[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] The popularity of domestic station wagons has gradually increased in recent years, and several luxury brands have successively introduced their own station wagon products into the country to test the water in the form of imports. Compared with several European rivals, BMW's action is obviously slower. After the 5 Series Travel Edition, the 3 Series Travel Edition officially entered domestic sales in the second half of 2013. Of course, sometimes coming early is not as good as coming by coincidence. As long as you are sincere, you may not be out of sugar when you are late.

This is true for the 3 Series Travel. Before it arrived, the C-Class Travel and V60 had already established a reputation in China. As a latecomer, the 3 Series Travel wanted to get a share of the opponent's hands, and it was even more necessary to do everything possible. This time to our editorial department is the hottest performance of the 328i M sports travel version of the 3 series travel, let’s take a look at what it can do.

Speaking from the appearance, this generation of 3 Series Travel Edition does not use the long wheelbase chassis like the 3 Series GT, its chassis code is F31, and it is still the standard version with a wheelbase: 2810mm. For the front-rear-drive model with the longitudinal engine layout, this is still a fairly lean length. The body “measurements” are basically the same as the sedan version, but due to the luggage rack, the body height is slightly increased by 21mm.

The 328i travel version we tested is also equipped with an M sports design suit. The original “artist youth” wagon with such a performance front face, the feeling of sorrow came out immediately, and then matched with an M. The unique Estor blue metallic paint of the model, friends who know the goods know from a long distance that this is not a messy character.

The M sports suit has two different wheels to choose from, 19″ and 18″. Although the 7-spoke 19″ rims have outstanding visual effects (front 225/40 R19; rear 255/35 R19), the low tire aspect ratio is It is difficult to provide sufficient comfort during daily driving, which is contrary to the original intention of the station wagon. The choice of 18″ is just right. The tires are matched with Bridgestone Botian Clan run-flat tires (former 225/45 R18; After 255/40 R18), the M logo in the middle of the rim is a hidden bright spot, in a popular saying: low-key luxury has connotation.

The rear is the most charming angle of the station wagon. From this point of view, the 3 Series does not have many highlights. The shape of the rear is a bit too rigid, almost adding a roof to the rear of the sedan version. That's it. Relatively speaking, it is not as good as its opponents. The design of the V60 and C-class travel is more interesting. In addition, although the M kit is used, the exhaust pipe is still in that stingy single-sided double-out form, which seems to be too low-key.

Appearance summary: If you are a hard-core fan of the 3 series, but don’t want your car to be bad, then the 328i travel version with Estor Blue and M sports kit is undoubtedly the best choice. Jiner, the favorite of Mensao people.


In terms of interior, the basic design is not much different from that of the ordinary 3 series, except that some M kit-specific decorations have been added, and a brand new M steering wheel with a great feel. This three-spoke steering wheel from the new M6 is my favorite part. The functionality, shape and feel are impeccable. The steering wheel paddles on the back are even more admirable. Compared with the steering wheels on my own M3 and M5, it is still To be better.

However, there is a small problem with the dashboard. The bottom driving computer information is easily blocked by the steering wheel, especially for those who like to sit in a low posture. The standard panoramic sunroof of the whole series is an indispensable configuration of the station wagon. This is very kind, but the performance of the seats is average. The test car we borrowed is equipped with ordinary leather sports seats. If friction is used Higher Alcantara material texture will be better.

The interior part is so much, the riding space is the same as the short axis 3 series, and the convenience storage space is the same, so I won't repeat it below. Of course, for station wagons, the trunk is a part that cannot be ignored, and we have to talk to everyone about this part.

The conventional volume of the trunk reaches 495L, and the interior is quite regular, and after the rear row is folded, the trunk floor can be completely level, and the depth can reach 1900mm, which is more than enough to handle large pieces of furniture or snowboards when moving. Since there is no spare tire, a lot of practical storage space is designed under the trunk cover. In addition, the storage net pockets on both sides of the trunk, the 12v power interface first aid kit, etc. are also readily available. Not only that, storage partitions, storage screens, and baffles for securing luggage are all very easy and convenient to use. The electric tailgate is also standard for all systems, and the rear window can be opened separately. Convenient to pick and place small items. From the point of view of use, the 328i Travel Edition has basically achieved everything.

