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[YesAuto Talk about Bump Sisters] In this hot August, the air conditioner in the car is not cool enough. If another young lady is plugged in, do you think this scene is a bit too warm? If you are savvy, you must have guessed which car I am going to draw today? Yes, it is the FAW Pentium T77. I have seen serious performance evaluations and general news. Be sure to look at the video we drew below. (Video duration is 3 minutes and 06 seconds)

As a new model of FAW Besturn, the T77, which is positioned as a compact SUV, adopts a new design idea. The rounded lines presented on the X80 in the past are not visible on the T77. The sharply angular block cut distinguishes the T77 from other “brothers and sisters”. Obviously, it seems that the designers of FAW Bestune are going to give T77 a fresh start.

Compared with the appearance of the T77, I believe that most people are more interested in the interior of the T77 like me, because the car-machine system equipped with the intelligent networked D-Life 4.0 system not only realizes global voice control, but also has a certain The most important thing is that the voice assistant simulated by the car machine system can be set as a pleasant young lady named YOMI, projected in the polyhedron on the top of the center console.

We noticed that the T77 also replaced the brand new “Window of the World” LOGO this time. As a compact SUV with a top configuration of no more than 140,000 yuan, the FAW Pentium T77 may have all aspects that can be improved, but it comes from a brand-new design. The language and the innovation of the interior car system all represent its sincerity. Regardless of whether YOMI is a gimmick or not, the SUV that focuses on the young consumer market should have enough personality. In this regard, the T77 is worthy of praise.