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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Speaking of aesthetics is indeed a very subjective thing, but it is not irregular. Although there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, our first impression of this car, such as whether it looks sporty, tall or advanced, can usually reach a consensus. So how to make a car look unforgettable, how to create a sense of eager sport, and how to make a car look more advanced? Let the designer use the tenth generation Sonata to tell everyone how to use the brush in hand to define the character of a car.

In this article, the designer wants to reveal the secret for everyone:

1. How does the tenth-generation Sonata make people unforgettable?

2. How to make a car look more advanced and sportier through brushstrokes?

3. What factors should be considered when designing the interior of a mid-size car?

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A beautiful car must first have a good skeleton?

Such remarks are bound to be indispensable for many people who are determined to shape their bodies, and they can cite a number of counter-examples that are inspirational in real life; but for a car, this It is indeed a cruel reality-the layout of the body structure determines the basic visual proportions of a car, and whether a car looks sufficiently coordinated and beautiful, the positional relationship between the main parts of the body and the volume ratio between each other play a decisive role. factor.

What should a beautiful car look like in the eyes of a designer? First of all, it should have a long front, the roof line should be as smooth and low as possible, it should have large wheels to highlight the sense of movement, and the front and rear overhangs should be as short as possible, so that the wheels are distributed in the four corners of the body to highlight the sporty atmosphere.

But for engineers or product owners, the ideal car should be like this: It needs to provide a spacious and comfortable seating space for four or five adults, which requires a long enough wheelbase, and the wheels and engines are mechanical The best parts take up the smallest space, in short, the short front, long wheelbase, and wide space for the occupants in the car.

For a car like the Sonata that uses a horizontal engine layout, it seems to be more inclined to “engineer’s favorite car”-because the engine is arranged horizontally in the cabin, there is no need for a long front, so it is a passenger compartment in the car. Save a lot of space. But this kind of vehicle is often a designer’s nightmare: the engine and gearbox are arranged in front of the front axle, which results in a long front overhang of the vehicle, and the short front structure makes it difficult to create a perfect proportion of the body. The result is often that this type of car looks somewhat uncoordinated from the side.

Speaking of the tenth-generation Sonata, it uses Hyundai's third-generation model platform ( i-GMP platform ), which is also the body platform that Hyundai Group will generally use in the future. Its significance to Hyundai is no less than that of TNGA. Toyota.

What is the concept of Model+?

  For designers, why is designing a mid-level car a difficult challenge? Because, on the one hand, for car companies, it is often the most popular and most expensive strategic model in the entire product sequence, so it needs to take care of the needs and aesthetics of most user groups; on the other hand, for this level of consumption In terms of people, they often hope that the products they buy are “excellent value for money”, that is, to make the models they buy have a higher level, and even the characteristics of luxury brand models. From a design point of view, it is necessary to reflect the quality of the vehicle through rich details. The goal set by modern designers for Sonata is: model+, that is, to create a higher level of “aura” for Sonata through design.

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Interior: Can you see the shadow of the stealth fighter?

    Many people may be curious: The tenth-generation Sonata has such an impactful appearance, is it also full of combat atmosphere in the car? Interestingly, the theme established by the interior designer is elegance and comfort. After all, this is a medium-sized car that provides comfortable travel for the whole family. Under this theme, we have seen a “no controversy” interior: exquisite, concise, and slotless.

Article summary:

    Whether you accept it or not, at least compared to its predecessors, the tenth-generation Sonata should be the model with the most designers' efforts. In today's era of fierce competition, in addition to making no mistakes in conventional projects, in order to gain the attention of consumers, you also need to have your own unique secrets. After the tenth-generation Sonata came out, it was obvious that it wanted to get rid of the label of “cost-effective”. With its excellent product strength, it was “hard and rigid” with its rivals from Japan and Germany. In addition to a brand-new body platform and original CVVD engine, I think the design will It is a magic weapon to harvest orders. So can it be an instant hit after it goes on the market? let us wait and see.