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[YesAuto Connected Travel] Intelligence and connectivity are no longer a slogan. With the increasing popularity of smart car-connected systems, today's new cars are mostly new as long as they are not too focused on pure transportation tools or low-end models in the entry market. Passenger cars on the market and even some commercial vehicles will be equipped with connected car systems. With the advent of the 5G era, people who cannot do without the Internet are increasingly calling for 5G cars. No, the first MARVEL R with optional 5G processing system and V2X vehicle-road collaboration system is officially listed in the voice. As the first mass-produced 5G new energy SUV under R Auto, the curtain of the new era has been opened, let us embrace this new era together.

  30 seconds to understand the full text:

1. The MARVEL R car-linked system is the Zebra VENUS 1.0 system, which has functions such as face recognition and gesture control.

2. MARVEL R comes standard with 4G vehicle connection system, 5G hardware and V2X and other functions need to be installed, and the delivery time cannot be determined temporarily.

3. The 5G version of the system has built-in two sets of chips, Huawei's Barong 5000 and Israel's Mobileye EyeQ4H, the latter supporting L3 level assisted driving.

4. The VENUS system has a richer Alipay applet built in, and supports two-way remote control of vehicles and smart home devices.

5. The in-car camera has the ability to recognize faces and gestures, and supports Face ID login and gesture control of some functions.

● MARVEL R comes standard with super large vertical screen and full LCD instrument, complete hardware equipment.

The 5G car you want is here! R car MARVEL R will be launched on February 7. The two configuration versions are equipped with the VENUS 1.0 system with 4G chip as standard, and the 5G core is open to users of high-end models (PRO version) in the form of an optional package, and a complete set of 5G smart driving The optional price of the growth package is 30,000 yuan (rear drive PRO version) or 23,000 yuan (four-wheel drive PRO version). Although the model we experienced this time is the 4G version, we cannot experience the advantages of the 5G system in terms of network connection and assisted driving for the time being, but with the help of some official video materials released, some functions of the future 5G version of MARVEL R will still evoke Our curiosity.

Let’s take a look at the standard hardware of MARVEL R. The most eye-catching thing in the cockpit is a whole central control vertical screen. The whole central control panel provided by Corning has a size of 19.4 inches, which is available in all cars. It is very rare. The car linkage system is currently the Zebra VENUS 1.0 system that is currently promoted by all brands of SAIC. By integrating various applications in the Ali ecosystem, the built-in functions of the VENUS system cover almost most scenarios during travel. I will explain it in detail during the experience.

● The future 5G version of the model has more powerful chips, vehicle-road collaboration technology and smarter driving assistance systems.

What will be included in future 5G optional packages? In terms of hardware, the most worth mentioning is the addition of two sets of chips, namely Huawei Barong 5000 and Israel Mobileye EyeQ4H chips. The former is a single-chip multi-mode 5G module released by Huawei in 2019. The peak transmission speed can reach 3.2. G/sec, the experience rate is about 10 times that of 4G LTE. The latter is the fourth-generation product of the Israeli Mobileye EyeQ series. It has the ability to support L3 assisted driving, which means that the restrictions of regulatory factors are excluded. In certain circumstances, the driver can drive the vehicle without holding the steering wheel with both hands. It's just that current regulations don't allow drivers to do so.

● A/B dual interface meets the needs of different scenarios, and the voice assistant supports continuous conversations for up to 90 seconds .

Then let's take a look at the system interaction logic. The A/B interface form of the VENUS system that meets both travel and life scenarios is one of its biggest features. The menu bar is located at the top of the screen, and the rest are used to display the navigation interface and various applications. The various rectangular modules under the application interface The position and order can be adjusted arbitrarily, the purpose is to cater to the usage habits of different users.

Coherent voice input, custom wake-up words, voice command orientation and other functions have become the standard configuration of more and more voice assistants. On this basis, the VENUS system has added the recognition capabilities of Sichuan dialects and other dialects and 2D/3D cartoon image interaction. , So that virtual assistants have more human-like affinity. In addition, the voice assistant can also help users set up memos, query the weather, etc., and basically can answer all questions.

