[Auto House Race] The 2012 Dakar Rally staged tragedies one after another, causing three deaths and two injuries in just two days after the start. On the 1st, Argentine motorcyclist Boeiro crashed into the car and died in the race. An Argentine father and his son were also killed in a plane crash while watching the race from the air in a small plane. On the 2nd, French motorcyclist Da Costa collided with a cow during the race. Fortunately, his injuries were not serious and life-threatening; while Chilean motorcyclist Hamet was also injured in the race and was forced to retire early.

At 10 a.m. on the 1st, according to witnesses, Boero was driving fast, but the motorcycle lost control when passing an inconspicuous small dirt slope. “Boero fell out of the car and the altitude was about 4 meters, he fell heavily on the steps of a farm on the side of the road. Due to the strong impact, Boero rebounded after landing, and then fell to the ground again, lying motionless on the ground, bleeding from the corners of his mouth, unconscious.” .

At noon on the 1st, 37-year-old Argentine Luis Saldabini took his 12-year-old son Thomas and flew a light plane over the province of Buenos Aires, waiting to participate in the Dakar Rally The car passes by so that it can be viewed from the air. Unfortunately, the plane malfunctioned in the air and crashed in the Orense area. The father and son were killed instantly. The police are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

On the 2nd, Costa accidentally collided with a cow at the 128th kilometer of the special stage. The helicopter immediately rushed to the scene for rescue and sent Da Costa to a hospital in San Rafael City, Mendoza Province for treatment. . According to the news released by the organizing committee, the accident caused Dacosta's waist sprain. He is still in hospital for observation and no life is in danger.

In the race on the 2nd, Chilean motorcyclist Hammet had an accident at a special stage 206 kilometers away, causing multiple toes fractures and was forced to retire early.

Motorsports has always been an “adventurer's game”, and the spirit of the Dakar warriors is immensely admired. Whether it is the driver or the audience, I wish the deceased rest in peace, we don't want such a painful tragedy to happen again. Life is priceless, and I wish the other racers all the best and reach the finish line safely.