP function. The occupants behind the co-pilot seat can adjust the co-pilot's seat posture to improve the space.

Magotan looks mediocre, but the internal configuration has bright spots, but it is reasonable to sell it at this price. The four-door one-button lift window is easy to operate, and the dual-zone automatic air-conditioning and front seat heating improve the comfort of the ride.

engine Maximum power Maximum torque DSG gearbox gear
131Ps/5000rpm 220N·m/1750-3500rpm 7-speed dual clutch
160Ps/5000-6200rpm 250N·m/1500-4200rpm 6-speed dual clutch
200Ps/5000-6000rpm 280N·m/1800-5000rpm 6-speed dual clutch

If it comes to technology, then TSI and DSG should be the current public’s housekeeping skills. There are three displacements to choose from. If you consider economy, we recommend 1.4TSI models, which can not only enjoy the preferential purchase tax but also have very low fuel consumption. The measured fuel consumption is 7.26L per hundred kilometers. If you pay attention to class and face, then 2.0TSI model is the first choice. However, Magotan's maintenance costs are slightly higher because direct injection engines require higher grade oil.

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General Buick LaCrosse price: 2.199-322.9 thousand

Compared with Magotan’s absolute low-key, LaCrosse deliberately leans towards the atmosphere and weight. The Buick family’s iconic waterfall-style air intake grille and eagle-eye headlights are embedded in the wide front face. The solidity of the American car already has a sense of business. Rich, I think if the driver has a certain accumulation, it will be very suitable for this car, so it is included in the recommended range.

The embracing center console has the luxury of a traditional American car. The center console is tilted slightly forward and has smooth lines. The center armrest separates the left and right sides. The driver and the co-pilot are similar to having their own separate space. The blue backlit instrument panel and blue central control dotted lights set off the atmosphere in the car. The LaCrosse has light and dark interiors, and black is more dignified when it is biased towards sporty light.

Experiencers with a height of 175cm sit in the driver's seat and adjust the distance between the head and 4 fingers of the driving posture. The wheelbase of 2837mm has also won a good space performance for the rear passengers. The same editor sits in the rear leg with the back of the front seat. The distance of the 2 punches is already very generous. In contrast, the head is affected by the roof design and the performance of the 3 fingers is slightly cramped.

All LaCrosse models are equipped with panoramic sunroof except the entry-level basic model 2.4L comfort. Not only the front row can enjoy the sun, but the passengers in the back row can also look up at the starry sky, which also plays a certain role in the ventilation of the car. Panoramic sunroof is a competitive capital among mid-level cars at the same price.

In terms of configuration, the entire system is equipped with front and rear head air curtains as standard. The front seat heating is also not available in entry-level models. High-end models also have seat ventilation, which improves comfort. The 2.0T and 2.4L engines are in-line 4-cylinders, and the 3.0L is V-type 6-cylinders. All of them are equipped with a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox of model S6. The power performance is stable and linear, but the gearbox adjustment is somewhat sensitive.

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Mountain and water travel type: There is such a group of people around me. They have an unrestrained heart. All they want is to retire early. The sooner the better. After retirement, they just want to travel by car. There are great rivers and mountains; for them, a car with strong passability is the best mount.

Great Wall Haval H3 Price: 8.98-158.8 million

Great Wall Motor’s step-by-step development from pickup trucks to compact family cars is obvious to all, and SUV should be the most successful product of Great Wall Motors. The affordable price and practical configuration make many entry-level off-road enthusiasts excited; one is on the way to a self-driving tour. A reliable SUV can reduce a lot of trouble. We all know that the Wrangler is of course the originator of off-road vehicles, but the price is not acceptable to ordinary people and the comfort is really unsatisfactory, while the Great Wall Haval lowered the threshold to close to the bottom. position.

Haval uses the time-sharing four-wheel drive structure of a traditional off-road vehicle. The electronically controlled four-wheel drive system with low-speed four-wheel drive mode comes from BorgWarner. It is a transfer case structure. The front and rear axles are rigidly connected after connecting the four-wheel drive, which is relatively reliable; Taking the hardcore route, a non-load-bearing body and an integral bridge suspension with stabilizer bars are adopted. The trapezoidal frame strengthens the body rigidity when passing bad road conditions. The integral bridge suspension makes the suspension compression stroke longer.

