[YesAuto original test drive] RMB 14,000. This is the price of the Regal GS Super Sport version higher than the Regal 2.0T top configuration. You can exchange for an extra sports appearance kit, leather seats, red and black colors, and electronics. Handbrake, FlexRide adaptive driving system, which is difficult to modify on your own, and some practical small configurations. It feels like 14,000 is quite a lot for spending money like this.


The exterior and interior are already familiar to everyone. If you have any questions, please read the previous overseas version of Regal GS real shot article (click to view). The domestic version well continues the features of the overseas version, but some special parts are still different. , Let me pick out the important points and talk about them.

The body size remains the same as the regular version of Regal. The appearance kit is one of the key points of Regal GS. The large air intakes on the front face are all real guys that can take air in. Only the outermost cheek mouth is a blocked decoration; it is mentioned in the previous overseas version of the article. There are four radar probes in the front of the car. I didn’t find it in this test drive car. It seems that it was cancelled after being made in China. A blue cold light was added to the periphery of the headlight lens. The effect is good even in the daytime. I believe it can be ruthless after dark. stand up.

As mentioned earlier, the gill-shaped decorative grille on the outermost side of the front face is the position of the front fog lamp on the normal version. It is better to replace the fog lamp. The overseas version of the wheel is more powerful, 20 inches, Y-shaped, and the tires are For Pirelli, the domestic version still uses the regular version of Regal’s high-end kits, but it looks okay; don’t think about Brembo's calipers, and the domestic version uses GM’s own products.

The word “GS” on the rear of the car is highlighted in red; the dual exhaust design is in line with the positioning of a sports performance car, and the chrome decoration of the exhaust port can also enhance the sense of class; the size of the spoiler is appropriate and not too public.


In the center console, the metal decorative strips of the regular version of Regal have all been replaced with piano paint style. Personally, I feel that the sporty breath has been suppressed a lot. I don’t know what everyone thinks? Take a look at the picture below. Wouldn't it be more sporty if there were more brushed metal objects?

So far, the most sporty steering wheel of Buick's sales models appears on Regal GS. Irregular shape, perforated leather wrap, thick grip ring, and shift paddles, maybe because of the shape, the steering wheel diameter seems to be a bit smaller than the normal version, in fact, I want to say that it is better to be smaller and more obvious .

The seat looks very sensational, with a red and black color scheme, plus a small red “T” logo. It is the same seat as the regular version of Regal, but with a change of clothes, so there is no improvement in functionality, and the side wrapping is compared. In place, suitable for Asian body shape, the leg support is not as good as the waist.

Then I took a look at the whole car. All the seats are red and black. The small details such as the central armrest box are also sewn with red lines, which stimulates your driving desire from the senses. Thinking of the TV programs I have watched before, it turns out that red is the color that stimulates nerve impulse the most. Chili is also red and hot. Regal GS wants to express this.

The regular version of Regal only has an electronic handbrake in the flagship version of 2.4 SIDI. Regal GS retains this configuration; the line of sight is moved to the center console, where there are the two most important buttons of Regal GS: the control buttons of the FlexRide system. “Sports” on the left and “comfort” on the right. The state where both lights are off is “standard”. Since there are no major changes in the rest, these two buttons will naturally become the highlight of this test drive. Let’s talk about the feelings on the next page.


The power system has been taken away, and the engine gearbox is the same as the regular Regal, so the important task of enhancing driving pleasure falls on the FlexRide adaptive driving system.

The FlexRide adaptive driving system mainly coordinates five aspects : accelerator pedal logic, gearbox logic, body electronic stability system logic, steering assist, and CDC variable suspension damping. By coordinating these five tasks, three different driving feelings of sport, comfort and standard are created. It's like cooking, using different amounts of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar to make different flavors, which is easy to understand.