Interior part summary: The practical characteristics of the station wagon are well explained in the trunk, and the humanized design is also in place. In my opinion, the biggest highlight is the M sports steering wheel. The shape and feel are close to perfect performance.

Driving experience: benchmark performance

This inline 4-cylinder engine undoubtedly has the highest technical content in its class, BMW’s iconic Valvetronic electronic valve and Double-VANOS dual camshaft variable valve timing system, paired with twin scroll single turbo and in-cylinder Direct injection technology allows this engine to output a maximum torque of 350 N·m in a wide range of speeds from 1250-4800rpm, and a continuous output of 245 horsepower between 5000-6500rpm. These are all guarantees. A necessary element for powerful acceleration capabilities. Of course, the 8-speed automatic manual transmission from ZF is also indispensable, and the automatic start-stop system and energy recovery system like the engine are very helpful for reducing fuel consumption.

The golden combination of BMW's N20B20 series engine and ZF 8AT has become BMW's most acclaimed power system. It has strong power and low fuel consumption, and its ride comfort performance is higher than our expectations for turbocharged engines. There is no doubt about the acceleration ability. In the previous 328i test, this 245-horsepower 2.0T engine has conquered us with amazing performance. It is the current mainstream 2.0T engine with the strongest overall performance, regardless of economics. , Power and ride comfort it has this level of benchmark level.

Throttle response is still fast and unobtrusive BMW style. ZF's 8AT gearbox is a typical representative of “getting out of the hall and out of the kitchen”. You can vaguely perceive the gearbox's switching action between gears and gears. At other times, it performed impeccably, shifted gears quickly and silently, and had a very reasonable judgment on throttle depth. When you want to exercise, it can stimulate your adrenaline with a sonorous and powerful posture. When you need to be stable and comfortable, it can take care of the powerful power to make it silky smooth.

Many Bimmers may still miss the direct, sharp and rewarding steering of the 3 Series in the E90 era, and lament that the steering adjustment of this generation of 3 Series has completely compromised the market. But is this really a bad thing? In fact, it is not the case. The electric power steering is equipped to greatly improve the convenience first, and the response of the steering head at low speed is even very slow, but this is to make the driver more relaxed in daily use; once the speed is increased, the steering is restarted. It changes back to a direct and accurate feeling. Although the electronic simulation of the road feel transmission is not as real as before, the feeling of clicking until it is undoubtedly more close to the people. Yes, this generation of 3 series does not have that neurotic sense of movement, but its changes are undoubtedly smart. After all, for manufacturers, the strategy to win more consumers is the most correct.

Adaptive cruise

The adaptive cruise system has basically been popularized in luxury brand models, and the system on the 328i travels has performed well and is in line with the expected level of the same class. It not only supports car following at full speed, but also has the functions of following and stopping and queuing completely. Even the softness of acceleration and braking is also very satisfying.

Suspension system: pleasing tuning style

Although from official data, the suspension height of the M-kit model is 10mm lower than the normal version, and it is equipped with tires with a lower flat ratio, these factors are likely to have an adverse effect on daily comfort. The actual situation is that this suspension is still quite comfortable, but the handling has been affected.

Although the suspension is a comfortable adjustment, it does not isolate all the fine vibrations in the early stage, but retains a lot of road feeling, which is clear but not rigid. Of course, there are also large wheels and low-profile tires. s reason. When not driving intensely in corners, the suspension is also very effective in restraining the body roll. It still feels quite sporty in daily driving. For most consumers who like BMW, this style is their best. like. As for the performance in the extreme state, we will elaborate on the following staking test.

Around the pile:

It should be said that the 328i travel is not a performance car suitable for taking you to the corners. Although it is very powerful, the performance of the comfortable suspension in the extreme state is still a bit poor. Traveling between the pile barrels, the center of gravity shift of the body is not small, but the rebound of the suspension is timely and the whole process is relatively linear. The rear wheel looks very stable with the help of wide tires, but the tracking is still a little bit unable to keep up with the front of the car. Rhythm, the overall flexibility is slightly inferior to the standard version of the 328i, but after all the added weight is there, this performance is acceptable.

