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[YesAuto Model PK] To say that the current sales leaders in the domestic compact car market, Volkswagen LaVida and Ford Focus can be said to be doing our part. Take the May data as an example. LaVida ranked first in compact car sales with monthly sales of 30,534 units. Fox ranked second with 27,345 units, and 13865 units of Fox sales were set by hatchbacks. Looking at such a big piece of fat in the compact hatchback market, Shanghai Volkswagen will naturally not ignore it. Langxing, which was just launched at the end of last month, is an important chess piece.

As a brother model of Lavida, Lavida continues the advantages of Lavida's spacious space, rich configuration and meticulous workmanship, and adopts a design similar to a “small station wagon”, providing a large luggage compartment. And Fox, with its four-wheel independent suspension, exquisite interior materials and high cost performance, also has a high popularity.

Compare models in the text
Model Longxing 1.6L automatic luxury type Fox Hatchback 1.6L AT Style
Guide price 152,900 yuan 143,900 yuan
Market preference No

Around 3000-6000 yuan

Today, we found the top-matched models of Longxing and Focus Hatchback with 1.6L displacement (Longxing 1.6L automatic luxury and Focus hatchback 1.6L AT fashion) to make a detailed comparison to see if these two models are good. The space is attractive, or does Fox’s materials make you more willing to pay the bill? ( Note: For the convenience of reading, the two models mentioned in the above table will be referred to as Langxing and Focus in this article.)

◆ Body shape and detail comparison

In terms of appearance, Langxing and Fox can be said to have gone two completely different styles. Among them, Langxing’s style still continues the doll-like design of the Volkswagen family. It is exactly the same as the Lavida before the B-pillar, and after the B-pillar. It has a completely different style, very similar to the Audi A3, and has the charm of a small station wagon.

Fox’s styling is completely young and sporty. The rich body lines, two inverted triangles + one inverted trapezoidal lower air intake grille and barrel-type front fog lights all show the car’s youth and vitality. one side. In terms of body size, Longxing is much longer than Fox in length, but Fox leads in width, height and wheelbase.

Body size comparison
Model Longxing 1.6L automatic luxury type Fox Hatchback 1.6L AT Style
Length (mm) 4454 4368
Width (mm) 1765 1823
Height (mm) 1460 1483
Wheelbase (mm) 2610 2648

In terms of tires, the difference between Langxing and Fox is not that big. The Langxing we actually shot uses 205/55 R16 Dunlop SP Sport01 series tires, the market price is about 700 yuan/piece; Fox uses 205/ The market price of 60 R16 Michelin Boyue series tires is also around 700 yuan/piece. In terms of wheel shape, I personally prefer Langxing's multi-spoke design.

In terms of rear styling, both cars have well continued their respective exterior styling concepts and spirits. Langxing still adheres to a modest and stable line. The use of a large number of straight lines echoes the shape of the front face, while Fox is still rich in lines. , The sense of hierarchy is very strong.

◆ Interior design and skylight size, detail comparison

Entering the car, both Langxing and Fox adopted family-style design styles. The shape of the center console of Langxing is exactly the same as that of Lavida. The shape is simple and the layout is regular, but the material is still a large area of hard plastic, and the feel is very ordinary. .

In contrast, the materials used for the Fox's center console are very satisfying. The large-area soft material feels very good, and the shape is three-dimensional, full of technological flavor, and the overall style is very appealing to young people.

In terms of the shape of the steering wheel, Langxing adopts a three-spoke design, while the Focus is a four-spoke design. Both outer rings are covered with leather. The grip is satisfactory, and it is at the leading level in the same class of models.

In addition, the steering wheels of these two cars are equipped with multi-function buttons. In addition to controlling the audio system and Bluetooth phone functions, Langxing also integrates a cruise control function on the turn signal lever behind the steering wheel. Not available. The SYNC in-vehicle multimedia communication system owned by Fox is not available in LangXing. This system can recognize voice commands such as making calls and playing music, which is helpful to improve driving safety.

In short, the two cars have their own merits in terms of the functionality of the steering wheel. The only thing to be criticized is that the steering wheel of Langxing can only be adjusted up and down, and cannot be stretched back and forth. For a taller person, it may be used. Some awkward.

In terms of audio system, the configuration of Langxing and Fox was originally equipped with single-disc audio with external audio source interfaces such as AUX and USB. The number of loudspeakers is 8 for Lang Behavior and 6 for Fox. In addition, the RNS315 we experienced this time also chose the original RNS315 multimedia navigation entertainment. It mainly has functions such as reversing images, navigation and DVD playback. The dealer’s price is 6,000 yuan. Fox does not provide such options. Installation service. As for the air conditioner, both vehicles use dual-zone constant temperature automatic air conditioners.

