[YesAuto Compilation] Gently holding your partner's hand, strolling along the gorgeous food and fashion street, choosing a place to have dinner together. Slow down, at the entrance of the restaurant with good atmosphere and smell, the waiter greeted us warmly. At this time, my eyes stayed on Menu, and my brows frowned. This restaurant only offers meat steak dishes, no seafood dishes. The two will meet each other and walk to the next restaurant hand in hand, looking for a restaurant that prepares richer dishes. .

The scene of pleasing more customers’ picky appetites not only appears in the highly competitive catering industry, but even more so in the luxury car industry. Under the high unit price and high profit niche of products, it is like a popular brand pursuing mass production scale. The standard pursued by luxury brands, on the contrary, it is the knack for luxury brands to seize the clientele by creating different grades of car series and models, and making differentiation to meet the pursuit of a unique multi-customer class.

If it goes up to the level of brand strategy layout, the IS F I experienced this time represents the significance of the new stage evolution of the Lexus brand, which is far beyond the feeling of test drive reports. Therefore, I will spend some space to explain IS. F, the role played in the brand context.

● Fully dig into opponents' corners, F series aim at performance-oriented customers

In the face of German luxury car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, the Japanese luxury car brand Lexus, which has only been born for more than 20 years, has been able to occupy a stable position to compete. In addition to relying on product quality and a good brand image, it can Accurately seizing the preferences of potential customers and actively launching new car lines to tap the customers of competing brands is the key to success.

Looking at the development of the Lexus brand along this line of thinking, we can clearly see that the Lexus brand (F1 is taken from the abbreviation of Flags flagship car and No.1 top car), which originated in Toyota's internal F1 secret plan in the early 1980s, has been since 1989. After the establishment and launch of the first LS400 in the United States, the brand has so far derived 11 models of CT, HS, IS, ES, GS, LS, SC, RX, GX, LX and LFA supercars, spanning the hatchback, convertible, There are also mature gasoline and hybrid gasoline-electric hybrid technology for power at all levels of RVs, RVs and supercars.

Judging from the array of branded products, Lexus has established a main sales car line against competing brands. How does Lexus push the front line further and penetrate into the enemy camp? The answer is to give the brand's core value “F”, towards The broader definition of high performance and the pursuit of extremes is based on the Fuji circuit in Japan, which is the center of Toyota's performance sports car research and development. The meaning of “F” has been re-evolved and the birth of two important works. The Lexus high-performance F series first released at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show The IS F, and the LFA two-seater supercar that premiered at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show!

Different from LFA's positioning as a supercar class, the F series is based on mass-produced cars and launched a performance-enhanced version, directly targeting the brand rivals Mercedes-Benz AMG, BMW M and Audi RS performance series, allowing the Lexus brand to be integrated into existing products Next, it can also bring out a hot performance version to challenge the three performance sports families of the German department, and IS F is playing the pioneer of the F series to attack the beachhead. Now, focus on the IS F that arrived in Taiwan to see what is special about this Lexus F series first product, product design and performance.

● Sports aerodynamic kit to create the hottest IS

The IS F arranged by Lexus’s general agent and Thai Motors is the sapphire blue car color that was featured at the world premiere in early 2007. It is matched with the contrasting style of black and white cockpit tones, making this IS F look particularly lively from the outside to the inside. Refreshing. Of course, to complement IS F with a 5.0 V8 engine, leap to 423 horses and 51.5 kilograms of powerful performance, IS F built on the basis of the IS car chassis, must introduce more sophisticated aerodynamics and chassis adjustments in the appearance.

In the comprehensive renovation project of the details, the IS F, which is an IS car series, is more serious than the IS 250 sold in Taiwan. First of all, after tuning by Toyota Technocraft department, the sports suspension was lowered in height and replaced with Michelin Pilot Sport front 225/40 R19 and rear 235/35 R19 low-flat tires, which lowered the chassis height by 10mm. At the same time, it was 1,560mm and 1,520. The front and rear wheelbase of mm makes the IS F compared to the IS250. The front track is increased by 25mm and the rear track is reduced by 15mm. The changes in body data also specifically correspond to the wider front wheel arch package and the lower stretched body posture.

