[YesAuto static experience] Everyone is familiar with several shopping guide editors who write experience articles, but I wrote this article today for several reasons. One is my love for Dongfeng Yueda Kia models, and the other reason To be honest with everyone, the protagonist of today's article is one of the potential target models for my future replacement. I have to carefully experience it both in public and private.

The model in this experience is: Dongfeng Yueda Kia K5 2.4L Premium AT version model. All my personal reviews are based on this car.

Appearance-The front face design enhances the visual effect of the vehicle

The listing of K5 in Beijing caught up with a bad time-Beijing began to restrict purchases, which is why it is very rare on relatively large roads. When I saw this car for the first time, I had such a feeling. I was shocked first, and then attracted, and all of this came from its design.

In terms of new car design, Kia wisely chose the former Volkswagen designer Peter Cyrill, remembering that he once said, “I want everyone to know that this is a Kia car from the front,” the master did not Lie, he did it. From Freddy, Zhipao to today's K5, the master who once designed classic models such as the second-generation Beetle and Audi TT unified the “tiger-style” front face.

The design of this “tiger-style” front face includes: a convergent air intake grille in the middle, slender headlights and large front fog lights. In order to add more momentum to the K5, the designer also specially designed daytime running lights for it to enhance the spirit.

The body size of the K5 is 4845mm in length, 1830mm in width, and 1460mm in height. This data belongs to the upper-middle class among medium-sized cars. We have selected three competitors at the same level, one is the old and strong Camry, and the other is the young and strong Regal. The last one is the new Sonata, which came out of the same door. The specific result is that the K5 is slightly better. Of course, we also know that the large models of the same level, the new Passat and Mondeo-the winning space is better than the K5, but because of these two The positioning is different from it, so there is no comparison here.

I dare say that some people who like the K5 are looking at its body line, and some people are looking at it with the body, and what I mean is the side composition of the body with the big wheels. The attractive 18-inch polished aluminum alloy wheels are simply awesome! Even the friends who like to modify the car don't need to spend the money for the later modification of the wheel. You have to take good care of such a beautiful wheel, because if you are not careful, it is very likely to be scratched by the road teeth.

During the experience, there was a small detail that touched me, that is, turn off the flame to take things, but I forgot to raise the window. According to the experience of driving some models before, I habitually press the lock button for a long time, thinking that the windows can be used. It rises automatically, but unfortunately it didn't happen! However, many of the other models in the same level have the function of raising the window by pressing and holding the lock button. However, I believe this function can be installed later, because as the owner of Dongfeng Yueda Kia, I paid 100 yuan for my Cerato to realize the automatic window-lifting function.

From the start of smart running, Dongfeng Yueda Kia began to play with some very dazzling configurations, such as the name of the model displayed by the door of the car. In fact, it was originally a door light. There is no need to design such a complicated design. Practicality is the last word.

Interior workmanship and ease of operation-the material has a texture, and the functional operation is designed around the driver

The design of the K5's center console is as cool as its appearance. The manufacturer claims that it is tilted 9.6° to the driver's side. The actual use of the tilt angle design can indeed make the driver more convenient when operating various buttons. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as being within reach.

In our actual operation, the design of the strength, feedback, damping and position of the various buttons and knobs on the center console is very good, which is similar to the pursuit of delicate Japanese models. It should be particularly emphasized here that the most frequently used audio switches are placed closer to the driver, the switches are more convenient, and the design is more user-friendly.

As mentioned above, the K5's center console design allows the driver to easily operate the vehicle functions, but in the final analysis, the driver's task is to drive, and it is undoubtedly very important to have a moderately sized steering wheel. In fact, the K5's steering wheel does indeed do it. The size and thickness of the steering wheel are more appropriate, and it feels very comfortable to hold.

Regarding the position adjustment of the steering wheel, we can move the lock lever on the left side of the steering wheel to move the steering wheel up and down and back and forth. The displacement level is still relatively large. This design is stronger than some Japanese medium-sized cars I have experienced, because Basically, they can only adjust up and down, but not back and forth.

