[YesAuto original test drive] At the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of last year, Changan Suzuki brought a modified version of the Tianyu SX4 sedan and gave it a brand new name-Shangyue. As it enters 2011, major manufacturers have also launched 2011 models for their own models. In addition to launching Tianyu Shangyue this time, Changan Suzuki also made minor changes to the hatchback version of Tianyu SX4 in 2011.

When I first saw these two models, the appearance of Shangyue changed a lot and it was easy to distinguish the difference from the current model. Although the 2011 Tianyu SX4 was not a facelift, it also passed some details. The changes seem a lot more fashionable. Let's take a look at the changes they have made compared with the previous models after their upgrades.


Price: 7.98 ~ 123,800 yuan

Compared with the Tianyu SX4 sedan, the appearance of Tianyu·Shangyue has been greatly changed. The original black mesh is replaced by a large area of chrome trim, and the air intake on the bumper is wider, which is visually safe. The overall sense of the bar is stronger. In addition to the central grid, the headlights have also changed significantly. The equipped lens structure makes the light emitted by the light more uniform and enhances the lighting effect at night.

On the side of the body, Tianyu Shangyue has added anti-scratch strips to reduce the possibility of scratching the door corners when opening the door, and the visual layering has also been improved. The style of the wheel hub is the same as the previous sedan, the ten-spoke aluminum alloy wheel is more stable than the five-spoke style of the hatchback version. The tire brand and model used is Yokohama 205/60 R16. The spare tire has the same size as other tires, except that steel wheels are used.

The rear changes of Tianyu Shangyue and Tianyu SX4 sedan are not very different. The style of the taillights can be said to be the most obvious change. Close observation will reveal that there are still many differences in some details. The high-position brake lights are longer, the black area of the bumper is larger, and the license plate area has also been changed.

The changes in the interior are mainly focused on the style of the instrument, and the previous multi-function display above the center console has also been integrated. You can view instantaneous fuel consumption, comprehensive fuel consumption and other information through the buttons under the dashboard. Peach wood strips are still used as decoration on the door interior panels. Although there are few, it can be seen that Tianyu Shangyue has more to show mature and steady temperament this time.

The Tianyu Shangyue we tested is a 1.8L luxury model. Among all models, only 1.8L automatic and manual luxury models are equipped with a GPS-enabled DVD entertainment system, front side airbags and automatic air conditioning. The damping control of the air conditioner knob is very good, and the knob design is also very easy to operate.

In terms of power configuration, Tianyu Shangyue has not changed in any way. It is still equipped with 1.6L and 1.8L engines with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. The facelift is only a major change to the appearance. The sedan model that was exactly the same as the hatchback version has not been recognized by the majority of consumers. Because young buyers pursuing fashion will inevitably choose the hatchback, and consumers who buy the sedan will increase in age range, it seems inappropriate that the Tianyu sedan model used a more fashionable appearance before.

The launch of Tianyu Shangyue, which is more mature and stable in temperament, is also redesigned for domestic consumers who buy sedan. While Tianyu Shangyue maintains its previous spatial advantages, its appearance has become more stable. After the change, its performance in the market should be improved.

2011 Tianyu SX4

Price: 8.58~133,800 yuan

The hatchback version of Tianyu SX4 10 is the best-selling crossover style model. Its appearance has given Changan Suzuki a head start in the segment of domestic crossover style models. The 2011 Tianyu SX4 launched with Tianyu Shangyue has also made some changes in appearance.

The 2011 Tianyu SX4 network adopts a U-shaped design, which has a stronger visual impact. The larger area of the grid can provide more fresh air for the engine, and also play an effective help in terms of heat dissipation.

Tianyu SX4 car lights also use a lens structure, which not only improves the lighting effect at night, but also makes the car itself look extraordinarily energetic during the day. The frame of the fog lamps on both sides has also become a regular shape, and the black surround under the bumper has also become thicker. When facing harsh road conditions, you don't have to worry too much about scratching the paint under the bumper.

On the side of the body, a generous anti-scratch strip was added. The previous anti-scratch strip on the side was only available on the 1.8L model. Now the 2011 model also joins this equipment, which can not only ensure that the side will not be scratched when the door is opened, but also increase the visual sense of layering and heaviness.

Another change on the side of the body is the aluminum alloy wheels, which also use five-spoke design in number, but the style of the spokes is changed. The fan blade design makes the car feel like it moves even when it is parked there.

The changes in the rear of the car are mainly concentrated on the position of the bumper. The red reflector is placed on the black enclosure, and the area of the overall enclosure has also increased. The design of the honeycomb grid in the middle increases the dynamics of the rear.