Whether it is the front or the side of the car, IS F implanted with 5.0 V8 engine, specially designed with a protruding aluminum alloy hood, allows the engine room to accommodate this huge power heart, and it has also become the focus of IS F design. In addition, the original factory emphasizes the exclusive aerodynamic kit developed with F1 wind tunnel technology, covering the front bumper large ladder air intake dam and double-sided quadrilateral air intake holes, double-sided fender shark fins, trapezoidal four-outlet exhaust tail holes and rear The spoiler tail and other kits make IS F reach a low drag coefficient of 0.31.

Finally, as for the details, the IS F that was introduced to the Taiwan market later has allowed Taiwanese consumers to have the new styles that were replaced by the US regulations in 2011, including the new LED daytime running lights with 12 lamp groups replaced by the headlights, and the standard configuration. The empty three-pronged 15-spoke 19-inch black titanium aluminum ring is also fresh.

● Dark cockpit and carbon fiber trim panels create passion

Like other Lexus IS cars, it is positioned as the highest IS F, and it also has Lexus signature rich cockpit luxury equipment, including EMV multi-function information system and Mark Levinson Premium Suuround 5.1-channel surround sound system and up to 14 speakers in the car , Provide a sure level of equipment.

However, when entering the IS F car, the focus of the cockpit design is the various Lexus F series exclusive sports kits and the cockpit layout that emphasizes the driving orientation. First of all, the high-performance positioning IS F no longer requires the IS to adopt a five-seater design. It is replaced with four F exclusive sports car seats. Not only is the seat surface material excellent and delicate, it also supports and covers the body. It has made a significant contribution when driving. It can be said that it is a design that combines luxury and function. However, the interior space of IS is not large, and it is more full after adding this set of seats, and the head space of the rear seat is compressed by the C-pillar. The feelings have not been alleviated.

The strong fighting style that caters to the driving is gradually built by stacking the visible areas around the driver's seat. Start with the exclusive three-spoke leather steering wheel with the F emblem in the front, and then penetrate the large middle-ring combat instrument that replaces the original symmetrical double-ring instrument of the IS car series, through the center deliberately enlarged tachometer and LED ice blue pointer , It is the first priority to tell the driving speed information, and the specially designed speed warning light group will be explained separately when the dynamic test drive is held. As for the speedometer, the small LCD screen displayed on the right side of the instrument and the middle ring is reduced. Not only that, IS F also prepares surprises for the owner. After pressing the engine start button, the F totem will light up in the upper left corner of the instrument.

On the whole, IS F's cockpit instrument design concept is full of racing dynamics. The exclusive steering wheel, whether it is leather-covered or chrome-plated paddles, is well-feeling, or ice blue color and exclusive emblems are quite compatible, even performance cars are preferred. The IS F is also generously used in the entire center gear seat and door armrests. It has become the focus of the cockpit sports style. At the same time, IS F’s exclusive F performance emblem is also widely embroidered on the outside of the seat and the rear seat. The central armrest, steering wheel and foot pads show the sincerity of creating an exclusive version. However, due to the fact that IS F has been launched overseas for nearly three years and the background built on the basis of IS, it is impossible to have the most popular full-color LCD instrument, the same plastic gear display panel of the gear seat as IS, and the surrounding glass. There is a gap in the style of the dimensional trim, which is a pity for the IS F cockpit design.

● 5.0 V8 D-4S engine, singing a gentleman and beast ensemble

Based on the impression of the IS 250 test-driving in 2006, the 204-hp 4GR-FSE 2.5 V6 engine, AI-Shift Control six-speed manual and rear-wheel drive design make the IS 250 a Lexus touring car with a lot of driving pleasure. Now, just looking at the transmission settings and book data, IS F is much more refined and strengthened than IS 250. Open the engine cover. The 5.0 Dual VVT-i V8 engine built by the Yamaha F1 engine team has a large displacement. The high-speed setting of the gas engine can output 423 horsepower at 6,600 rpm, and the peak torque of 51.5 kgm appears at 4,800 rpm. With an 8-speed SPDS manual automatic transmission, the 0-100km/h acceleration is 4.8 seconds. Compared with the IS 250's 8.5 seconds, it is shortened by 3.7 seconds. Comprehensive performance enhancements, of course, are particularly interested in the actual performance of IS F. Under the control of the Lexus department, how can the IS car series be improved to?

