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[YesAuto Model PK] Whenever there is a new car on the market, it can't escape the comparison between the “quilt” and the competition! Dongfeng Nissan Loulan Murano is no exception to be compared. It is a unique product. From the perspective of the body size and domestic background, it is normal for its competitors to be locked in by everyone as the “Guangzhou Toyota Highlander”. But is the relationship between these two cars really competitive? I gave a negative answer.

Experience model: Loulan Murano 3.5L CVT model, the manufacturer's guide price is 488,800 yuan; Highlander 2.7L two-wheel drive luxury version, the manufacturer's guide price is 298,800 yuan.

   Remarks: Due to the large gap between the two cars in configuration, this time we will not make too many comparison descriptions on the configuration. This article will focus on the exterior dimensions, exterior and interior design, storage and riding space experience of the two vehicles.

■ Appearance: the body size is similar, but the appearance takes a different route

Just looking at the shape of the Loulan Murano, you will never see that it is an SUV with a body size similar to that of the Highlander. From the data in the table, we can see that there is only a slight difference in body size between Loulan Murano and Highlander. But if you don't look at the data, Loulan Murano appears to be slightly smaller, which is mainly determined by the overall design of the body.

The Loulan Murano has a body size of 4860mm in length × 1885mm in width × 1730mm in height and a wheelbase of 2825mm; the body size of the Highlander 2.7L two-wheel drive luxury version is 4785mm in length × 1910mm in width × 1760mm in height and a wheelbase of 2790mm. Although Loulan Murano's body length and wheelbase data are larger than the latter, there is no essential improvement in the front/rear space experience of the car.

Different from Highlander, Loulan Murano only uses a small triangle window between the C-pillar and D-pillar, so it looks like it has a large D-pillar. Of course, this is only a visual effect. In terms of vehicle height, although Loulan Murano and Highlander perform very close in terms of data, the visual effect is still larger for the latter.

Highlander is equipped with Dunlop's GRANDTREK ST30 tires. This set of tires is suitable for the comfort of urban SUVs with a heavy emphasis on driving. The size is 245/55 R19. Loulan Murano is equipped with Bridgestone's DUELER H/P tires. This set of tires emphasizes the enhancement of the driver's sense of control, while also providing high-speed stability and driving comfort in urban road conditions. The size is 235/65. R18. In terms of tire configuration, the positioning of the two cars is absolutely the same!

When shooting the tires of the two cars, I found an interesting difference. Perhaps it is that Loulan Murano's product positioning has a higher relationship than Highlander, and the former appears more real in terms of suspension materials. Loulan Murano's front suspension lower arm uses aluminum, and Highlander uses steel. Since the focus of this comparison is not on the chassis, I won't introduce too much here.

Conclusion of appearance comparison: In fact, when I saw Loulan Murano, I thought of Lexus RX models more than Highlander. Although it has a similar body size to the Highlander, it is not significantly larger and looks more “sleek” than the latter. Therefore, judging from the appearance alone, the Loulan Murano is a pure urban SUV model with a temperament similar to the Lexus RX model. You drive it more to walk between cities, and walking on bad roads is not suitable for it. Highlander's hardcore off-road vehicle has a bluffing effect, and it seems that it can appear on any occasion as long as it has the ability.

In terms of the difference in appearance, you can regard the relationship between Loulan Murano and Highlander as the difference between Lexus RX and Lexus LX. Of course, I am not saying that Highlander has the ability to climb the Lexus LX model. We are only talking about the “look” here, which is easy to understand the appearance and positioning of the vehicle.

■ Interior/front row experience: Loulan Murano does not have the taste of SUV models

The appearance of the Loulan Murano does not have the rough temperament of the Highlander, what about the interior of the car? Next, let us observe and experience again. Although the Loulan Murano has a body size similar to that of the Highlander, its interior layout and workmanship details highlight the texture and comfort characteristics of the Teana model, which is also in line with the interior design style of Highlander. completely different.

The layout of the Highlander's center console is more like an SUV, with a steering wheel that is a circle larger than the Loulan Murano, and various control buttons and knobs have also been “enlarged”. The more real 4 large-caliber cup holders are also very unforgettable, ha ha.

In terms of vehicle configuration, although the two cars are very different and not comparable, I still want to give a brief introduction to the interior configuration of the Loulan Murano. Loulan Murano's multimedia control and the layout of the air-conditioning control area are very similar to Teana, and it is easy to use. The multifunctional steering wheel with electric four-way adjustment feels very good, but the beige steering wheel that is too light is not resistant to dirt, and the steering wheel is still black and practical.