In SPORT mode, the accelerator pedal is very sensitive, and a little movement of the foot can be detected, which is directly exchanged for power output. There is an idiom called ready to come out, here it can be said to be out as soon as you exhale, without leaving you any time to think; compared with the standard mode, the steering assist is at least reduced by half, but it has not reached the Audi Q5's similar assist. Setting, heavy steering feel combined with sufficiently precise steering performance, full of fun.

The normal version of Regal’s suspension is already stiff enough, and Regal GS’s performance at this time is even more ecstatic. After the SPORT button is turned on, the shock absorber damping is suddenly increased. This feeling is especially obvious if you switch directly from the comfort mode. The chassis Tighten up with an exaggerated level, from the steering wheel to the seat to the floor of the compartment, all kinds of road information are swarming, and even to the extent that you are overwhelmed, let you plan with this mentality: if you don’t have enough air The field, it may be a little bit too much to hold it.

The test drive route arranged a section of winding mountain road that was narrow enough and tortuous enough to test the best place for sports mode. Regarding the standard of a medium-sized family car, the Regal GS handed in a score of at least 90 points. The power is absolutely sufficient. The steering mechanism will not make you fussy. The dynamic response of the body is fast and crisp, and it rolls and pushes. The head is almost insulated from it, allowing you to devote yourself to the fun of driving. Where are the 10 points deducted? The suspension is too tight, which offsets a small part of the weight and stability, which is a price for pursuing driving pleasure as much as possible under the inherent conditions.

So I don’t recommend turning on the SPORT mode on highways, especially those with old roads. The 245 wide tires are close to the ground and move forward at high speed. Under the action of too tight suspension, small movements of the body begin to appear intensively, and the longitudinal bounce makes the palms palms. Sweating, on the one hand, will have the illusion that it is quite fast, but in fact it is not so fast. On the other hand, if the butt is not fat enough, it is easy to be unbearable.

You should enter the Tour comfort mode and look for the ease of long-distance travel. The throttle response has become slow. Turning the steering wheel no longer requires so much effort. The most important thing is that the suspension system has changed from an angry crown to a kind eyebrow, and the driving rhythm can be slowed down. It needs to be emphasized that even in the comfort mode, Regal GS is still one of the hardcore representative models in the same class.

Compared with this hearty toss, the gearbox has an extraordinarily calm, no matter which mode it can’t make it excited, the ones that we tested before the Regal models were too enthusiastic or too lazy. Appears, just performing his duties step by step, shifting gears at a certain point, and delaying gear shifts when the throttle is deeper, and downshifting is occasionally done, lacking some aura. But that's okay, I've been selflessly hidden behind the scenes, at least it didn't make me worry about it alone.


Because there is an overseas version of Regal GS, the domestic version we can buy is a bit embarrassing. After all, look at others and then look at your own. With so many exciting “hard goods” missing, it is inevitable that there will be criticisms. However, from the perspective of configuration and pricing strategy, GM obviously does not intend to build it into a high-spirited spiritual leader. It just hopes to use its cool appearance and appropriate powerful performance to make a car that is both popular and popular. It’s more practical to “make a seat”. In addition, the 400N·m engine, 6MT gearbox, and four-wheel drive system (only in the concept version) on the overseas version of the model are also difficult to use in the domestic car environment. , It’s a good way to keep only the things that prospective customers need most, so it’s not difficult to understand why we need to cut down the price. As for the 14,000 extra value compared with the regular version of Regal top matching, I believe you already have the answer in your mind.

Since the price is set at 283,900, the biggest competitor in the same level is the Volkswagen CC. The hardware configuration of the two is similar, the price is very similar, but the personality is completely different: Regal cars are originally good at handling, and now the GS version has a high-profile appearance kit and an adaptive driving system, which is suitable for those who pay attention to driving pleasure. It is said that the attractiveness has increased sharply, and its daily practicality is also well done; CC power performance is also excellent, but the sense of technology and fashion is what it wants to emphasize. Only the elegant appearance can impress many people. These two cars represent very different consumption concepts. People with the highest sensibility will undoubtedly fall into the arms of CC. The Regal GS is chosen because of its more comprehensive quality.