After pressing the engine start button, as the blue pointer reciprocated rapidly, the engine also roared and roared, reminding IS F that its strength should not be neglected, and then began to drive away from downtown Taipei, and took the 64 expressway to the west to Taoyuanzhu. During the trial run of the fishing port, the actual acceleration performance of IS F on the road section is quite interesting. It is different from the expected violent tonality before hitting the road. IS F seems to have a unique personality that combines gentleman and beast! Well put it this way, despite the tense power data, in terms of the acceleration response of the accelerator and gearbox, IS F seems to deliberately pursue a comfortable and delicate acceleration rhythm, before placing it in pursuit of violent and unrestrained pursuit.

Especially in Normal mode, unless you press the accelerator to urge, otherwise, you will be deceived by IS F's unexpectedly smooth acceleration response and low-key emission noise. This gearbox with eight gears, in D In consideration of gear energy saving, as long as the throttle range is not increased, the gear display on the instrument can be observed, and the gear will be upshifted before the speed is less than 5,000 rpm. With an upshift time of only 0.1 seconds, the gear position can hardly be felt. Connected driving can easily and happily increase the vehicle speed. Not only that, when cruising on fast roads, it has also been observed that IS F can make good use of the advantages of multiple gears, and the gear ratio of the seventh gear is 0.82 and the eighth gear is 0.69. The super ratio setting can lower the IS F's cruise speed at 100 kilometers per hour and steadily fall within 2,000 rpm, bringing a very delicate and brisk acceleration response.

Of course, at this point, if IS F is just a Lexus with acceleration and smoothness, it will definitely disappoint everyone. Therefore, Lexus takes into account the delicate and comfortable tune that the brand’s customers value most. The Sport button on the steering wheel is the surprise that the engineering team wants to bring to the car owner. From then on, it is like taking off the gentleman’s clothes, IS F is like hanging. Enter the Lexus F series, a muscular beast covered in blood.

Since then, IS F has shown the other side of liveliness and enthusiasm like a sing and surging voyage. Why do you want to sing loudly? That's exactly the sound of the Yamaha F1 engine. The unique charm is that as the ECT Power electronic throttle allows a larger oil opening angle, the throttle response is immediately better than the normal mode. For the enthusiasm and directness, the standby speed and the upshift speed are also synchronized higher than the normal mode, so that after the driver's big foot throttle is stepped on, the 423 horsepower sticking feeling is fully displayed, and the tail exhaust pipe sends out a backfire-like boom. The sound made the IS F sprinting with all its strength appear particularly ostentatious.

In particular, you can clearly feel the sprint rhythm of the engine's two-stage air intake in the car. The original data shows that 3,600 revolutions are used as the separation point. Indeed, during the high-speed road experience, the engine runs before the speed range is separated here. Delicate and smooth, it gives people the illusion of driving a normal Lexus car. Then, when the speed is turned on across the second air intake of the engine bypass, the sound of the intake is instantly raised by decibels, and it suddenly merges into a greater momentum and bursts. With the sound wave, the high-speed red line approaching 7,000 rpm and the wonderful linear acceleration of the multi-speed extension stack all the way, at this time the IS F, which is on the high-speed road, is really matched with the violent style that the Lexus F high-performance series should have.

Here I want to encourage the reaction of this gearbox. Now that the dual-clutch gearbox is in power, there are still quite beautiful performances. This is the world’s first 8-speed manual automatic transmission equipped with LS460, a modified and enhanced 8-speed SPDS transmission, and many smart designs corresponding to high-performance tunability, including the more common reduction in dual-clutch automatic transmission. The automatic refueling action of the gear can also be felt in this automatic transmission. The low stutter of the downshift and the maintenance of a better working speed range, so that the IS F can exert the power output that follows the transmission. In addition, the fixed-gear design that over-turns and does not force upshift in M-speed mode, and the thoughtful three-stage speed warning light (two orange lights and one red light) are also controlled in manual mode, which can be better controlled. Important instrument information for the upshift rhythm.

