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[YesAuto experience drama] The situational experience is here again. This time we have experienced a “dream one-day tour”: if your dream comes true overnight, become the CEO and start a Porsche, then you have to What was the first thing to do? Let's take a look at Guo Song's choices!

to sum up:

The ancients said: if virtue is not matched, it will suffer disaster. The coveted status and the wealth that fell from the sky may not really make you happy, and expensive luxury cars may not make girls rush to you. Real happiness must be found in the heart, and true love must be strived for with sincerity. Titles and luxury cars are only external props. Don't put the cart before the horse.

Car experience drama is a new attempt of ours. I wonder if you are satisfied with this theme? In addition to the comment section of this article, you can also communicate with me on my editorial blog and Weibo (@王勐先生). Alright, see you next time!