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[YesAuto Test Drive] After an hour and forty minutes of a really bumpy flight, I finally landed. As soon as I got out of the cabin, I was grateful that I got up at 5 in the morning. The result was correct. I was wearing a jacket, it was raining in Wuxi, and Very trendy. I always feel very dry in Beijing, as it says in the song, “Beijing’s winter lips are always dry and chapped.” Although it has entered spring and the temperature has risen, I still feel a little cold when I wear a single shirt. In the south, a shirt and jeans can already meet all-weather requirements. The sky cleared immediately, which seemed to herald the beginning of this event-MG3 test drive.

Reading through magazines with unconscious sleepy eyes on an airplane, I found that the automobile has a history of 125 years since its invention. With the gradual maturity of automobile technology and the market, people have more stringent requirements for their own cars. Autonomous small cars seem to have been facing a dilemma. Technology and design have become bottlenecks. Just relying on low prices to compete with each other in the low-end market is obviously difficult to become a climate, and it does not help much to establish a brand image. The MG3 that we test drive today seems to be making a splash in small cars.

Model description:

MG3 is positioned as a young urban small car, and points its competitors to small joint venture models. The foundation of its competitiveness lies in the design concept of internal excellence and the dazzling avant-garde styling. In the face of strong competitors such as Fit, POLO, Carnival, etc., whether MG3 can deal with it calmly, let's use its performance in the test drive meeting to talk about it. I believe that after reading it, you and I will have a good idea.

In the previous activities, my colleague Huang Zhengqiao has done enough detail to experience the static part. I will not emphasize too much. For the experience of the static part, please click on the link to view “Exquisite workmanship and large space!” Get the first experience of SAIC MG3 statically. Here we will only make a brief statement on some of the features. We will focus on the dynamic aspects.

Appearance highlights-details reflect sports

In addition to the ferocious and fierce expression that we can see at a glance, MG3 will also move to the end in some details, such as the shovel-shaped design under the front enclosure, which can effectively optimize aerodynamics in theory, but it is decorative for MG3. Obviously more important. The rear surround echoes the front, using a black mesh grille, although it is sealed, but still in that sentence, the decorative effect is greater than the actual meaning, and it is enough to be “tide”.

MG3 uses Giti tires, the tire size is 185/65 R15. The style of the wheels is V-shaped, which looks relatively strong and has outstanding visual effects. The 15-inch wheels are considered to be kind for this small car, and the low-profile models also use smaller tires in a reasonable and reasonable way.

Interior highlights-let simplicity fly for a while

The design concept of the interior part comes from Apple. Although we can't directly see the similarity, the two have one thing to maintain this high degree of unity, which is simplicity. The design of the MG3 central control is very simple. At least we all like this simple beauty. In the dim basement, turn on the car lights, and the backlight on the central control will also light up. I have to use the word exquisite to describe it.

About power configuration

I believe that power is the common concern of every young car buyer. If there is only a sporty appearance, no one will be satisfied if it drives like a noodle. When it comes to the power performance of the MG3, it should be within our expectations.

The displacements of the models we tested are all 1.5L naturally aspirated engines, with a maximum output of 80kW/6000rpm, and a maximum torque of 135N·m at 4500rpm. The engine has a continuously variable valve timing technology. The gearbox is matched with a 5-speed AMT serial gearbox, which the manufacturer calls “e-Shift”. We all know that the AMT gearbox has the same physical structure as the manual gearbox. The computer controls the coupling and disengagement of the clutch to achieve the purpose of automatic shifting. However, there are two shortcomings. One is slow response speed and strong frustration. The other is It cannot lift the brake and move forward automatically like a real automatic model. The so-called “e-Shift” is to add a “creep” function through the computer settings, which means that the brakes can also be automatically moved forward. The same applies to the Chevrolet Sail’s EMT gearbox on sale.

Driving experience, the first feeling of the car-noise

I have already briefly introduced the engine and gearbox of this car. The test drive is the time to really test the strength of the MG3. As the saying goes, “Mules are pulled out by horses.” Let me share the MG3 below. The most realistic driving experience.

