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A recent film festival poster made us deeply aware that although there are few illiterates today, there are many illiterates in the United States. Today's car design is also varied. There are conservative retro styles and trendy styles, among which there are many sharp (un)intentional (fa) creation (straight) new (vision). Today we want to know what your thoughts are on the screen. We hope that you will cast a valuable vote. We will summarize your opinions and pass them to the relevant departments of the manufacturer.

Question one

In recent years, car companies have tended to create their own family-oriented design language, which is less and less different from brand products. What is your opinion on this?

Question two

Needless to say, the popularity of SUVs, but the smoothness of cars makes many people unable to let go. It is not impossible to have both fish and bear paws. However, this kind of cross-border design yardstick is very important. Would you prefer a coupe SUV to traditional styles?

Question three

Today, with the design convergence and aesthetic fatigue, being unconventional is a good way to catch people's attention. Now many new cars use split headlights. Can you accept it?

Question four

Many new cars now use through taillights to make the car look wider or sharper. Do you like this design?

Question five

Many years ago, car design emphasized introversion and subtlety, but in recent years it has been sharp and dominant. Do you like this type of grille design called “big mouth”?

Question Six

The rapid decline in car prices over the years has enabled many young people to realize their car dreams. In order to meet the needs of everyone, the interior design of many models is younger and sportier. In your mind, what design is the representative of youthfulness?

Question seven

In addition to being younger, more and more new car interiors have larger and larger screen sizes. Do you prefer the physical button layout with obvious feedback or the large-size LCD screen with outstanding visual effects?

Question eight

Please list five car brands with outstanding design capabilities in your mind

Question nine

What stage do you think the Chinese car brand design is in?

Question ten

Which design style car do you and your friends tend to choose? Movement, calmness, moderation, minimalism, personality…

Question 11

Who do you prefer for the exterior color of the vehicle?

Question 12

Who do you prefer for car interior colors?

Question 13

Would you choose to buy a car because of excellent design?

We will randomly select lucky friends from the participants who vote and answer questions, and you can win a boutique car model or a computer bag. There are two chances, and the list of winners will be updated in this article on April 13th and April 16th. Is everyone moving? Take action now!

The first batch of winners
Ling Xiaoai FF
One rush, two treasures and three Olympics
Fairy in the Lake of Mist
The second batch of winners
Hetian Stone 68

My love is so bad




Roaming soldier

Congratulations to the above 6 friends, our staff will get in touch with you through the station letter later, friends who have not won the prize, please don’t worry, there will be a prize draw on the media day of the Shanghai Auto Show on April 16, so stay tuned .