I have just said that the K5's center console design is centered on the driver, so K5 is also commendable in terms of vehicle information display that the driver is more concerned about. The red pointer on the instrument panel can be read very clearly, and the color LCD instrument panel between the speedometer and tachometer provides a variety of information display functions, from maintenance reminders to fuel consumption reminders and even steering wheel position reminders. .

What is commendable here is the steering wheel position reminder function. This is a good thing, especially for those who drive “rough”. With its help, we can avoid not knowing whether the steering wheel is causing it at the first start. unnecessary trouble.

The function of reversing image is no longer a high-end configuration in this class of models. Compared with the previous smart sports car image, the newly added auxiliary line function of K5 has improved, but there is still room for improvement.

In terms of interior materials, more than 95% of K5 uses soft materials. Except for the pure hard plastic used on part of the door, other parts are relatively soft to the touch. Among them, the soft material on the center console is not It's not the kind of pit that we think about with one click, some are soft and hard, and the soft material on the door is the one-click situation just mentioned, and it feels very comfortable.

● Humanized design is good but needs improvement

In the part of humanization, I want to talk about the window control function. In fact, everyone who buys a car hopes that the functions on the car are as convenient and simple as possible. The window control can best interpret the convenience of a car. One of the configurations. Imagine that if we want to completely lower the window while driving, we need to press and hold the window control button. Then one hand will leave the steering wheel. You must know that you must hold the steering wheel with both hands when driving. In the same way, we can also implement the one-click window-up function later, and the installation cost is also very low. I think it is a bit unkind for manufacturers to reduce the cost of the entire vehicle in this way.

When it comes to the comfort configuration, I am most pleased that the seat has heating and ventilation functions; the main driver’s seat has the most complete functions and the co-pilot only has heating, but compared to the same level of models, this configuration is already in place. .

The design of the K5's double sunroof is also rare in the same level of models, and the opening method of the sunroof sunshade has been changed from the manual method on the smart running to automatic. After experiencing this, I am also confused. It seems that the manufacturer also knows the current consumption. The demand for automation is getting higher and higher, so the opening method of the sunshade has been upgraded.

We only need to look at the details of the workmanship of a car. For example, the handle inside the K5 door is designed with non-slip rubber particles, so that we can firmly grasp the handle even if our hands are sweaty. In addition, the appearance of this part There are no burrs, and the screws for installation are also covered. From this point of view, the details are very good.

At the K5's launch event, the manufacturer has already stated that this car is a business-oriented model. Therefore, in terms of after-equipment, the manufacturer has also put more effort into designing this car. For example, the rear center armrest with various control functions! I have only seen this configuration on the Dongfeng Nissan Teana Duke model in the joint venture brand, and I have not seen it on other models. For this point, I think this configuration is enough for this price!

● Multimedia entertainment system design and practical

The desire to enjoy more entertainment systems in the car has been called the demand of many car buyers, and Kia models have been dealing with this well, and I also focused on experiencing some of its entertainment systems on the K5.

The K5's car navigation system is the second useful car navigation system that I use besides the navigation of Toyota series models. It is very quick to get started, the display is all in Chinese, and the feedback and response accuracy of the touch screen is also good. In addition, in address search, this system uses pinyin input, and provides two input methods, Quanpin and Jianpin (first letter), which can facilitate the use of different people and improve the ease of operation.

In addition to the basic navigation car will be equipped with Bluetooth system, K5 is no exception, but here I want to say that K5 Bluetooth can automatically play the audio files in the mobile phone after linking with the mobile phone, which also improves the vehicle and car to a certain extent. Interactivity of internal personnel.

Starting from Freddy, Kia’s cars have supported USB and iPod interfaces. I won’t say much about the USB interface. Everyone basically knows how to use it. Just plug in a USB flash drive. The iPod interface requires special attention. At present, Kia models can only support two series of Apple players , iPod mini and iPod nano. However, the mainstream iPhone, iTouch and iPad are not compatible with the vehicle system. According to my understanding, it is because Apple players require special data authorization information, and iPhone, iTouch and iPad do not have this authorization and therefore cannot support it.

● There is more storage space, but the riding space does not have much advantage

For a medium-sized car, the internal riding space must not be ignored. From the previous table, we can see that the 2795mm wheelbase of the K5 does not seem to have much advantage, but can it give us in the actual experience? Bring some surprises?

