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[YesAuto Design Palace] Welcome to the third issue of “Design Trainees”, the special program of the graduation season of Auto House. Entering mid-July, college entrance examination candidates in various places will immediately or have entered the stage of volunteering for the college entrance examination. Volunteer filing also largely determines their future career trajectory. For students who are interested in the automotive design career, many people in the industry recommended to study abroad directly at well-known universities abroad, but with the current international situation, is it really a good choice to go abroad? What if I can't get out? What are the good choices in China?

In this issue, we will talk to you about domestic colleges and universities that offer automotive design, and invited two domestic automotive design masters to provide school selection and study suggestions for the new generation of young designers in the reserve army.

Series of articles:

Want to be a good car designer? The best way is to follow the example. In this issue, we invite Zhang Fan, Vice President of GAC Research Institute and Director of Concept and Styling Design Center, and Chen Zheng, Chairman of Changan Automobile’s European Design Center and General Manager of Brand Public Relations, to design for everyone who is interested in car design. Vocational students share their good school, how to learn during school, and future career development direction.

But before that, let's talk about the most important volunteers in front of us to fill in the choice of institutions to be concerned about. If you are anxious to see the life experience of the big coffee, you can jump directly to the last page.

There is a big difference between learning a car or learning car design

Parents generally recognize that entering a car company to become an elite talent in design, R&D, and manufacturing, but when applying for a major, those who like to draw cars and who like to play with car blocks should choose not a major.

Many people will mistake automobile styling design for engineering majors. In the previous issue, some netizens could not understand why the Academy of Fine Arts had car designers. In fact, the professions and professions in the impression of such netizens are actually vehicle engineers and vehicle engineering majors, focusing on mechanical performance and manufacturing and mass production. Although automobile styling design takes into account some engineering knowledge, it mainly focuses on artistic aspects. Focus on the beauty of the vehicle.

There are quite a few domestic automobile design colleges and universities. According to the different learning directions and types of colleges and universities, we will select a few representative ones to give you a talk.

1. Automobile design major in professional art academies

I saw that it was a transportation design in a professional academy of fine arts. When it comes to design, the first reaction is naturally art candidates, who have strong art skills. For example, the transportation design of the Central American Academy of Sciences. After all, it belongs to the School of Design, focusing on styling design, and the annual art exam. The competition is quite fierce.

Central Academy of Fine Arts-School of Design-Travel Innovation (Transportation) Design Direction

The Central Academy of Fine Arts is the only higher art school directly under the Ministry of Education and the first batch of double first-class universities. It can be traced back to the National Peking College of Art initiated by Cai Yuanpei in 1918. It was the first national art education institution in Chinese history and the beginning of modern art education in China. In January 1950, it was officially named the Central Academy of Fine Arts with the approval of the Central People's Government Administration Council. The Central Academy of Fine Arts ranked 11th in the 2020 Top 100 Chinese Universities.

Yangmei Automobile Design Department is very different among similar professions in China, because they have not only studied automobile styling design. Central America’s automotive design major has focused on forward-looking design research for many years, but from the current professional direction of “travel innovation (transportation) design”, it can be seen that Central America’s automotive design is no longer limited to car styling design, but focuses on Turn to innovative research with the core of intelligent behavior, based on the new technological social background, and the teaching and research practice that responds to the iteration of mobile scenes and vehicle attributes.

This professional direction has a dedicated design studio for teaching and daily learning of students. Teachers come from all over the world, graduated from the school's own major, Tokyo Musashino University Art University, the Royal College of Art, the United States Alfred University and other schools. There are winners of the German IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award, as well as from the Royal Royal In-service designer of art school and internationally renowned car company.

Over the years, students who graduated from the transportation design major of the Central Academy of Fine Arts are distributed in the design centers and innovative institutions of Fortune 500 companies such as Porsche, Audi, and SAIC.

Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts-School of Design-Department of Industrial Design-Transportation Design

Does the Academy of Fine Arts have to pass the art test? No, in fact, in most art academies, transportation design is an industrial design discipline. Although most of them require a foundation in fine arts, they do not need to pass an art test.

