[YesAuto in-depth experience] Cross-style models are the most popular new members in the automotive industry in the past two years. The so-called crossover model is a collection of the characteristics of a variety of models, including the space of MPV, the passability of SUV and the comfort of car. We have seen a lot of crossover models, but in the mid-size car class, we have rarely seen them.

The appearance of GAC Honda Geshitu has filled the gap of crossover models in the domestic mid-size car market. Today, Geshitu also came to our editorial department. I had an in-depth experience of it at the first time. Let us take a look at how it can bring us.

Appearance: Hatchback design is the highlight

The English name of Songshitu is Crosstour, which is a combination of the two English words cross (crossover) and tour (travel), and its meaning represents the design concept of Songshitu that transcends restrictions and yearns for free travel.

The front face of Geshitu uses the latest hexagonal center grid of the Honda family, but the size is much larger than other models. The large area of the grille is decorated with three-banner chrome plating, and the upper and lower air intakes are designed to create a strong attack. The larger air intake allows more fresh air to enter the engine compartment, which is effective Heat dissipation.

The slender headlights on both sides adopt a blackened design and continue to extend along the ascent of the chrome-plated decorative strip of the middle mesh, which increases the visual impact. Geshitu's xenon headlights can automatically adjust the lighting height according to different road conditions, but it does not include the follow-up steering function. For a model with a price of more than 400,000, this function is still available. Although the fog lamp adopts an oval design, the black decorative cover makes its outline match the shape of the headlight, increasing the layering of the front face.

The length, width and height of the song are 4995mm, 1900mm, 1560mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2795mm. In terms of body size, it is much larger than the Accord on the same platform (the length, width and height of the Accord are 4960mm, 1845mm, and 1480mm respectively), and its height is particularly conspicuous. The ground clearance under the engine has reached 240mm, and the design of the high chassis makes it more passable.

When it comes to its side, the 18-inch large wheels and the unique design of the hatchback shape are revealed. Geshitu uses Michelin tires with a specification of 225/60 R18. This LATITUDE Tour HP tire is also designed by Michelin for SUV models. The high tire aspect ratio and sturdy five-spoke wheels are very important for its cross-border positioning. Match.

The shape of the hatchback replaces the straighter lines of the original touring version, making it more sports car-like. The sharp taillights, the black anti-scratch strips under the bumper and the design of dual exhaust pipes show a sense of strength. .

Many friends who have driven hatchbacks have experienced the problem of restricted rear vision. When they come to the back of Geshitu, they will find that there is one more windshield under the spoiler than other models. This is the manufacturer’s Solutions to the problem of blocked vision. When you get into the car, whether you look through the mirror or turn around, you will obviously feel that the field of vision at the rear of the car has increased significantly. The results show that this design is still very effective.

In appearance, Geshitu is more like the integration of a travel version and a coupe, and the 18-inch big feet and the minimum ground clearance of 150mm make it closer to the design of an SUV. Although compared with the ground clearance of most SUVs exceeding 180mm, Geshitu still has a gap, but it is not born for off-road.

Interior: the navigation system is easy to operate

In addition to the regular use of remote control keys or the buttons on the door handle, as long as the key is within a reasonable range, the central lock can also be automatically opened by pulling the door handle without any additional operations, which is very convenient.

In addition to its basic functions, the remote control key can open and close the windows and sunroof by pressing and holding the open and close buttons. Such a design is rare in Japanese cars. With this design, in summer, you can open the windows in advance to dissipate heat before getting on the car; you don’t have to worry about forgetting to close the windows after getting off the car and returning to the car again.

Pull the door and get into the car, you will find the interior design is so familiar. After careful observation, there is still a certain difference between the details and the Accord. In terms of materials, the overall instrument panel is still a hard material, but the material used on the door panel is a soft material with a good feel. Is it because the door is a place that people often encounter, so in order to enhance the texture, soft materials are used? Four-door one-touch windows also appeared on the Songshitu. For such equipment, we think it should have it itself.

The shape of the steering wheel is exactly the same as that of the Accord, except for the addition of a button for switching trip computer information and a more sporty paddle shifter. When you put your finger on the shift paddle, you will feel that there is a clear difference between the left and right. The paddle on the right is textured, so that the driver can easily distinguish between upshifting and downshifting.