After getting on the car and catching fire, the inertia will pay attention to the noise at idling speed. When idling is stationary, the noise made by the engine when it is running can be faintly heard in the compartment, but it is smaller than the sound of the independent brand of the same level. Open the engine compartment cover and found that the MG3 has a monolithic soundproof cotton, which looks very regular, but the reason for the lack of sound insulation is the thickness of the soundproof cotton.

A comfortable AMT gearbox requires skill-oil collection

Since the MG3 AMT gearbox has added the “creep” function we often call, the brakes are lifted and the vehicle moves forward on its own, but it is not as clean and neat as the automatic transmission. The vehicle will feel a little trembling when starting without oil. In the process of running in automatic mode, the gearbox usually upshifts at 2500-2800 rpm. During the upshift, the process of clutch separation and coupling can be clearly felt. This process takes about 1 second, so there must be a sense of frustration. .

How to reduce or avoid frustration?

If you want to avoid a setback, you should have a deeper understanding of the timing of the vehicle's gear shift. When the gearbox is about to upshift, the oil can be completely closed. When the gear shift is completed, the frustration will be much reduced if you continue to refuel. In addition, I actually recommend that AMT owners use manual mode to drive, just like driving a manual transmission model. Manually increase gear with oil and manually reduce gear with oil. As long as the rhythm is mastered, the gearbox basically has no obvious frustration, and the power connection will be good. It's smooth. At this time, compared with manual transmission, the pain of always stepping on the clutch and the skill requirements of oil-disconnect coordination are eliminated. All of this can be done by a computer. Another point is that you can select the shift speed according to your own intentions.

Power performance-low-turning torque barely high-turning force smooth

Through the previous data, we know that the maximum torque of this 1.5L engine is at 4500 rpm. In actual driving, it is found that the engine's power performance is a bit reluctant before 2300 rpm, and the vehicle will not respond immediately even if the accelerator is stepped on deeply. But when the speed is increased to 2500 rpm, the power has a more obvious improvement. Compared with the vehicle itself, the so-called change does not show too much violence. On the contrary, it makes me feel that the engine uses a brute force. This brute force gives the MG3 a relatively smooth acceleration and a positive response. Work hard.

Braking performance-the foot feels slightly fuzzy and can be smooth after adapting

When braking the MG3 for the first time, the mentality will inevitably be a little bit ambiguous, because the pedal feel is not light, the stroke is long after stepping on, and the foot feels blurred, and it is impossible to find a suitable depth linearly at one time. When you step on it deeply, the vehicle will get better feedback, the deceleration is not blunt, and you need to be familiar with the brakes.

Hanging feeling-tough and not loose

The vast majority of small cars are a combination of front Macpherson and rear trailing arm suspension. The advantage is naturally to reduce costs and save rear space. However, although the suspension types are the same, there are also different tunings. The MG3 suspension leaves us with a tough feeling. Especially in the early stages of the suspension, it will give the driver a strong confidence. We speed up the cornering time and time again. In most cases, the suspension can provide better support; but the limit will suddenly appear, and the limit will suddenly appear in the corner. Status, at this time, it is inevitable that we will instinctively adjust the posture, but will anyone really follow the limits of this car? I don't think so.

Below we use a more impactful video to further demonstrate the MG3 car.

Note : From the replies of netizens in the article, many netizens want to know the name of the background music of this video, the music name is “young for you”

to sum up:

MG3's positioning is clear, directing its target customers to the post-80s generation. During the first day and a half of contact with the MG3, we did not experience any aesthetic fatigue. No matter the appearance or the interior, there will always be a stylish feeling, which has met most of the requirements for most young car buyers. This is a necessary condition for small cars to enhance their competitiveness. As for the performance of power and handling, we naturally don't have to demand too much. Small cars of this level must not be used for aggressive driving, and they can meet the needs in daily transportation. After understanding this, the last point is the price, and we will not know the price until 10 days later. Please pay attention to the car home, we will follow up the report as soon as possible. (Photographed by Zhang Ke, Car House)