The reason why this major is called “studio” rather than “professional” is because the school has developed cooperation with enterprises after 2010, and established related studios in design disciplines for the pillar industries of Guangdong Province, taking the cutting-edge projects of enterprises as topics Introduce a studio, instead of part of the course, a studio is a basic teaching unit.

Given the location of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, it is naturally in-depth cooperation with major enterprises in Guangdong Province. The transportation design studio of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts naturally cooperates with various brands under the GAC Group.

The alumni who graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts have entered the GAC Group Trumpchi, SAIC, GAC Toyota, GAC Honda, Fiat (Italy), Lynk & Co. Swedish Design Center, Honda Technical Research and other companies.

In addition to the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, other well-known transportation design majors include the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in Chongqing.

Whether it is transportation design that requires art test or industrial design that does not require art test, these students are studying in a professional art academy after all. Under the influence of courses, teachers and environment, their personal level and design style tend to be biased towards the academy of fine arts. Artistic spirit”, with strong modeling ability.

2. Major in Transportation Design of the Industrial Design Department of Comprehensive University

Another category is the transportation design major of the industrial design department in comprehensive universities. Such schools are often strong in industrial design. Later, after the merger of some universities around 2000, they became comprehensive. the University.

Jiangnan University-School of Design-Industrial Design-Department of Transportation Design

The industrial design of the School of Design is a national specialty, emphasizing the ability to integrate business, humanities and technology. Of course, the strongest of the school is the light industry discipline, which is a national first-class discipline.

Jiangnan University originated from Sanjiang Normal School founded in 1902. After the development period of National Central University and Nanjing University, the Department of Food Industry of Nanjing Institute of Technology was reorganized and moved to Wuxi in 1958, and Wuxi Institute of Light Industry was established. In 1995, it was renamed Wuxi University of Light Industry. In 2001, Wuxi University of Light Industry, Jiangnan College, and Wuxi Education College merged to form Jiangnan University.

Jiangnan University has several well-known alumni in the industrial design field. For example, Liu Ning, a 1996 alumnus, was the president of the China Industrial Design Association. The School of Design of the Central Academy of Fine Arts also has some connections with the school. Professor Wang Yipeng, who once participated in the establishment of the Department of Design of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (now the School of Design) and former secretary of the School of Design, graduated from the predecessor of Jiangnan University, Wuxi Institute of Light Industry. Designer of the 2008 Beijing Olympics medals.

The industrial design major of Jiangnan University does not require an art test, but it is clearly required to have a drawing foundation in the admissions guide. In comprehensive universities with excellent design disciplines, automotive design graduates under the Department of Industrial Design, due to the discipline accumulation direction and campus atmosphere, many insiders believe that it is a relatively balanced industrial design in terms of styling, design and industrial knowledge. Professional students.

3. Body design major in vehicle engineering disciplines of comprehensive/engineering colleges

Automobile styling design can be biased towards the direction of art design, or it can be biased towards the direction of engineering. In some domestic engineering colleges or comprehensive colleges that are famous for engineering, and even universities with specialized automotive colleges, there are also automobile styling designs, but they often have backgrounds in car bodies or aerodynamics. In such an environment The knowledge structure and bias of design concepts of the designers trained in this can be imagined.

Tongji University-Automobile Design Innovation Experimental Zone

The Industrial Design Department of the School of Design and Innovation of Tongji University has transportation and travel directions, but after all, Tongji has a very strong automotive engineering major, and the design major will naturally have an impact and benefit.

The School of Automobile, located on the Jiading campus of Tongji University, is a well-known automobile professional college in the country. It is also the carrier of the core functions of scientific research and talent training in Shanghai International Automobile City. The engineering education of Tongji University began in 1912. During 1926-1932, the internationally renowned expert on internal combustion engines, Professor Hans List of Austria, started the training of professional talents in “Internal Combustion Engines and Power Machinery” during his teaching in Tongji, but in 1932 The outbreak of the “January 28 Incident” greatly affected the faculty and machinery and equipment, and the construction of related majors basically stagnated.

