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[YesAuto Design Decoding] As the only overseas brand that is independently operated by the Chinese, MG is now not only in China, but also in the global market, including the United Kingdom, in fierce competition with many rivals. Thanks to globalized technology and design and a relatively complete overseas dealer system, MG is now the number one domestic auto brand in overseas sales. However, looking back to the domestic market, MG's opponents are menacing Chinese brands, and its main battlefield is also the various SUVs and derivatives that are now called the “Red Sea”. As its main force, the MG HS, which is positioned as a compact SUV, has recently undergone an update and received a new name-MG Pilot. It not only means the update of the “explosive” models, but also brings the third-generation design language of the MG brand. To this end, the deputy chief designer and global design director of the SAIC Technology Center, and also the “net celebrity” of the car circle Guan Shao Jingfeng personally interpreted for us many interesting points of the third-generation design language of MG.

This article will talk about:

1. Starting from the pilot, MG's SUV models will adopt more recognizable Chinese names in the future;

2. The bursting “Running Technology Aesthetics” will become the future design direction of the MG brand;

3. How to change from “pure beauty” to “impressive beauty”?

Many people, like me, were a little surprised when they first saw the name MG Pilot-the previous SUV model under MG was a combination of two letters. Although this is concise, there are many people who can’t distinguish between HS and ZS. What is the difference between. For this reason, on the occasion of the HS model change, MG gave it a distinctive and very “positive energy” name: pilot, which means that it is like a flagship in the sea leading the trend. In the future, MG's SUV models will also be named in Chinese. As for whether it is “leading generation” or “hanging generation”, Shao Jingfeng said that it is still “a secret” for the time being.

Speaking of the design of MG Pilot, Shao Jingfeng first felt that the current fierce market competition has brought about the continuous improvement of the model iteration speed: for consumers, on the one hand, they can obtain more cost-effective and competitive products, and on the other hand, it also makes Their definition and feelings of beauty are also changing at an unprecedented speed. The “pure beauty” previously defined in the aesthetics circle is being replaced by “impressive beauty”. Even if a design maintains perfect proportions and curves, if it does not have unforgettable features, it means “homogenization” and it is difficult to get resonance from consumers.

Full text summary:

     As an international brand that symbolizes sports and youth under SAIC Passenger Cars, MG has encountered unprecedented pressure this year. At the same time, with the birth of MG Pilot, a series of new products under MG will be on stage one after another. Relying on SAIC's own strong R&D strength and the blessing of a new third-generation design language, I believe MG will usher in a new dawn.