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[YesAuto Model PK] Beijing Hyundai has made a lot of moves recently. With the success of Hyundai's fluid sculpture design, its models are very popular with consumers. The latest launch of Langdong is actually the new “Elantra”. Combining the old Elantra and Elantra that are still on sale, Beijing Hyundai has also completed the “three generations” in the domestic market.

With the launch of Langdong, the price reduction of the previous model Yuedong is imperative. The discounts reported by major 4S stores are basically around 20,000 yuan to 25,000 yuan. Now we can buy a 1.8L Yuedong with a very high configuration for the price of buying the entry-level 1.6L Langdong. Faced with the contradiction between freshness and cost-effectiveness, will you hesitate? This is what I will discuss with you in the next content.

Comparison of models in the text: reference price of about 110,000 yuan
Long move 1.6L automatic fashion type Yuedong 1.8L automatic luxury type
Guide price: 115,800 yuan Guide price: 128,800 yuan
Market price: about 112,800 yuan

Market price: about 106,800 yuan

Why choose Yuedong 1.8L automatic luxury type instead of 1.6L automatic top type?

We believe that in the case of little difference in configuration (only keyless start, tire specifications and GPS navigation), large-displacement models will be more recommended and cost-effective.

● Appearance size: Langdong is significantly younger and more fashionable, and has advantages in size

As a replacement car, it is also the first model in the “Elantra” series to adopt a fluid sculpture design, and Langdong must be more competitive in appearance. The manufacturer provides up to 8 color options for this model, which is enough to prove the younger trend of this model. On the other hand, Yuedong, the current 2011 models that can be purchased after minor changes have added fluid sculptural design elements to the front of the car, but the overall body effect is no longer as coordinated as the earlier models, and it looks “cheap and cheap” compared to Longdong. Old man”.

The difference in appearance design is also reflected in the body size. The length, width and height of Langdong are 4570mm*1775mm*1445mm, and the wheelbase is 2700mm, which is not only longer and lower than Yuedong, but also has a full 50mm increase in the wheelbase, making it the rear row. Space performance is also very competitive among products of the same level. In terms of these hard indicators, Yuedong seems to be quite satisfactory. A few years ago, Hyundai still focused on a steady and steady performance, and there were not many bright spots in the data.

Unit summary: In the appearance part, I may be more active. After all, the visual impact brought by the fluid sculpture is unmatched by the old models, and the increased wheelbase can not only improve the interior space, but also improve the driving stability of the vehicle. help.

● Power system: Langdong is equipped with 6AT gearbox, Yuedong has a larger displacement

Some friends like to buy a car with a large displacement. For example, my colleague Wu Hao in the forum said that the Cruze must be 1.8, so on this issue, the Yuedong equipped with a 1.8L engine may meet the tastes of this part of consumers. This 1.8L G4GB engine uses all-aluminum materials, with a maximum power of 96kW (130 horsepower)/6000rpm and a maximum torque of 162N·m/4600rpm. It is matched with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

However, friends who like Longdong may not buy it. Although the selected Longdong is equipped with a 1.6L engine, this product with a model of 1.6γ is not inferior to the 1.8L G4GB on the book. , The maximum power is 93.8kW (128 horsepower)/6300rpm, the maximum torque is 156N·m/4850rpm, and it is matched with a new 6-speed manual gearbox, which guarantees smoothness and economy.

It has to be said that with the advancement of technology and the improvement of technology, the displacement difference of 0.2L is likely to be very small in terms of data, especially in the comparison of data of engines of different eras. Even some newly designed small-displacement engines may perform better than large-displacement engines in actual installation due to structural changes. For example, the difference between the 16-valve 1.6L engine on the Octavia and the early 8-valve 2.0L engine Compared.

Unit summary: I am not a technical controller myself, and I also like products with a slightly larger displacement, but Langdong’s 6-speed automatic manual gearbox made me lean towards it. Today, fuel prices are rising day by day, economical Still have to consider.

● Safety configuration: half a catty, Elantra has more front side airbags

Both models are equipped with 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels as standard, and the styles are relatively ordinary. The two-color wheels of Langdong are only equipped with 1.8L models. In terms of tires, Langdong uses the Nexans brand, and Yuedong uses Hankook OPTIMO, with the very common specifications of 205/55 R16. Even if there may be batch problems in brand selection, Beijing Hyundai usually only uses these common Korean brand products, there is no good or bad.

