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[YesAuto News] According to Reuters, the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition announced a draft of the “Climate Change and Energy Transition Law” on Tuesday, which plans to substantially reduce economic output by 2050, including a ban on a large number of cars. At the same time, some government sources said that Spain plans to ban the sale of gasoline, diesel and hybrid cars from 2040, and join a series of countries that are aimed at polluting cars to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Spain’s Ministry of Ecological Transition sent a document to the media stating that the Climate Change and Energy Transition Act will prohibit the sale of vehicles that rely on fossil fuels (including mixed fuels) by 2040. Electric vehicles and their charging stations will take over. Spain also plans to regenerate 100% of its electricity production by 2050, which will further help it reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels to 90% of 1990 levels.

“Our proposal is to reduce Spain's current greenhouse gas emissions by a third in just ten years. We think this is an international milestone and a sign of our firm commitment to combating climate change.” Teresa Ribera, Minister of Ecological Transformation, Spain Said.

If the draft law goes into effect, Spain hopes to install at least 3,000 megawatts of solar and wind energy every year within 10 years. Spain also plans to conduct a study to find a way to get rid of oil, gas and coal in a sustainable and fair manner, and has planned a retraining program for workers in these sectors.

Now, all this is uncertain, and the law still needs the support of the Spanish Parliament. And the Spanish government needs to formulate a national comprehensive energy and climate plan for the proposed energy mix, as well as assess the low-emission strategic steps required to achieve these goals, to supplement the draft plan law.

Currently, the United Kingdom and France have pledged to ban gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2040, which will mean major changes in the global automotive industry and put pressure on the profits of oil producers. If Spain cuts off oil and gas, it will drive the rest of the world to reduce and strengthen the construction of oil and gas infrastructure.