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[YesAuto Motorcycle] On May 10, 2019, Shell's first brand experience in China was unveiled at the Freedom Machinery Experience Center at No. 888 Dongwei Road, Beijing. On the same day, three brand new motorcycle oils were launched worldwide, Shell Amway XS all the way south rally team also officially set off for the ring tower on this day.

The event site is equipped with a DJ station, coffee break room, stage, and off-road special field. The decoration style also follows the taste of metal machinery. The organizer has achieved the purpose of turning the event site into a crazy party for Mo Friends.

The riders in the riding show were Chen Zhaopeng and Xu Yifei from the Shell ADV training camp all the way south. They drove a brand new DUCATI MTS 1260 ENDURO to show their handsome and heroic appearance in front of the audience.

The event party ushered in a climax after the opening speech by Mr. Zhang Lei, General Manager of Shell's China OEM business sales. Shell invited three well-known representatives of the media/motorcyclists in the industry to share their stories with motorcycles.

The first to appear is the crocodile Xia Meng, who is also a well-known self-media person by many car friends in China. Because of his rich experience in overseas life, he introduced to everyone the differences in the motorcycle environment between foreign and domestic people from some of his own experience in riding. And encourage everyone to make better reports for China's motorcycle culture as much as possible.

If you want to mention the most senior motorcycle forum in China, “Motor Bar”, anyone who knows this must know the founder, Mr. Shao Hong. For a gathering place for many motorcycle netizens, “Motor Bar” is more inclined to exchange experiences in buying, using and maintaining cars from the perspective of users. In order to provide you with more valuable advice, Shao Hong led The team participated in the Shell Ed Prince oil test project, carried out a blind test of the oil from the user's perspective, and obtained many valuable results.

The third person to share with you is Wang Qiu, a senior domestic motorcycle media editor. His other identity is the instructor of the ADV training camp all the way to the south. He has more experience in races, and his stories and riding experience during the race. , Teacher Wang communicated with everyone. In addition, with the strong support of Shell, the ADV training camp has successfully held five events in China. It is the purpose of the ADV training camp to advocate safe and happy riding.

After the wonderful sharing by the three media people, all the guests at the scene activated the engine on the wall with the key in their hands. The new product launch ceremony kicked off. Zhang Lei, Sales Manager of Shell China OEM Business, Dou Pin, Sales Director of Shell Motorcycle Business, Shell Ed Prince Brand Manager Chen Yu took the stage to unveil the new product.

The characteristics of the three new products have their own targets. Among them, the “Power Peak” 15W-50 is especially aimed at European high-speed and large-displacement motorcycles; the “City Shuttle” 10W-40 is especially aimed at Japanese high-speed and large-displacement motorcycles; “5W-40” is especially aimed at European horizontally opposed high-displacement motorcycles. The three oil products basically cover the needs of most domestic daily-use vehicles. (The picture material of Yu Shuo from the Home of Wen Auto is from Shell ADVANCE)