The biggest problem in the test is its variable steering ratio function. When the one-side suspension is compressed to the limit, whether it is turning or returning the steering wheel, there will always be a reaction force to compete with you, and the entire steering process will become non-stop. So smooth, it becomes difficult to accurately control the steering. This also did not appear in the previous test of the sedan version of the 328i. We judged that this may be related to the large change in body load and insufficient suspension support.

Summary of driving experience: The overall style is still relatively comfortable, but it still retains a lot of sports characteristics in the steering and chassis. Daily driving can achieve a degree of relaxation, but the performance is average in the extreme state. If you want more control performance, the sedan The version would be a better choice.

Let's take a look at its various test results.

Acceleration: 5.83 seconds

Widened the rear wheel and increased the weight, which did not cause too much adverse effect on the acceleration performance of the 328i Travel Edition. The rear wheels with a width of 255mm greatly increase the grip, which helps to start faster. The rear wheels will not skid violently when the brakes are pressed down and the throttle is full. In the end, the fastest result in our test was 5.83 seconds, which is slightly faster than the previous sedan version of the 328i sports design package. BMW's N20B20 engine has long been known for its power. Even the travel version has increased its weight by 100kg to 1660kg, and its acceleration performance is still at the top of its class.

Next, the 0-400 meter test is the real test of motivation. Based on the engine’s 245 horsepower standard, the 328i Travel Edition’s final 14.22 seconds (tail speed of 156.74 km/h) is still quite satisfactory. Small steel guns such as GTI and ST are not its opponents, and their results are better than before. The tested ATS 28T (14.37 seconds/tail speed 156.73km/h) is slightly faster, but basically at the same level.


The brake test still maintains the high level of BMW models, and the average score of 36.43 meters has been able to rank in the top 10 of our brake test rankings. Due to the increased weight of 100kg, it is basically offset by the widened rear tire, and the braking performance is almost the same as the previous 328i (front and rear tire width 225mm).

Fuel consumption

For fuel consumption, in the test mileage of 150.8km, the load is 1 person and a small amount of photographic equipment, the air conditioning is set to A/C OFF, the start-stop system is turned on, the proportions of congested roads and unobstructed roads are 40% and 60 respectively. %, the fuel consumption of 95# is 14.98L, and the final result is 9.93L/100km. Considering its power performance, this fuel consumption is completely acceptable. After all, the widened rear wheel and increased weight are factors that affect fuel consumption.


In terms of noise control, the 328i also showed a level in line with its own price point. The chassis sound insulation and tire noise control are all done well, and it is so valuable that it is also very quiet at idling speed.

to sum up:

It broke the hundred in 5.83 seconds and the braking distance was 36.43 meters. The 328i travel version is actually capable of breaking the wrist with rivals of the R36 level. Nevertheless, it is not irritable at all when driving. The comfortable chassis and soft steering indicate that it is essentially a station wagon close to life. In terms of practicality, its performance is basically impeccable, even in the standard of high enough configuration, it combines practicality and performance so harmoniously, and this is the same price. But once we talk about the price-performance ratio, everything is not so good.

BMW 3 Series (Imported) 2013 328i M Sport Travel Edition

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Take the imported sedan version of the 328i M sports model (hereinafter referred to as 328i) for comparison. The performance parameters are basically the same, but because the 328i is lighter in weight, the power is relatively stronger. In terms of configuration, the 328i travel version has more adaptive cruise control, panoramic sunroof, rear window sunshade, electric tailgate and a more practical storage space than the 328i, while the 328i has an electric heating steering wheel. However, the price of the 328i is definitely much closer to the people, and the guide price of 466,000 is 103,600 cheaper than the 328i travel version. Under this price difference, it is obvious which is higher and lower cost performance.

From the cost-effective analysis, the protagonist of today's test is actually not worth our recommendation. The low-profile 320 fashion travel version is the most worthy of consideration. It's just that station wagons still belong to the category of niche cars in China, and these consumers are usually more susceptible to perceptual thinking, and cost-effectiveness is not the primary factor they consider. If you look at it from this perspective, the purchase index of the 328i Travel Edition is another matter: it is the most beautiful and most tonal of the 3 series that can be bought in China, not to mention that in this class of station wagons, you really Can't find a better performance than the 328i travel version. (Photo/Text/Photo by Li Yi, Car Home)

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