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[YesAuto Car Collection] What? Are you still novice parents? Don't know how to take the baby out at all? The child cries and makes a moment of confusion? As long as you drive, the child will cry and make you crash? Don't worry! On June 1st this year, I specially brought you those embarrassed dads and moms who are the most senior in the editorial department, and let them use their precious “bringing a baby's embarrassing history” to teach you how to bring it frame by frame! baby! Out! Gate!

Editor's summary: I wish all the treasure parents and moms can complete their courses smoothly

On this special day, I would like to send you a sentence: “Who has never been a novice”! The road to bringing your baby is difficult, but the experience and skills are more valuable. I believe you have learned a lot of unique skills or side-by-sides from the above-mentioned ones. Can you help you graduate smoothly and become a qualified father and mother? It depends on your good fortune, I can only help here! I wish you all a happy Children's Day! Happy Children's Day, all “older children”!