There is also a group of control buttons for the electric tailgate and the second row of electric flip-up seats at the bottom left of the steering wheel. Similar control buttons also appear in the car keys and the trunk respectively. The function buttons around the gear lever of the Loulan Murano gearbox and the storage compartments are compactly laid out without losing a sense of refinement.

Without the interior design of the Loulan Murano sedan, Highlander's performance here is still rough! Of course, in terms of materials used in the entire car, Highlander also lacks the soft materials at the same location as the Loulan Murano, which gives consumers more hard materials.

For the front row space experience, Loulan Murano's head space strength is a bit weaker (the experiencer is 180cm tall), but it is definitely a sufficient level. Multi-directional electric adjustable seats + electric four-way adjustable steering wheel allows you to adjust To a most comfortable driving sitting position. Loulan Murano's thick seat is very soft, like a sofa at home, the center armrest box is also wrapped with soft materials, and the arms are more comfortable on it.

The Highlander seat is not as thick and soft as Loulan Murano, but it is still comfortable. The material on the top of the central armrest box is hard, and the expansion function inside is not as much as that of the Loulan Murano, so it can only be used as a “box”.

Interior comparison conclusion: sitting in the driving position of Loulan Murano, in addition to the higher vision, other feelings will not make you believe that it is an SUV. The Highlander will constantly remind you from the outside to the inside of the car that it is a large-size SUV (as for the strength of off-road capabilities, I will not discuss it here).

■The second row/third row: Loulan Murano's second row is not practical, Highlander's second row is very powerful

The Loulan Murano does not have a third-row seat, and its practical ability is not as good as the Highlander; and the second-row passengers can use less functions than the Highlander. Looking for the advantages of Loulan Murano, comfortable and soft seats, thick central armrests, and seats with electric folding function will be its characteristics. However, the tasteless small storage grid of Loulan Murano's door panel is really uncomfortable.

The backrest of Highlander's second-row seat is not only adjustable in angle, but also has sliding rails under the entire seat, and the central armrest has a powerful expansion function. In terms of practical functionality, Highlander is indeed much higher than Loulan Murano.

From the perspective of comfort and convenience, Loulan Murano is equipped with electric rear doors and electric lift switches for rear seats, which are very popular for female consumers. The BOSE subwoofer device placed above the full-size spare tire is also a luxury for the drivers and passengers in the car to enjoy good music.

■ Loulan Murano equipped with VQ35DE 3.5L V6 engine + CVT gearbox

Loulan Murano is equipped with only one engine—VQ35DE 3.5L V6. I won’t give an example of the awards it has won. In short, this is a star engine. VQ35 series engines are also equipped on different Nissan models according to different tunings. Loulan Murano’s VQ35DE engine has a maximum power of 228kW (310 horsepower)/6000rpm and a maximum torque of 327Nm/4400rpm. It is matched with a CVT gearbox that can simulate a manual 6-speed mode ( Note: Teana 3.5L VQ35 engine has a maximum power of 185kW/ 252 horsepower ).

Of course, it is only equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine, which is also a weakness of Loulan Murano. After all, the road conditions in domestic cities are more congested, and it is difficult for large-displacement vehicles to show their talents. At the same time, the resulting higher prices and fuel consumption for vehicles are also disadvantages. In contrast, Highlander has a rich variety of models, including a 2.7L two-wheel drive 5-seater low-profile model suitable for driving on pure urban road conditions (the minimum manufacturer’s guide price is 248,800 yuan), and a 3.5L four-wheel drive with a slight off-road capability. 7-seater car (high-end model manufacturer's guide price is 429,800 yuan).

■ Loulan Murano and Highlander four-wheel drive structure comparison:

Unlike the Loulan Murano equipped with a four-wheel drive system, Highlander only has a 3.5L model with a four-wheel drive system. Next, let's briefly compare the four-wheel drive structure of the two models ( Note: Highlander in the text is a 2.7L two- wheel drive model).

According to the manufacturer's introduction, Loulan Murano's four-wheel drive system is basically the same as that of Qijun, and it is a set of timely four-wheel drive system-“intelligent full-mode four-wheel drive”. The difference from X-Trail is that there are no knobs in the Loulan Murano car with 3 adjustable modes: 2WD, Auto, and Lock. Under normal circumstances, the Loulan Murano defaults to two-wheel drive. When encountering special road conditions, it will automatically switch to four-wheel drive mode. Of course, if you can make a good judgment before encountering special road conditions, you can also switch to the four-wheel drive mode in advance by pressing the button.

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