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[YesAuto technology] The world's first concept car Buick Y-Job was born in 1938, and it has a history of 82 years. Countless classic models have been born in the past years, and most of them represent people's imagination of the future of that era. Some of them have come into reality, and some have not yet been mass-produced. Today, the Germans showed their vision of the future at the CES show in the United States, the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR concept car. From the sensation, its understanding of the future is no longer an illusory reverie, but exudes a taste that is close to mass production.

Full text summary:

When it comes to tomorrow’s cars, we have different fantasies, high-end autonomous driving, spherical design, and even flying close to the ground instead of driving on the road. The concept car called VISION AVTR brought by Mercedes-Benz is much more “realistic”. In contrast, it pays more attention to the integration of people and cars, cars and the environment. Compared with those completely unrealistic fantasy works, This kind of more practical concept car may be less romantic than the rigid Germans.