The addition of blue in the dashboard gives it a stronger sense of technology. Pressing the buttons on the steering wheel can switch the information display in the trip computer, so that the driver can learn more about the vehicle.

The Geshitu we experienced is the flagship version priced at 428,800 yuan, which is equipped with an intelligent voice navigation system. It was discovered after use that the large-size display does not have the touch function, and all the functions inside must be operated by the joystick on the center console. Fortunately, the navigation system supports voice operation.

Press the input button on the steering wheel, and most of the operations in the navigation function can be completed by voice. Through our actual experience, the system has a very good effect on speech recognition. For the operation, we only need to follow our normal speaking speed to complete, without deliberately reducing the speaking speed or controlling the pronunciation. The disadvantage is that after choosing a certain road, the specific house number needs to be completed by the multi-function joystick.

The reversing image is unique to the flagship version, and the resolution of the display is also quite high. With the help of auxiliary lines, the driver can better understand the position of the body. What is not enough in use is that when the steering wheel is turned, the auxiliary line does not change with the rotation of the body, and the function should be strengthened.

The buttons on the center console seem to be a bit complicated, but in actual use, I think it is still very convenient. Both sides are the operating areas of the air conditioner. The most commonly used temperature adjustment adopts the design of the lever, which can be carried out without looking down in use, and the design is very user-friendly. The upper middle is the basic operation buttons of the audio. The larger the size, there will be no misoperation in use, but the damping of the volume knob is a little fuzzy and the hand feel is not good. The multi-directional joystick that controls the navigation and the operation buttons next to it also use Chinese prompts in the countryside, which is convenient and intuitive to use.

For the models that focus on crossover styles, car owners will definitely drive it for outings. When looking up at the starry sky, they find that they are not equipped with a panoramic sunroof, which is bound to make people feel a bit regretful. The size of the sunroof itself has no advantages, and its open front and rear distance is only 270mm. This performance is not as good as the open area of many compact car sunroofs, which is really disappointing.

Ride: Limited head space in the back row

Geshitu's seat has two sets of memories and 10-way electric adjustment, and has two-speed heating function, but unfortunately there is no ventilation function. Regarding its price positioning, the seat ventilation function should still be equipped. After all, it is not an isolated phenomenon to equip ventilated seats in medium-sized cars with less than 300,000 yuan.

In the cold winter, in addition to the convenience of front seat heating, passengers in the rear can also enjoy this treatment, because Geshitu is also equipped with heating for the rear seats.

When a 180cm experiencer sits in the front row, the seat is adjusted to the lowest position. Because the head is just above the skylight track, the space is only one punch; when sitting in the back row, the leg room can reach two punches, head There is only one finger in the head space, and the head space is a bit cramped, which is inseparable from the design of its hatchback.

The performance of the rear row in the head room is a bit disappointing, but the design and support of the seat have a good performance. On the backrest of the rear row, it can be clearly seen that with some lateral support design, coupled with the moderate hardness of the seat, sitting on it still feels very comfortable. The width of the central armrest was sufficient for two people, but when I was about to put it down, I couldn't find a suitable place to start, so I could only reach into the gap and pull the armrest down.

The width of the back row of Geshitu has reached 1530mm, so there is no need to worry about being overcrowded with three adults. However, the higher rear bulge affects the space under the feet of the middle passenger, and the ride comfort is also poor. This kind of performance does have the usual level of rear-seat cars in the rear space. Is it preparing for the future launch of four-wheel drive models?

Storage space: there is a mystery under the floor of the trunk

The performance of storage space has always been the advantage of Japanese cars, so can the performance of Geshitu satisfy us? Let's start with the most commonly used cup holders.

There are cup holders in front of the front door and the central armrest of Geshitu. When the cup holder in front of the central armrest is not in use, the limit in the middle can be stowed and turned into a storage compartment, which is very practical. The cup holders in the rear row are no longer found except for the two on the center armrest. There is no storage compartment in the rear door but there is an ashtray. If you replace the ashtray with a cup holder, I think it will be more practical.