Since there is no lock and limited slip device between the coaxial wheels, even if the power of a low-speed four-wheel drive vehicle is used in the face of the cross-axis, the power of the idling wheel will still be exhausted and cannot pass; if you want to solve this problem, Haval can The original factory chooses to install the Eaton rear axle differential lock, the price is 2,000 yuan, and it takes two months.

The optional rear axle Eaton differential lock can improve passability. The differential lock will automatically lock when there is a 100rpm speed difference between the left and right wheels on the coaxial, and transfer the power to the unslipping wheels to help the vehicle get out of trouble; when it is successfully out of trouble Continue to refuel, and normal driving can be unlocked when the speed exceeds 25km/h.

Since it is off-road, four-wheel drive must be the first choice, and Haval 2.0L models do not have four-wheel drive, so we recommend buying 2.4L gasoline or 2.5L diesel models. After all, power is also one of the guarantees of passability. The gearboxes are all 5-speed manual, with clear gears but a long stroke. The height of the Haval headlights can be actively adjusted to suit different road conditions and drivers of different heights. The primary and secondary airbags are the basic passive safety aspect, and the co-pilot airbags can be manually closed.

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Great Wall brand model four-wheel drive explanation

Toyota Prado price: 43.70-69.80 million

Yearning for freedom and having a solid economic foundation, the requirements for vehicles will also be improved, whether it is level or comfort; Prado is already known to us as the earliest SUV in China, and the tall and fierce image is necessary for off-road vehicles. Yes, the Prado currently on sale has two displacement models of imported 2.7L and domestically produced 4.0L.

The urbanization-oriented 2.7L engine has a maximum power of 163Ps/5200rpm and a maximum torque of 246N·m/3800rpm. It is matched with a 4-speed automatic gearbox. The measured acceleration is 14.83s per 100 kilometers, and the power performance is relatively weak; the domestic 4.0L V6 engine The maximum power is 275Ps/5600rpm, the maximum torque is 381N·m/4400rpm, and the gearbox is also upgraded to a more compact 5-speed manual integrated; in terms of chassis structure, Prado still adheres to the unloaded body and the suspension of the rear integral axle. The body's torsion resistance is greatly guaranteed, and the top model still uses an air suspension.

The first two rows have ample space. The editor with a height of 175cm can still have room for two punches on the head of the driver's seat. The performance is commendable, even if the height is higher, there is no problem; the rear space is also luxurious, with a 1865mm wheelbase in an off-road vehicle. At the upper-middle level, and because of the higher sitting posture, it compensates for the legs, so he has the performance of one punch on the head or three punches on the legs. And the third row is very cramped, the 175cm man has “topped the ground”.

Luggage is indispensable when traveling, so the loading capacity of the vehicle is a very important factor. The chassis of the Prado is very straight after all the rear seats are down, and the maximum depth reaches 1900mm. If you encounter difficulties on the way, two people can sleep in the car. . Of course, this kind of space is not a problem to load travel bags, not to mention that there is a luggage rack on the roof.

We did a cross-country test on the 2.7L imported Prado before, but the results were not satisfactory. The center of the model is the Torson differential, which is usually a full-time four-wheel drive, which is connected to the front and rear axles through a rigid connection. However, in the test, the high and low speed four-wheel drive did not help the vehicle to get rid of the dilemma of the cross axle. The main reason is that the 2.7L Prado does not have any limited slip measures between the wheels, so that the smokey tires can not get out of the car. In the near future, we will test the domestic 4.0L Prado and publish an article, friends who are interested, stay tuned.

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Summary: We have to admit that the car has become a standard commodity. Even if we retire, we can still enjoy the fast and convenient way of travel and the comfort and comfort of life that the car brings to us; this article roughly divides the retired consumers into three According to the different needs of each category, 6 models are recommended. In fact, regardless of the age of the car buyers, they should be selected according to their own needs. It is irrational to follow the trend blindly and to pursue excessive branding. (Wen Auto House Zhang Ke)