The sunroofs of both cars use the most traditional small sunroof, which can be regarded as an absolute mainstream match in compact cars. In terms of size, Longxing’s skylight is more dominant in width, while Fox’s length is slightly larger by 10mm.

◆ Comparison of riding space and storage space

For the seat fabric, Langxing is wrapped in full leather, while Fox is a combination of half leather and half fabric. The main driver's seat of the two adjustment methods is 6-way manual adjustment with manual lumbar support, and the co-pilot seat is both It is 4-way manual adjustment. Judging from the actual riding experience, the comfort of the seats of Langxing and Focus are relatively satisfactory, and the inner fillings of the seats are moderately soft and hard, and the lateral support is also just right.

In terms of riding space, after the 176cm height experiencers adjust the front seat height to the lowest, the front row of Longxing has about 3 fingers, and the Fox is a little bit smaller with 2 fingers; the rear, Langxing and Fox are the same It's about 3 fingers. In the back row of leg space, Lang Xing has an obvious advantage, with 3 punches, while Fox only has 1 punch + 3 fingers. In addition, the rear row of Longline also has more center armrests and center seat headrests than Fox.

Regarding the luggage compartment volume, the officially announced volume of Longxing without putting down the rear seats is 412L, and Fox is 356L. The difference between the two is 56L, which is equivalent to putting an extra 21-inch suitcase. . After fully leveling the rear seats, the maximum depth measured by Longxing is 1550mm, and the maximum depth measured by Focus is 1420mm, with a gap of 130mm. In terms of luggage compartment size, Fox’s only advantage is the width, which is 50mm larger than Langxing.

◆ Comparison of safety configuration and power system

In terms of safety configuration, the performance of Langxing and Focus can be said to be very satisfactory, and they are also at the leading level in the same level of vehicles. The front double airbags, side airbags, seat belt unfastened reminders, child safety seat interfaces and Traction control system, body stability control system and uphill assist are all available. On this basis, Langxing also has more tire pressure monitoring and side air curtains than Fox.

In the power system, Langxing is equipped with a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine code-named EA211, with a maximum power of 110 horsepower and a maximum torque of 155 Nm. Fox uses the same 1.6L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 125 horsepower and a maximum torque of 159 N·m. Both data are slightly higher than those of Langxing. The matching gearbox is a 6-speed automated manual gearbox for Lang, and a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox for Fox.

The suspension structure is the major difference between the two cars. Lang is the layout of front Macpherson + rear torsion beam non-independent suspension, while Fox is the structure of front Macpherson + rear multi-link independent suspension. Although for a family car, whether the rear suspension is independent is not so important in daily use, but from the consumer psychology, there is better than nothing, do you think it?

● Editor's summary:

Langxing and Fox can be said to be two models with distinctive personalities and their own strengths. Which one is beautiful in appearance depends entirely on personal aesthetics. Lang walks in the style of “mini wagon”, while Fox belongs to the sports category. In terms of interior decoration, the advantage of Lang Xing lies in the spaciousness of the space, while the Fox is more particular about the materials. There is little difference between the two in terms of configuration. The conventional sunroof, automatic air conditioning, multi-function steering wheel, etc. are all available, and the safety configuration is also in place . Power, 1.6L displacement can be described as the golden displacement of compact cars, both for Langxing and Focus are their main sales models, although it is hard to talk about how strong the power is, but for most families, It is also sufficient to meet the daily commute to get off work and the occasional long-distance self-driving tour.

In terms of price, taking the two models compared in this article as an example, Langxing is a bit more expensive than Fox. At the same time, because Fox has been listed and some years have a larger discount, Langhang has just launched on the market, and there is basically no profit, so from now on Looking at the prices of the two cars now, Fox is indeed more cost-effective than Langxing. However, referring to the price trend of Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida, it is conservatively estimated that within a year or even half a year, there may be a price concession of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan for Langxing. If you like Langxing but are not eager to use it, you can moderately wait and see. a period of time.

Langxing 2013 1.6L automatic luxury type

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Manufacturer's guide price

15.29 million

Fox 2012 Hatchback 1.6L AT Style

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In short, how to choose these two models depends mainly on your actual car needs. If you have already married and have children, I think Longxing is more suitable. It has a spacious rear space and a larger luggage compartment. When traveling with family members, it is more comfortable for them to sit, and it is also more convenient to put a stroller or carry large luggage. Of course, if you are a person who does not have a strong demand for space, but is more “entangled” with the materials and independent suspension in the car, I recommend you to take a look at Fox.

The article is not over yet. On the next page, there is a detailed comparison of model parameters between Langxing and Focus, please click here.