In Taiwan, there is no chance to go on the track and let IS F fully use the chassis limit. However, as far as Taiwan’s general road conditions are concerned, this car has a thorough hard-core chassis tuning, clear road feeling feedback, and sport mode auxiliary power changes. The EPS steering wheel is reliable. The VDIM vehicle dynamic management system and the IS F of the Brembo high-performance braking system, which retain the joy of handling, present a high chassis limit during the whole day of test driving.

At the same time, the high-torque rear-drive vehicle tends to oversteer, which has also become a powerful tool for IS F to use the throttle to control cornering. However, IS F has a very special tonality in the more intense corner dynamics, that is, at the beginning of the corner. Before the corner of the road, the IS F, which has a weight ratio of 55% in the front half of the car body, is burdened by the shift of the center of gravity by the 5.0 V8 engine in the front of the car. Although the hardness of the front suspension has been doubled, a large inertial pull of the front is inevitable , It makes the front of the car to deviate to the outside of the bend obviously, especially after cutting into the corner at high speed, the driver will first feel the slight understeer of the front of the car. Then, as the rear wheel power continues to be strengthened, the Torsen LSd rear axle limited slip difference is installed. With the IS F of the speedometer, the rear power can push the front steering back towards the inside of the bend in good time, and before the apex of the bend, it can quickly change back to the rear-wheel drive regulation of oversteer.

I believe that the original Lexus team knows very well that the IS F built on the IS car series adopts the large power output of 5.0 V8 and the heavier setting of the front, which is a great test for dynamic balance, and the front suspension is greatly enhanced. The fixed and rear drive transmission settings can just compensate for the impact of a 5.0 V8 engine in the engine room on the body dynamics, especially the original manufacturer’s explanation of the Torsen LSD rear axle limited-slip differential, which can not be reduced during cornering. Under power output and vehicle speed, when the power slippery tire appears on the inner side of the rear wheel, the torque is distributed to the outer rear wheel, creating a greater and smoother oversteer characteristic. Therefore, as long as you understand this principle and make good use of the driving force steering characteristics in the corners, the IS F can pass the corners more quickly.

Finally, in the dynamic experience part, there is another part that can be mentioned, that is the IS F, the front double A-arm rear multi-link chassis suspension. Compared with the IS 250 standard setting in the original factory, the coil spring hardness and shock absorber are respectively strengthened. The damping coefficient reaches 100% hardening of the front suspension coil spring and suspension damping, while the rear suspension spring and suspension damping are adjusted to 65% and 85% respectively. Coupled with a more strengthened anti-roll bar design, IS F has The very tough chassis response is used to respond to the more intense IS F driving actions such as high-speed sprints, stopping and steering. After the 5.0 V8 powerful engine is replaced, the body weight becomes the IS F of the front 55 and the rear 45. The impact of heavy headstock on dynamic balance is minimized. Although the front of the car was visibly sinking and even slightly uncomfortable twisting during several violent sudden braking, overall, IS F's enhanced chassis tuning and braking force still maintained the level of IF S. Dynamic controllability.

However, the IS F chassis suspension design may be just right for the road section with excellent road quality. However, Taiwan has a lot of unstable road quality with patch ups and downs. Instead, this suspension system allows the IS F cockpit to feel the transmission of the road ups and downs at any time. When the road conditions are poor, you have to endure the bounce feeling of overly bumpy roads, and the feeling of the back seat is more obvious than that of the front seat. When you become an IS F, you have to sacrifice a certain degree of comfort.

● Expand the style of Lexus products to please the discerning taste

Positioned as the entry-level Lexus brand, the IS has a tighter body size than the ES and GS, combined with rear-wheel drive and eye-catching power performance, making the IS car series one of the Lexus products, whether it is the previous generation IS 200 or the current IS 200 The IS 250 of this generation is Lexus's most popular car series among young and passionate customers. Remarkable customer attributes have made Lexus launch the first F high-performance series for the IS car series. It has become a matter of course. Now, this IS F hot-blooded horse with a power of 423 horses has not broken the threshold of 4 million yuan. The price will be the biggest cost for attracting buyers of imported luxury performance cars with discerning tastes.