In the storage compartment at the bottom left of the steering wheel, the space is very limited, and it is still possible to place some card items. There is also a storage compartment in front of the shift lever. Since the DVD player is installed at a location that occupies most of the space, it is high enough to store mobile phone items. In daily use, due to the close proximity of the handbrake and the gear lever, it will be a little in the way of getting things. The space performance of the glove box is more general, the shape is regular but the depth is limited.

The space in the central armrest is very flexible. The upper storage box can not only move back and forth, but can also be removed when the space is limited to increase the height of the armrest box. The central armrest moves forward and backward in a large position, which provides effective support for the driver's arm.

The opening of the trunk of Geshitu can only be achieved through the switch above the license plate area, and there is no button for opening the trunk on the key. However, the keyless system has no effect on this situation. As long as the key is within a reasonable range, the central control lock can be opened and closed by pressing the switch without having to take out the key.

The design of Geshitu hatchback gives it the length of a sedan, and it has the advantage of opening the trunk of a hatchback. The backrests of the rear seats can be folded down in proportion, and the operation can be easily completed in the trunk, and the flatness after being folded down is very good. Due to the influence of the rear suspension, the performance of the trunk in the width is not satisfactory.

In addition to the regular storage space, a large storage box is hidden under the floor. The storage box itself is made of plastic, which is not only waterproof but also can be taken out separately. The trunk partition also has two sides at the same time. In rainy and snowy weather, three floors can be turned into a waterproof loading surface. Seeing this, I imagined driving the song to the river and sitting in the trunk fishing. There is a trunk cover to help block the sun, and there is a large storage compartment to store the caught fish. I only need to bring a fishing rod and fish food.

When you see here, you may have some questions. Why didn't you see the spare tire of Geshitu? Is it also a spare tire model? Of course not, Geshitu has placed the spare tire on the bottom of the car, and the spare tire can be lowered by turning the hidden bolts with a tool.

Power system: poor use of gearbox

What Geshitu is equipped with is a 3.6-liter V6 engine with a maximum power of 206kW (280 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 339N·m. In addition to being equipped with i-VTEC (Intelligent Variable Valve Timing System), this engine also has VCM variable cylinder technology. The variable-cylinder technology can switch the working cylinders of the engine between 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder according to different power requirements.

In terms of gearbox, Geshitu is equipped with a 5-speed automatic manual gearbox. In terms of power configuration, it is exactly the same as the Accord 3.5L model, except that the manual mode is added to the shifting mode of the gearbox.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the comprehensive fuel consumption of Honda Geshitu is 10.4L/100km, which is basically the same as many engines of the same level that do not use variable-cylinder technology. The data alone cannot explain the quality of the engine, after all, the use of the gearbox has a major relationship with the actual fuel consumption. For models with a price of more than 400,000 yuan, there are really not many models that still use 5-speed automated manual transmissions. Even the 6-speed design is not considered advanced at this price and level, let alone the 5-speed transmission. .

Experience part summary:

At the same level or at the same price, there are not many competitors that can directly threaten Geshitu. Its emergence allows Guangqi Honda to take the lead in the cross-border style of the mid-size car market. There are wild elements hidden under its temperamental exterior, which makes it look different; the large body brings more comfortable interior space to the driver and passengers; and the richer configuration, these are the differences between it and the occupants. Weapons for rivals to compete. However, as a very popular brand, Honda still has a certain gap compared with other brands in the same price range; the equipped 3.5-liter V6 engine ultimately limits its cost. For its price of more than 400,000 yuan, How many people will pay for it!

The price of Geshitu is still a bit too high for many consumers who want to buy crossovers. If a model with a 2.4L engine can be launched and the price threshold of this model can be lowered, I believe it will attract more consumers. attention. In the mid-size crossover market, there are few models that can compete with Geshitu, and the Subaru Outback is a relatively competitive model. They have very close prices and configurations, but Outback uses a full-time four-wheel drive system, which is better than Geshitu in terms of passability. For Guangqi Honda, in order to occupy the market, cost performance is definitely a key point that cannot be ignored.

[YesAuto Evaluation] Many people believe that only Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Hornet or Harley Motors can represent the purest American style. This view is not reliable, just like what Americans think Chinese people see. The nouveau riche who have bought it is a truth.

