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[YesAuto concept car real shot] I recall the last time I saw Lexus’s forward-looking concept car, it was called LF-1 in 2018. After two years, a model named LF-30 was on the booth of the Beijing Auto Show. Concept car, this time you have to look forward too much, it can be said that if you cover the car logo, your first reaction is mostly vague, but there are still many highlights to take a closer look at this car.

Some concept cars that emphasize forward-looking expressions are usually cool and have a strong visual impact. LF-30 belongs to this category. It indicates that Lexus will be updated in all aspects when it is a pure electric car. It will also be used for luxury and value. Another way of interpretation, such as the more delicate body attitude control based on the flexibility of the in-wheel motor, may be an important label for Lexus's full electrification in 5 or 10 years, just like the hand-polished solid wood decoration and comfort and quietness in the past. The same label.