Tongji Automobile College started as an automobile major in 1988, and before that, Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. was formally established in 1985. It can be said that the College of Automobile of Tongji University was born and developed in the new era of the development of China's automobile industry opened by the first domestic car joint venture.

How strong is Tongji Automobile Academy? According to official information, Tongji has in-depth cooperation with many well-known car companies at home and abroad, such as SAIC Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Passenger Car, United Electronics, Continental Group, Geely Automobile, etc. Various types of school-enterprise joint training models such as the joint training of automobile reserve engineers have become the first batch of pilot majors of the “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” of the Ministry of Education, and have taken the lead in passing the National Engineering Education Professional Certification of the Ministry of Education.

The School of Automobile has established a complete training of undergraduate, master, and doctoral talents in the teaching and research directions of automotive engineering, automotive electronics, body and aerodynamics, test technology, new energy vehicle power systems, automotive safety and intelligent driving, automotive product management and marketing, etc. The system has a post-doctoral mobile station for mechanical engineering, a postdoctoral mobile station for management engineering, a doctoral program in vehicle engineering, a doctoral program in power machinery and engineering, a master's degree in vehicle engineering, a master's degree in power machinery and engineering, and a bachelor's degree in vehicle engineering.

With the joint teaching of the School of Design and Creativity, the solid academic background of the School of Automobile has become a strong label for the professional background. According to alumni, some of the students entering this car design styling class are enrolled in the automobile college and some are in the design college, but the courses are basically the same.

Similar to the Tongji Automobile Design major, there is the Department of Industrial Design of the Automotive Engineering College of Jilin University. Jilin University is also a well-known college of vehicle engineering in China, backed by the FAW Group, and originated from the Tractor Academy aided by the Soviet Union in the 1950s. Graduates from this major also have considerable engineering knowledge background. Shao Jingfeng, director of the design department of the Technology Center of SAIC Passenger Vehicle Company, is a graduate of this major. In 1999, he graduated from the Industrial Design Department of the Automotive Engineering College of Jilin University.

4. A complex of the Academy of Fine Arts and well-known engineering colleges

There is also a relatively special academy of fine arts that offers a major in automotive design. Although it is often called “academy of fine arts”, it is actually an academy of fine arts affiliated to a comprehensive university. At the same time, the vehicle engineering major of this school is also strong. , There are also exchanges between the two houses.

School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University-Department of Industrial Design-Transportation Design Major

After the merger of the Central Academy of Art and Design and Tsinghua University, many people think that this is a complementary relationship. Tsinghua University’s strong scientific research background, especially the automobile department (the establishment of the School of Vehicle and Transportation in 2019), provides the transportation styling design major of the Academy of Fine Arts. With the backing of scientific research, the artistic thinking of the Academy of Fine Arts has brought some romance and passion to the engineering students of Tsinghua University.

Students from the Transportation Design Department of the Industrial Design Department of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, who belong to the same school, have the opportunity to communicate with vehicle engineering and enjoy Tsinghua’s excellent educational resources in automotive engineering. Since 2000, Lescke, Vice President of the Prospect Design Department of Benz Motors, Germany, Fuegerner, a traffic design major at Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, and Chen Congren, Director of the Modeling Institute of Taiwan's China Motor Corporation, have successively taught courses at the Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts.

Since 1996, students of this major have participated in a number of automotive design competitions and won awards during their school years, including the German Mercedes-Benz Car Design for China design event, the Japanese Mitsubishi Motors Design Competition, the Shanghai Pan-Asian Automotive Design Competition, the North American Automotive Design Competition, and the BAIC Cup Car design competition, German Auto Motor Und Sport international car design competition, CDN China car design competition, etc.

Graduates of this major work in major domestic auto companies such as Shanghai General Motors and Shanghai Volkswagen. After graduation, some outstanding master’s graduates are directly employed by German Benz, French Peugeot, Japan’s Mitsubishi, Japan’s Daihatsu and other international car companies. . One of the most famous alumni is Zhang Fan, who is currently the deputy dean of the GAC Research Institute and the design director of the Modeling Design Center. He is the first graduate student majoring in transportation design. After graduation, he entered the design department of Benz Motors in Germany.