From the perspective of riding space, the front row space of the K5 is still good. I, a 185cm person, can have good head space, but it is not enough in the back row. I only have less than a finger and a half of head space when I sit in. , I feel very depressed, but it would be better if I changed to a 175cm or 180cm person to sit in.

Because it is a European-designed model, in addition to paying attention to adult safety, the design for child safety must not be forgotten. K5 supports two safety seats with ISO FIX and LATCH interfaces. This is commendable. However, the inability to remove the rear headrest will bring inconvenience to the use of safety seats and bring danger to children in the car.

In the storage space in the car, there are more places designed by K5. I carefully counted about 11 places. Although not many, they are enough to satisfy the owner's use. However, the space for these storage places is not large and such as Things like water bottles cannot be held well on the cup holder.

In terms of storage space, it is worth mentioning that the storage box in the front center armrest can completely put 5 bottles of 550ml bottled ice tea and cover the lid. Of course, if there is air-conditioning in the storage box Just export it.

Compared with the front row, which has more storage space, the rear passengers only have access to the rear armrests and a few storage compartments on the rear door, but the space is not large, and it is possible to put them on a level or the like.

After talking about the space in the car, let’s finally talk about the trunk. Because of the business positioning, the K5 trunk is designed with a relatively large opening, so that it can be easily put in a large suitcase, and the volume of the trunk is also relatively large. , After putting a large suitcase inside, you can lie down a 185cm adult and there is more space. In addition, when the K5 trunk is opened, it also gives people a soft feeling, but I think that the trunk is so soft when it is opened, or it may bounce off very vigorously and it may hit people.

Summary of the static experience part:

At the beginning of the article, I said that I evaluated this car from the perspective of a potential buyer. After such a series of experiences, my evaluation of this car friend is as follows:

1. The exterior design is in line with the aesthetic point of view of young people today: As time goes by, cars designed by Zhongyong are no longer so popular. On the contrary, some models designed with a sense of youth and vitality are more popular, while K5 is In appearance, it is young, vigorous and powerful. Compared with some competitors, it wins in appearance.

2. The configuration is very high to meet the needs of consumers: double sunroofs, seats with ventilation function, rear entertainment control system. But from the perspective of these three configurations, it can be regarded as leading the competition at the same level.

3. The rear space is unsatisfactory: it is embarrassing to combine the unsatisfactory space in the rear with the configuration that is higher than that of models of the same level. Although the configuration is high, the space in the back row will make some taller passengers dissatisfied.

4. The details need to be improved: Just like the functions of locking the car window and one-key window raising that I mentioned repeatedly in the article, in fact, these small details are very concerned by many customers, especially those who buy a second car.

So back to the beginning of the article, can this car impress me? I think as a potential user, I can recognize the K5, in other words, if I change the car, I will choose this car. Although there are deficiencies in the latter two points, these are not the most important for young people like me who like high-profile and dazzling appearances, but for those who require space, perhaps K5 can not meet your needs. .

[YesAuto Evaluation] To say that the K5 has no personality, you definitely don't believe it, at least it has earned enough eyeballs in appearance. In the few days of the test drive, people stopped at the roadside, washed the car, and refueled, and people came to ask if the car was a K5? How much does it cost? I don’t know how much money Kia spent to pry Peter Cyrill over. At present, the money is worth the money: a few years ago, everyone even disdain to talk about Kia, and at present, every new car test drive by Kia The articles have more than one million hits, and everyone is also “combined” in the comment section. In my opinion, this is also a success.

But when you see my question, you will definitely be curious, what is wrong with the performance test? Why is the grade ruined by tires? Let's get straight to the topic, let's look at the test first:

● Performance test

2.4L inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with maximum power of 132kW (179 horsepower) and peak torque of 231N·m; 6-speed automated manual gearbox, and the same powertrain as the eighth-generation Sonata.

Previously, we tested the eighth-generation Sonata 2.4-liter top-mounted model (click to view the test article). It comes from the same platform as the K5. The key elements such as engine, gearbox, curb weight, and tire size are also consistent. It stands to reason that the two cars accelerate , The braking performance will not differ too much, but the actual situation is not the case.

