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[YesAuto Car Tan Meng Material] The door is something we are not familiar with. Simply put, it is a piece of steel plate and a piece of glass, which isolates passengers from the outside of the car and protects us from wind and rain. But this is just a regular style, and there is actually a strange existence in the door industry-the Tube Door. Recently, a Ford patented image was exposed on the Internet, which combines ordinary car doors with steel steel doors.

Let's briefly introduce the steel door. Generally speaking, it appears on off-road vehicles. The advantages of the steel pipe door are firstly light weight, and at the same time, because of the wide field of vision, it is easier to observe the road conditions next to the car when off-road, and the other is that you can better feel the nature and speed.

Generally speaking, steel pipe doors are sold as modified parts, because they can't protect against wind and rain, so install them when you need to go wild, and then change them back to ordinary doors. But in this way, most of the time you need to have a place to store these doors. In order to solve this problem, Ford thought of a solution-two-in-one door.

This concept was proposed by Ford Global Technologies. Although there is no physical object, it is not difficult to see its operation method from the picture: First, this is a detachable door. After removing the door, you can use two The “sub-car door” composed of parallel steel pipes is pulled out from the “main door” and then installed on the hinge mechanism. At this time, you have a steel-tube car door.

The advantage of this is that you don’t need to buy the steel pipe door separately. In addition, when the two steel pipes are in the main door, it can also bring better passive safety performance to the side of the vehicle. You should know that the anti-collision on the general door Liang Kedu is far less sturdy.

Ford did not disclose much information about this two-in-one door patent, but according to the patent map, people speculate that it may be used in the upcoming SUV model Ford Bronco. Of course, regardless of whether the two-in-one door will eventually appear in a production car, this is a unique and interesting idea. (Wang Meng, the home of the car; the picture comes from the Internet)