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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] A few days ago, the Lego Speed Champions series launched new products for 2019, including 5 building block toys, covering many models of Ferrari, Chevrolet, McLaren, Dodge, and MINI brands.

The first thing I saw was the Ferrari F40 with the article number 75890. The car was a commemorative supercar launched for the 40th anniversary of the Ferrari brand, and it was also the last model created by the founder Enzo Ferrari during his lifetime. The LEGO version is composed of 198 parts, which are two-in-one building blocks that can be assembled into an F40 racing car or an F40 street car. The accessory is equipped with a Lego figure with a red helmet.

The article number 75891 is a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 racing car. As a representative of American muscle cars, it is well-known to domestic audiences with its classic image of “Bumblebee”. However, in the latest movie released recently, “Bumblebee” returned to the shape of a beetle. The Lego version of the Camaro ZL1 race car is also composed of 198 parts, which can be used to simulate the refueling scene with the Lego villain and the fuel tank.

Next is the McLaren Senna with the item number 75892. This Ultimate Series supercar in commemoration of the Brazilian “car god” Elton Senna is an excellent track weapon with a global limit of 500. The Lego version of McLaren Senna consists of 219 parts. In addition to the Lego figure with a black helmet, it also includes a simulated wind tunnel test scene.

The item number of the fourth toy is 75893, which is a two-car combination consisting of 478 parts. The models built are the classic 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and the latest Challenger SRT Demon. This building block is equipped with three Lego villains, including two drivers and a beautiful referee holding a checkered flag. It is also equipped with a lamp post to simulate the starting scene.

The fifth model is the MINI two-car combination with item number 75894, which consists of 481 parts. The two models built are the 1967 Mini Cooper S rally car and the 2018 MINI JCW cross-country car. This set of toys has a complete repair station and as many as four Lego villains, which can interpret a variety of identities such as drivers, navigators, photographers, and maintenance personnel, and has a wealth of playability.

Finally, let’s talk about the price. The Ferrari F40, Camaro ZL1 and McLaren Senna of the Lego racing series are all in the 100-200 yuan gear, the Dodge dual-car combination is in the 300-400 yuan gear, and the MINI dual-car combination is 500-600 yuan. File, friends who need to buy gifts for their children during the Spring Festival can refer to it.