Americans are actually a bit “weird”. They are not obsessed with Audi, and they will not have to buy a sedan because of face problems. Housewives drive pickups or full-size SUVs and take their children to shop in the city center in our eyes. It's an incomprehensible behavior. In contrast, do you start to think that Honda Geshitu is actually not a weird car? In fact, this was originally designed for the needs of Americans. They will not be too entangled in the classification of models. The space is large enough, the power is strong enough, and the driving is comfortable enough to be really considered.

The imported domestic Geshitu is the same as the American version, equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, with strong book data, the maximum power is 206kW (280Ps)/6200rpm, the maximum torque is 339Nm/5000rpm, and the curb weight of this car is only 1755kg , The power performance is very worth looking forward to. Paired with the engine is a commonly used 5-speed automatic gearbox. The shift logic of this gearbox is more traditional. Although it is designed with an S-speed mode, the overall character is more comfortable and has limited sporting potential.

In daily driving, it is easy to feel the light and dynamic response created by the 3.5-liter engine. Slowly step on the accelerator, and the power will start to output continuously, and the speed will rise decisively and steadily, giving people plenty of confidence. However, when you want to accelerate suddenly, this naturally aspirated engine is relatively soft again, without the sudden sense of sudden burst of power.

The gearbox is relatively simple. Most of the time, it upshifts earlier according to traditional habits. In the S-speed sport mode, it only delays the shift timing. Fortunately, it is also equipped with manual shift paddles. In S mode Pull the paddle to switch to manual mode. If it is not operated for a long time, it will return to automatic mode. Generally speaking, it is easy to operate. There is no fancy “smashing chicken blood” mode.

Perhaps you have known for a long time that Geshitu uses the Accord chassis, so although it looks like an SUV, it is actually a sedan. However, its minimum ground clearance-150 mm is considered high in a car, coupled with the soft suspension, which makes it not suitable for intense maneuvers.

In the process of circumnavigating the pile, it seemed a bit tangled and troubled. The huge 3.5-liter engine caused excessive weight transfer in the front of the car, and it was difficult for the steering mechanism to provide accurate feedback.

Therefore, despite its dynamic appearance and strong power, it is ultimately a fully comfortable car, a car designed specifically for Americans, and a so-called “road cruiser” with an American flavor. The kind of car that won’t tire you for two hours at 75 mph on a straight highway in the United States.

Finally, let us take a look at the test results of Geshitu.

◆ Accelerated test:

As mentioned before, this engine is not as exciting as the book parameters when it accelerates at full speed. In actual driving, it can be found that this i-VTEC engine seems to have a valve timing switching point at 4000rpm, and the speed exceeds that. After the point, the power is smoother, so if you want to exert the maximum power of the engine, it is best to maintain the speed above 4000rpm. In the end, we measured the 0-100km/h acceleration of Songshitu to 7.83 seconds.

◆ Brake test:

Geshitu, who likes constant speed movement, seems not to be used to this kind of extreme full braking. The heavy front puts a lot of burden on the front wheel brake system. In the end, the 100km/h-0 braking result of 44.22 meters is not satisfactory. Concentrated in the 44 to 44.5 meters range, we can only say that its results are very stable, and it sounds a bit cold and humorous.

◆ Noise:

The noise control of Geshitu is good. First of all, the sound insulation of the engine is good. The engine is basically not audible when idling. During driving, the chassis is also in place to filter the noise from the road surface, and the comfort is guaranteed. Wind noise is even better with further control.


As long as you don’t use it for life-threatening, cutting corners, and just driving calmly and steadily, then it will fully show its mature side: the performance of power is smooth and steady, the steering force is just right, the higher ground clearance and proper tuning The suspension allows the fine vibrations from the road to stay away from the car, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in all aspects. It does not provide any added value related to driving pleasure. It seems to have no characteristics. Even if it does, it is trying to make people forget about the vehicle itself. Instead, enjoy the other joys of the journey.

Driving Songshitu, you can listen to any style of music, and can maintain a calm attitude and walk on the street unhurriedly. In addition, sitting in the driving position should pay attention to your own instrumentation, because it is very The exotic appearance can attract the attention of many passersby. This is the character of Songshitu, which is calm and steady and has a little high-profile.