5. Teaching reform, school-enterprise cooperation

Earlier we talked about the car styling design in universities with different disciplines. Candidates who have ideas about subject bias can choose a school that suits them based on this model, but also pay attention to the geographical location of the school. In the previous schools, we have talked about the “marriage” between schools and car companies, there are joint teaching, and there are also school-enterprise cooperation projects.

The various colleges and universities that set up automobile styling design have been engaged in in-depth production, education and research with car companies for many years. Naturally, they give priority to the nearby companies. Therefore, we can see that the well-known colleges mentioned above are basically around the center of the automobile industry, Shanghai Tongji University and SAIC in Beijing, Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, Central American and BAIC Group in Beijing, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Guangzhou Automobile Group in Guangzhou, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and Changan Automobile in Chongqing, Jilin University in Changchun and FAW Group.

After talking about automotive design colleges, let’s listen to automotive design directors sharing school selection, learning suggestions and future development trends. Students who want to become automotive designers, future bosses and role models will tell you the most dry knowledge.

What kind of graduates are more likely to get an offer? How to improve yourself during school?

The GAC Design Institute, like most companies, will place emphasis on graduates from prestigious schools. After all, the overall quality of graduates from these schools is indeed relatively strong. However, in actual recruitment, due to various reasons such as geographical location and brand influence, they really enter the job. The source of graduates is actually very wide.

Firstly, judge the professional ability through the portfolio of graduates. The basic skills such as sketching, sludge, and mathematical modeling taught by the school are as important as the basic communication skills of language. This is the language and tool for designers to express their ideas. The stronger the expression ability , The easier it is to be recognized by others, the higher the chance of impressing others.

The design institute attaches great importance to the relevant internship experience of graduates during their stay at the school, especially the internship experience of major OEMs is very valuable. For automotive design students, the internship experience is a very effective and rapid improvement. Students from foreign colleges and universities participate more in internships during their stay. In the past, there were not many such opportunities and habits in China, but they are now more and more.

If you have participated in a well-known design competition or even won a prize, it is also a good plus for the evaluation of students' comprehensive ability. In addition, if you have expertise in areas other than the design major, it is also a bonus. For young people studying design, a wide range of interests and activity are very important.

How does a non-prestigious school background stand out?

If your school does not have good teacher support, then you have no direction to study on your own, it is better to attend a professional training class. Social training institutions are a good way to quickly improve professional skills and professional cognition, and basic skills can be improved through rapid squeeze training. Of course, the training class will have the disadvantages of modularization, so it can only be used as a walking stick. In the end, you have to build your own cognition on the design by yourself, and form your own style and innovative ideas.

Zhang Fan said that in fact, many young people in their team graduated from colleges they had never heard of, or they never knew that the school actually has industrial design or art design majors, but these students rely on With my perseverance and hard work, I have found a way and cultivated outstanding professional abilities, the design team will also absorb them, and can also show very good professional abilities and development potential in actual work. Therefore, the so-called rich family is not the only talent channel.

What kind of designer is needed in the future?

Today’s automobile design and even the entire automobile industry are undergoing tremendous changes. Whether it is driverless technology or the four modernizations of automobiles, the consumers faced by designers continue to grow rapidly, and their perceptions are rapidly iterating. The need for tools is constantly changing. For car designers, this is the most painful era, but also the luckiest era.

Zhang Fan hopes that future designers will no longer be confined to the image of designers in the past, but will slowly stand at a higher perspective, look at design with a broader perspective, and more from the perspective of experience, This is the more competitive designer. Because experience is not limited to vision, but also includes hearing, touch and even smell. It is dynamic and time-sustaining. Designers need to challenge design innovations more broadly in the two dimensions of space and time.