Accelerated results :

In daily driving, I feel that the engine's low torque is not bad, but the explosive power in the performance test is relatively ordinary, which is exactly the same as the test performance of the eighth-generation Sonata. The start was flat, the tires slipped due to insufficient grip, and then the grip was recovered, and a G-value pit was formed on the graph, which lost power and time. The gearbox performed very well during the whole process, and the power transmission gap was well controlled. This performance is excellent even in a mid-size car where the masters gather.

Brake results :

The brake test results are not satisfactory, 44.97 meters is already on the edge of the qualified area. From the graph, the longitudinal G value is less than -1g. Although the brakes work smoothly, there is still room for improvement in braking force. In addition, the quality of the tire itself is also one of the reasons for the poor performance.

The fastest acceleration in our test was 10.69 seconds, and the braking result was 44.97 meters. These two data were 1.53 seconds slower and 3.17 meters longer than the 2.4 Sonata top, which is already a big gap.

Comparison of K5 top-fitting and Sonata top-fitting performance test
K5 Sonata
Engine power

Why is there so much difference in measured data? Let's make a simple analysis. You can combine the following contents to see the above table:

The same platform, the same engine, the same gearbox, and the core components are consistent;

The fuel tanks of both cars are 70 liters, and they are in full fuel state during the test; Sonata is tested by Luo Hao, and K5 is tested by me. The weight difference between us is no more than 5 kg; the official curb weight figures for the two cars are 1515 kg and 1518. Kg, so the total weight of the two cars is basically the same during the test;

The tire specifications are all 225/45 R18, so the tires have the same ground contact area;

The road conditions in the two tests were basically the same. The environmental temperature difference was 20 degrees Celsius. This is a big difference. However, the temperature difference of 20 degrees Celsius is not a problem for steel machinery, and it is not enough to make a modern industrial car appear so obvious. fluctuation.

The most suspicion is the tires. Let's take a look at the tire usage of these two cars.

K5 uses Hankook OPTIMO H426 225/45 R18 95V, load limit 690Kg, speed limit 240km/h; Sonata uses Michelin Primacy LC 225/45 R18 91W, load limit 615Kg, speed limit 270km/h. Considering the similarity of the two cars themselves and the basic similarity of the test conditions, we can almost regard these two tests as a performance comparison of the same car when using different tires.

Hankook’s H426 series, everyone pays attention to the tyre pattern, very fine (easy to jam, commonly known as “meat-filled tyre”), the rubber material is also relatively hard, the advantages are strong wear resistance, long life, reduced use costs, weaknesses The grip is average, and the performance is not in place.

The official selling points of the OPTIMO series and Primacy LC (Boyue) series are noise reduction treatment, driving comfort, etc., which are more practical products. From the test results, the performance of Michelin is significantly stronger than that of Hankook. Besides, I asked a colleague to ask a tire wholesaler and learned that the wholesale price of Hankook’s tires is around 900 RMB. Because the size is relatively rare, the Michelin Boyue series has no accurate quotation, which is estimated to be around 1,400 RMB. The purchase cost of the two is quite different, and this can also tell the difference between the tires themselves.

Regarding the Michelin Primacy LC Boyue series tires, we have a more detailed introduction article before, you can refer to it: Michelin PRIMACYLC Boyue tires land in China

The K5 2.4 top-fitting and the eighth-generation Sonata 2.4 top-fitting are essentially the same cars. The performance test results are very different because of the use of tires that are not in the same grade . Previously, we defined Sonata as “satisfactory overall performance.” So when we get to K5, we can only say “normal”. K5's other hardware is very powerful, but the performance test results are all ruined by the tires.

Three suggestions are made. The first two are for the car owner, and the last is for the manufacturer: 1. Keep the body clean at all times, this car is really good-looking; 2. Change the tires immediately, otherwise it will ruin the performance of this set on Sonata. Excellent powertrain, in addition, the braking distance can also be reduced, for safety, can not be sloppy; 3. In future products, can the manufacturer replace it with better tires?