In the interior, the instrument is still the biggest change in the 2011 Tianyu SX4. The style and function are the same as Tianyu·Shangyue. The sports-style seat with leather and fabric fabrics echoes the fashion of the appearance. The leather part increases support, and the fabric fabric has a good effect on adhesion.

Venue test drive

After seeing the two cars, the manufacturer also arranged a sports event for us. He Yong, the captain of the Changan Suzuki Yongchi team, explained the matters needing attention and other related matters. After coming to the actual venue, the professional rally racing team players also presented wonderful performances for everyone.

In the competition of the venue, each person drove the Tianyu·Shangyue 1.8L automatic luxury type and the 2011 Tianyu SX4 1.6L manual luxury type respectively to drive around the previously arranged route. During the entire driving process, various scenes such as acceleration, braking, circumnavigation and so on are included, allowing us to experience more of Tianyu's performance in various aspects.

Equipped with a 1.8L engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission, Tianyu Shangyue performed well in the initial acceleration section. Since the gearbox has only 4 gears, each gear ratio has a relatively large difference, so during the acceleration process, some power loss can still be felt when the gears increase. If it is daily driving, the performance of this 4-speed automatic transmission in terms of ride comfort can still be satisfactory.

When driving a 1.6L manual transmission model, during the acceleration process, I did not feel that the power is weaker than the 1.8L model. The main reason is that the 1.6L model is a manual gearbox, and its power output is more direct. The gears of the 5-speed manual transmission are very clear, and the stroke and force of the clutch pedal are moderate.

engine 1.6L engine 1.8L engine
engine model: M16A M18A
Maximum horsepower (Ps): 109 130
Maximum power (kW): 80 96
Maximum power speed (rpm): 5500 6200
Maximum torque (N·m): 144 170
Maximum torque speed (rpm): 3500-4500 3500-4500

In terms of power parameters, 1.8L and 1.6L engines have increased power and torque output by 21 horsepower and 26N·m, respectively. Because the automatic transmission will have a certain loss in power output, so the actual driving process Zhong did not feel that 1.8L has significantly improved in power. However, if you switch to a 1.8L manual transmission model, I believe that the feeling of power increase will be more obvious.

When driving these two cars, the overall performance of the steering wheel and suspension made me feel more like driving a European car. The steering wheel strength control is more stable, and the suspension structure is also very solid. When driving to a section through piles, the body's roll is not very large, which gives the driver a lot of confidence in maneuvering.

Tianyu Shangyue and Tianyu SX4 both use a four-wheel disc brake design, which is rare in models of the same price. In actual driving, the braking performance is relatively linear, and it is easy to adapt. When emergency braking is needed, the force of the first half of the brake pedal feels a little insufficient, and the pedal needs to be pressed to the end. At this time, the feedback force of ABS work is moderate, and it will not make people feel obvious impact.

The performance of the shock absorber is very strong, and the overall performance is very stable in the case of emergency braking. Although the body size is much higher than that of models of the same level, thanks to the powerful control of the shock absorber and the solid chassis performance, the body does not appear excessive forward tilt during emergency braking.


In the domestic compact car market, the most direct competitor of Tianyu SX4 is CROSS POLO, but the space table of CROSS POLO is not satisfactory. The higher price also makes many consumers give up the choice of it. The new POLO is already on the market, and the crossover style models have not arrived. At this time, Tianyu SX4 seems to have become the only choice for this market segment. Although our own brands have also launched some cross-border style compact cars, the price should be cheaper, but there is room for improvement in workmanship and durability, and they are temporarily unable to pose a greater threat to Tianyu SX4. .

Among the models of the same price, Tianyu Shangyue maintains the strong passability of Tianyu SX4 and the advantages of the height of the interior space; the three-box design increases the space of the trunk and makes up for the storage space of the trunk of the hatchback. Of inadequacy. The price of entry-level models has entered the 70,000 range, and the only opponent that can threaten it in terms of price and space is Nissan Sunshine. However, Tianyu Shangyue has the genes of cross-border models, and its strong passability allows Sunlight cannot be compared with it.


The launch of Changan Suzuki Tianyu·Shangyue incorporates more mature and stable temperament in both the exterior and interior, and the three-compartment design is closer to the home, which should be able to meet the needs of consumers of more ages in the domestic market. The changes of the 2011 Tianyu SX4 are mainly focused on the appearance. The appearance is constantly integrated with updated fashion elements, which also allows young car owners to show distinctive personality and fashion. The main point of this upgrade is to face a lot of changes in appearance, but there is no update in the power configuration.

Although there is no change in the power system, in actual performance, I think the power of the 1.6L engine can fully meet the requirements of most consumers. If you value the performance of power more, you must choose a manual transmission model. The more relaxed driving experience brought by the automatic transmission model is also the focus of many friends. However, if you want both aspects, the more powerful 1.8L model is indeed a good choice.