In 1994, Zhang Fan was admitted to the Department of Industrial Design of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University. In 1999, he was admitted to the Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts for a master's degree in industrial design, and started his career as an automotive designer. In 2003, he joined the German Mercedes-Benz Company as a designer and later became a life-long designer of the Mercedes-Benz German Design Division. In 2011, he returned to the motherland and served as the chief styling designer of GAC Group, creating a brand-new design style for GAC.

Stepping out of school is just the beginning

The Changan design team includes members from overseas universities such as Pforzheim University in Germany, IED in Italy, and Umeå University in Switzerland, as well as domestic universities such as Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Fudan University, etc. . But in Chen Zheng's view, whether it is a domestic institution or an international institution is not very important to a very high degree. Design education at home and abroad has its own characteristics. Although it started late in China, it is gradually advancing through exploration.

Chen Zheng took himself as an example. When he started his career as a designer, the design field in China was still dominated by engineering design. It was not until he arrived in Italy 20 years ago that he began to understand the scope and profound value of design. Attracted by its shape, when you touch the clay, you have the urge to create something, and finally you can gaze at the work and feel the designer's inner expo. Until now, Chen Zheng still often says that he is a primary school student in the automotive design industry.

How should designers learn?

In the Changan design team, what is valued is not only the participants' basic skills at the tactical level such as painting and clay production, but more importantly, training participants' insights and innovative thinking.

Secondly, be willing to work in a team and be good at sharing. The results of a design can never be made by a single individual. Closed self-competition will make the whole team lose cohesion. In the end, deeds are better than words, and actions are better than you say 10,000 beautiful words. The flattery of words will not be treated sincerely. Although Chen Zheng often said that designers should learn to sell themselves and their works, if there are no results and actions, then the promotion will become a scam.

Chen Zheng believes that the development of autonomous driving and big data will undoubtedly bring changes to car design and travel modes. In the future, human beings are the center of all design. As human beings’ personal partners, cars are the externalization of human emotions and the embodiment and extension of human nature.

The prestigious school in my heart

Regarding the famous automotive design schools, the two design masters have basically the same views. Foreign companies include ACCD (Art Center School of Design) and CCS (Creative Design Institute) in the United States, Coventry and RCA (Royal Academy of Arts) in the United Kingdom, and France. Trat School of Design, IED College in Italy, Ummel University in Sweden. The quality of graduates from the above-mentioned international prestigious schools is indeed relatively strong, and the threshold is of course relatively high.

Among the domestic colleges and universities, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, and China Academy of Fine Arts are more highly regarded by designers.

In the next issue, we will introduce the famous overseas automobile design schools and talk about the characteristics and advantages of each school. We have to admit that, in accordance with current international standards, there is a certain gap between the lack of my country's automobile design education and international prestigious schools. However, the epidemic situation and social situation in Europe and the United States (especially the United States) are not as stable as before. Whether it is necessary to study abroad in the past two years really needs to be carefully considered.

to sum up:

In the article, we see that many automobile styling design majors belong to the industrial design department. Although automobile styling design is indeed a subdivision of the industrial design discipline, the gap between the two is very large. In the international design circle, the real car styling design pays more attention to the creative ability of styling, focusing on the design of the body's posture, proportion, layout, etc., while industrial design requires more logical ability, and the way of thinking is not consistent, so we see a lot Industrial design enrollment does not require specialized courses. If you want to learn car design, you need to analyze and choose according to your own situation.

Want to know how the big design guys design the “new cars” of the future ?

Do you still want to enter the automotive design industry during this period of pandemic trouble? Want to use your professional skills and take the future as a blueprint?

Do you want to have the opportunity to talk to the design director of a well-known car company, show your talents, and get mentorship?

In this graduation season, Autohome will hold special events for the graduation season, bringing together the industry's top design masters, once again hosting a grand event in the automotive design industry. Dear young people who major in automotive design (non-graduate), send your personal resume and portfolio to the mailbox lianxisheng2020@autohome.com.cn, and you will enter our selection range. Contributed works , we will report on the best. (The picture comes from the introduction of the network colleges and universities from the official information of each school Wen Wei Jiangpeng)