In terms of safety configuration, ABS+EBD and front airbags are standard, but neither model is equipped with higher-level functions such as TCS or ESP. This is also the long-standing weakness of Korean cars. In addition, the Yuedong 1.8L automatic luxury model has more front side airbags than the Langdong 1.6L automatic fashion model.

In addition, Yuedong also has more common functions such as headlight height adjustment, window anti-pinch function and rearview mirror heating than Langdong, especially the latter, which is a very common configuration for car owners in the rain-rich southern areas.

Unit summary: In terms of safety, there is not much difference between the two models, and the extra side airbags of Yuedong will not play a decisive role in the choice.

Remarks: Since there are few existing cars of the Langdong 1.6L automatic comfort type, the interior part pictures below use the Langdong 1.6L automatic luxury type or automatic distinguished type. The editor will use text if it will affect the comparison result. I would like to point it out to you, please understand.

● In-car configuration: Yuedong has obvious advantages, and Langdong sells design at the same price

You may have seen the center console of the high-end models of Langdong. It is indeed very beautiful and very pleasing to young consumers. But believe me, you can't buy that kind of visual effect for 110,000. Imagine a picture of a high-end car. There is no leather steering wheel and no multi-function buttons; no large-screen GPS navigation, no small screen with automatic air-conditioning, and a bunch of function buttons are whiteboards. Well, almost, that's it.

If you can't accept that the entry-level model of Langdong is not rich enough to configure, then the Yuedong 1.8L automatic luxury model may make you satisfied. The interior design of this old car is not out of date from today's point of view, and it can still be described as calm and warm. The leather multifunctional steering wheel has excellent practicality, automatic air conditioning and multi-disc CDs are also equipped.

Of course, in addition to these, you can also see leather seats and power sunroofs on this Yuedong 1.8L automatic luxury model. It is not that I am tacky, but objective facts show that Chinese consumers prefer leather sunroofs. So for some older consumers, these two configurations alone may dispel their idea of buying the same price.

Unit summary: Although I also like Longdong's interior design, considering the difference in configuration, this Yuedong 1.8L automatic luxury type is really attractive. Among them, the multi-function steering wheel and automatic air conditioning are what I want.

● Riding space: similar riding space, Langdong is more comfortable and more humane

Although the wheelbase is 50mm longer than the Yuedong, you can clearly see from the picture that there is basically no difference between the two models in terms of space in the car. The only difference is that because the Langdong 1.6L automatic fashion model is an entry-level model, it won't be equipped with a sunroof to get more front head space for it, nothing more.

In some details of ride comfort design, Langdong, as a new generation model, shows its advantages. For example, the central armrest can be moved forwards and backwards, and the rear seats are no longer as straight as Yuedong. The height-adjustable headrest is also improved. A big improvement in comfort. It is understood that it seems that the rear seat headrests of Langdong are specially designed for the “overseas market”, and the local “new Elantra” in South Korea cannot be adjusted.

Unit summary: Longdong has a 50mm longer wheelbase than Yuedong, but there is no difference in the interior space, but in terms of seat comfort and humanized design, Longdong still has more advantages. In addition, I don't know when the Hyundai “Elantra” series will have rear seats that can be folded down.

● Storage space: both cars are abundant, and there is no storage box in the back door of Yuedong

Unit summary: The storage space of the two models is very, very rich, and it will be acceptable to anyone who is not critical. Relatively speaking, the long action is indeed better for the new car, especially the storage box on the rear door. In terms of the volume of the trunk, the two cars are basically the same. The Yuedong is slightly larger in data, but it will not be obvious in actual use.

■ Colleague's choice: Click on the name to enter the edit blog”

Zheng Yu (Person in charge of shopping guide channel):

If you choose between Langdong and Yuedong with a budget of more than 110,000, first of all I can hardly ignore that Langdong has at least more than 5 years of design leadership over Yuedong in terms of appearance. Thomas Burkel has taken the lead in modern post. The coming leap forward in styling design is obvious to all. At the same time, if I were the driver of this car, I am afraid it would be difficult to accept the Yuedong 4-speed automatic transmission, especially on highways. Although the engine displacement of the two is different, the actual output capacity is very close. At this time, Lang The dynamic 6-speed automatic manual transmission can obviously bring better driving quality and fuel economy.