The longest continuous dialogue of 90 seconds is to facilitate the user to issue multiple commands continuously when only waking up the assistant once, avoiding the trouble of repeatedly yelling “Hello, Zebra”. After a period of experience, although this function does help to improve the benign communication between the human and the machine, if you are talking with other passengers in the car, it is recommended that you first shout “Get out!” The assistant will continue to receive a lot of useless information, which affects the normal communication of other instructions (such as navigation broadcasts).

● Kuwo Music/Ximalaya FM/Kaishou short video meets diverse entertainment needs.

Online entertainment resources, like most other connected systems, are pre-installed with two online audio applications including Kuwo Music and Himalaya FM and a short video resource for Kuaishou, which can basically meet the hearing needs of most users when traveling. After binding the Alipay account, the car machine system can directly purchase the members of the above two applications by scanning the code or paying without password, and the price is the same as that displayed on the mobile App. In addition, the built-in Alipay applet in the system also includes more than ten entertainment applets, such as Sina Weibo, Mango TV, Auto Home, etc., and the information that can be obtained in the car is even more abundant.

● The online navigation function is comprehensive, and the scene-based experience is closer to daily travel.

AutoNavi Navigation is also one of the navigation applications selected by many intelligent connected car machines. The functions are the same as those on other car machines. It has rich functions and massive location information, such as real-time road conditions, dynamic avoidance of traffic restrictions/congestion, group travel, and meter projection. The navigation path can be realized. The VENUS system also adds some scene-based presets, especially those commuting users. After entering their daily commuting time and company/home address into the system, the system will automatically initiate navigation every time they get on the car, which is closer to the commuter. Daily needs.

● Cars and smart homes can achieve two-way control, and Alipay applets cover a wide range.

Smart home remote control is nothing new. The Zebra VENUS system can also do it. The system supports home equipment under the Tmall ecosystem, covering many brands such as Midea and Haier. The remote controllable equipment includes smart speakers. , Lamps, sweeping robots, small kitchen appliances, children's watches, etc., please log in to the Tmall Genie mobile app to view the detailed corresponding list. In addition to using the car's voice assistant to control the home appliances, you can also remotely control the car's air-conditioning and other equipment through the smart speaker at home. In the hot summer, reduce the temperature in the cabin in advance, and you can enjoy the appropriate temperature when you get on the car.

DingTalk machine version help is used to start remote video conference

Mobile phone Bluetooth connection is already a basic function of the car-machine system, so there is no need to mention it here. But what is different is that MARVEL R is equipped with a nailing car machine version that is not available in other VENUS systems. You can quickly log in by scanning the code on your mobile phone, which is very convenient. Using the network that comes with the car, users can start a remote conference in the car. In addition, the system also has built-in mobile phone/tablet computer screen projection function, and the two use the Wi-Fi hotspot of the mobile phone or car to realize the connection.

● BOSE brand audio and wireless charging and other hardware facilities are in place.

Next, let’s take a look at other hardware facilities in the car. MARVEL R provides a wealth of hardware facilities. The BOSE premium audio system contains 9 speakers, and the sound field effect can be adjusted through the central control screen. Driving recorders, wireless charging of mobile phones, and air purification devices are also standard features. These are also in-car features that more and more users will pay attention to.

● Article summary:

The 5G system is the most attractive configuration of MARVEL R compared to other competing models. Users who have installed the R PILOT smart driving growth kit will not only get a faster running smart connected system in the future, but also get V2X. Vehicle-to-road coordination, remote control of the vehicle, and systems with L3 assisted driving capabilities are currently not available in most other competitors. In terms of technology, the MARVEL R 5G version is definitely at the forefront. Even without the blessing of 5G technology, the existing system can give users considerable help in terms of travel, such as DingTalk video calls, smart home remote control, face recognition and gesture control, which are currently extremely rare. Features. MARVEL R can not only become a travel partner who understands you, but when you travel with friends, these “black technologies” are also enough to show off in front of them.