The above conclusions are based on our theoretical detailed analysis. I believe that many friends will be unconvinced. Therefore, we also decided to conduct a performance test of the eighth-generation Sonata and Kia K5 interchange tires as soon as possible after the publication of this test article. At that time, we will use real results to prove what kind of strength K5 has.

● Fuel consumption test

This time the fuel consumption test ran a lot, with a total mileage of 275.9 kilometers. Two adult men sat in the car for two days. On days with a temperature of 35 degrees, full air conditioning was necessary, and congested roads accounted for more than half. .

The fuel consumption is 33.62 liters, and the overall fuel consumption is 12.19 liters/100 kilometers, which is acceptable in such a vehicle environment. K5 is equipped with an ECO mode. The buttons are on the steering wheel. In this mode, the throttle response and shift timing will be clearly adjusted. I suggest that as long as you don’t drive fast, you can always use this mode. Mild power performance in exchange for lower fuel consumption, cost-effective.

Reasonable fuel consumption reference values (non-rigid indicators) given by us for each class of models

Purely economical minicar: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/hybrid: no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers

● Daily driving experience

At the beginning of the article, I talked about the performance of the performance test, which was the state of the highest load. Now let's take a look at the daily driving experience. The conditions are not so harsh and the mentality is calmer. When I first started, everything feels light, with light throttle and light steering. I continue to maintain the Korean style. When I get used to it, I feel quite relaxed, especially in the city, without any psychological burden. What I'm talking about is based on two foundations: one is not speeding, the best condition is between 40km/h and 100km/h, and the other is that the car is not sinking and the curb weight is 1515Kg.

The gearbox is very brilliant, the gap control of the power transmission is well done, and the gear selection can actively cooperate with my driving intention, but I am not boasting that it is fun to drive. At present, all Korean family cars in China are simple Easiness is the core element of the driving part. K5's gearbox is in this state, which is worry-free.

Where you can't see, K5 has its own characteristics. The overall adjustment of the suspension is hard, especially the rear suspension is very tight, and the chassis rigidity can also get a good score. There is some hazy sporty feeling on the whole, but it will stop when you click it, and it will definitely not let you relax and enjoy , Again, don’t always involve too much sports, even if it has a non-low-key appearance, it is also the goal of easy driving.

The K5's ESP system is very sensitive. The body moves a little bit more, and the oil path is tightly choked. Even if it has returned to normal and no longer slips, it will take two or three seconds for the throttle to come alive, as if it was suddenly hit. The feeling that I haven't recovered after a meal is the first time I have encountered such a prudent work logic, but it is very commendable for engineers to regard safety as such an important thing.

On the staking field, driving the ESP is equivalent to suffocating oneself, turning off the ESP, the limit is significantly reduced. You have to control the throttle very delicately, otherwise the sensitive dynamic response will easily defeat the tire grip, pushing the head and flicking one after another, coupled with the lack of clear steering, it is not easy to drive the K5 around the pile. What is more tangled is that the rigidity of the chassis is outstanding, which is a bit wasteful, or the lack of tires makes the overall performance dragged down.

● Performance test and demonstration video of the posture around the pile

● Summary

The overall performance of the K5 reflects Kia’s leapfrog progress at this level. This medium-sized car is very easy to drive and slightly tough overall. It has a very good foundation. The engine, gearbox, suspension, and chassis are all pretty good. The city uses peace of mind, and the configuration can more comprehensively meet the needs of users. Compared with Sonata, K5 is undoubtedly much more individual.

However, the eighth-generation Sonata has already landed first, and it takes a bit of effort to sit on an equal footing with it. In particular, the fundamentals of the two cars are the same, and the performance test results of the K5 are dragged down by the tires. I think it is a pity. It is equivalent to a watercolor pen for the Chinese painter, and neither of his skills can be used. Objectively speaking, K5 The performance in daily driving is quite satisfying, just because there is a comparison of Sonata's results, it is inevitable that there is a psychological gap. When choosing Sonata or K5, everyone will have their own inclination. In the process of choosing a car, the appearance is always the first element of attractiveness. In this regard, K5 has a strong advantage. It is not worthwhile to deal with the tire problem properly. Up.