In addition, I have to consider the feelings of some family members, so the rear seats are more comfortable, and the air-conditioning vents are more in line with the requirements. Finally, let's talk about the configuration. This is the advantage of the Yuedong 1.8L automatic luxury model. It does have attractive highlights, but these additional configurations are not enough to regain the disadvantages in appearance, technology and space, as long as they are not particularly unacceptable. Without sunroofs and leather seats, my suggestion is to choose Langdong.

Li Dianbin (Head of Shanghai Editorial Department):

    I choose Yuedong 1.8L automatic luxury model, regardless of power or configuration, this model is better than the same price, especially the extra comfortable configuration such as automatic air conditioning, which can bring to the owner in the later stage of the car. Nice use experience. As for the appearance, for me, I have become accustomed to seeing new cars for a period of time. At present, the large discounts on new cars that have just been launched and old models are more attractive. However, if you are not in a hurry to buy a car, I don’t think it’s too late to compare models with the same price. When the price difference between the same configuration models of Langdong and Yuedong is about 10,000 yuan, it is not too late to consider choosing Langdong.

Sheng Yuanjun (Shanghai Editorial Department-Chief Editor):

    I chose the Langdong 1.6L automatic fashion model. Although the sunroof, leather and automatic air conditioning are less than the Yuedong 1.8L automatic luxury model at this price, the appearance is more stylish, the interior is more beautiful, and there is a 6-speed automatic. The gearbox can improve economy. As a new model on the market, it is not only more face-saving than old cars, but also considering the residual value of second-hand cars in the future, it should be easier to sell than Yuedong after 2-3 years.

■ My choice (click to enter my blog) —— Langdong 1.6L Automatic Fashion Edition

As a young consumer group under the age of 30, I feel that the appearance is still quite attractive to me, and the fluid sculpture design is really not annoying. And in terms of appearance, the most unacceptable thing is the overall shrinkage of the wheel. Whether it is tires or wheels, Langdong and Yuedong are doing very well in this regard, but the style of Langdong is obviously better.

In addition, the interior design is also very young, although there is no rich configuration, but I am more advocating the spirit of DIY-3000 yuan can have a good first-layer leather perforated seat; you can buy a GARMIN mid-range GPS for less than 1,000 yuan Navigate; as for the leather steering wheel, it is fun to sew a set of “Xu Ji” products for 180 yuan (I really do this in my own car). If there is something unsatisfactory in the car, it is really not very convenient without a multi-function steering wheel.

When it comes to the choice of power system, I don't care about the 0.2L displacement difference. For “blocked cities” like Shanghai and Beijing, ride comfort and economy are definitely in the first place. Therefore, although the 1.6L automatic fashion model of Langdong has a slightly smaller displacement, I care more about the 6-speed automatic manual gearbox, which is also the decisive factor for me to choose this model.

● Full text summary:

After reading the choices of my colleagues and I, I think that readers who are conflicted between these two cars should already have a spectrum. The appearance of the Langdong and the 6AT gearbox will be lethal to young consumers, which is incomparable to the Yuedong in any case. On the contrary, Yuedong is more suitable for mature consumers. Such consumers tend to pay more attention to the configuration of the product itself, and the cost performance. The 1.8L engine sounds very good, but they are not about the appearance of fashion. So sensitive. In terms of price, Yuedong is also very strong at present. Basically, 4S stores can give discounts ranging from 20,000 to 25,000 yuan. If you happen to be this type of consumer, Yuedong is still very suitable for you to consider.

In addition, a careful friend will definitely find that the terminal price of these two models is actually a difference of 5-6 thousand yuan. This is also the biggest problem of Langdong. The moisture of the new car has not been squeezed out. Most 4S stores can only enjoy the 3,000 yuan subsidy given by the state to benefit the people, so it is not wise to buy Langdong at present. According to Beijing Hyundai's previous price strategy, new cars will have a significant drop in about half a year. By then, you may already be able to buy a medium-sized model at the price of an entry-level model.

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