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[YesAuto Internet travel] From the 1990s until the millennium, the definition of automobiles for the vast majority of consumers is a transportation tool, and the definition of tool attributes has been gradually changed with the rapid development of my country's economy. In recent years, consumer demand for car purchases has become diversified, and transportation has only been weakened to a small proportion. More needs are reflected in the appearance of cool appearance, inner intelligence, surging power, comfortable driving control, and even carrying poems. And distant dreams. Moreover, two or three cars at home have the same pen and pen, and the division of labor is also different. In the past, we ridiculed that “this car was driven by the nanny to buy food” may gradually become a reality.

Then, facing the background of consumption upgrades and younger car purchases, it is obvious that the original road is not easy to go and it will not work. Personality and coolness must have practical value, and it may be favored by consumers, and then it is the competition of product strength. . When it comes to personality and cool labels, I have to talk about the Harvard dog, which was all the rage some time ago.

I remember at that time, when the name of the Haval Big Dog car was just announced, the people in the circle were in an uproar, and they were afraid to name their children so casually. What's more, this is a brand new SUV model devoted to Haval more half-heartedly. But if you combine the specific models named after the dog breeds, you will find that this car and the dog do have a lot of ideas.

First of all, dogs are similar to humans and cars, and they evolved from hunting “tools” into today's life companions. Secondly, dogs always give people the impression of loyalty. Whether poor or rich, whether happy or disappointed, they can always follow the recall. To borrow a more cliché net article, this is: Win and accompany you to reign over the world, and lose to accompany you to make a comeback. This is also a side view. It confirms Haval's confidence in this car, I have named it, believe I am right! In addition, judging from the naming of the Husky, Labrador, Border and Horse Dog versions currently on the market, it once again highlights the characteristics that Haval wants to create for the big dog-faithful, reliable, and intelligent. ,performance.

Human-vehicle interaction

Today we got a Haval Big Dog, mainly to talk about its in-vehicle interconnection system, and specifically invited a friend's Bianmu to participate in the filming for the occasion. In fact, if you talk about in-vehicle interconnection, you can really get involved with dogs. Humans have a long history of taming dogs. It is said that wolves were tamed in the Stone Age and then gradually reproduced as dogs today. At that time, the role of “dogs” was to help people hunt, but today the role of dogs is more companionship. History has always been surprisingly similar. Today, human beings “taming” AI has achieved initial results, just like the ancestors of the Stone Age, and AI and cars are gradually being combined and permeating into various fields. Maybe in decades, another faithful “dog” will appear next to humans.

We can see that Big Dog designs many custom functions at the level of human-vehicle interaction, which is shifting from educating users to catering to users. A thousand readers have a thousand Hamlet. When you don't know the user's habits, it is a wise choice to return the initiative to the user. You only need to draw a rule and let the user play freely in the rule. At least at the level of human-vehicle interaction, I am very pleased with the highly open custom main interface, which is why games like “Cyberpunk 2077” are so popular that people don't like being kidnapped.

Function realization

After talking about the interaction level, what functions does Haval Dog carry? After all, the good-looking skins are the same, and the interesting souls are one in a thousand. If the function performance is not good, this car system will be blinded.

At the main functional level, we can see that for high-frequency applications such as map navigation and online entertainment, Big Dog brings you familiar applications, which are basically applications that have a high rate of appearance under the current intelligent network boom. It is gratifying. It is that these applications are not “castrated” versions, and the seamless connection between mobile phones and cars can be realized through account linking, which makes people abandon their dependence on mobile phones in the car environment to a large extent.

Interpret intelligent voice with custom

In the previous article, I did not mention voice control at the level of interaction or function. I am going to take out the voice of Big Dog separately. For this new form of interaction, the response speed, recognition rate, voice interaction mode, etc. are all determined. Whether consumers will rely on it.

Not only that, we can see that Big Dog has set switches for all voice functions, partly to consider user preferences, and partly to fear that AI will disturb humans. In the models we have tested, when you drive attentively, there are always some vehicle voices that will suddenly say something to you. The scene is both awkward and scary.

Edit comment:

    How about this in-vehicle system of Big Dog? It has done a good job of basics, high-frequency functions, interactive hardware can greet you all. What moved me and my colleagues the most was that Haval gave users a lot of customization permissions. Whether it is the function of voice control or the custom settings of the central control main interface and steering wheel control, it can be seen that Haval is doing its best. To cater to user habits, and this can also cultivate the user's dependence on the in-vehicle system, which can be described as a win-win situation. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)