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[YesAuto Model PK] As the demand for cars becomes more and more diversified, different market segments are gradually increasing, so the most popular among young people is undoubtedly the sports compact car market. In the past two years, many auto manufacturers have also seen the prospects of this market segment, and have successively launched many models for young people. At the same time, many old models have begun to gradually incorporate more youthful elements. The market situation of Fiberhome is bound to cause competition among many models. Today we have invited two protagonists, namely Changan Mazda 3-star Cheng Sedan and Mitsubishi Wingshen. They have dynamic appearance and good handling, which belong to the same One level is the main sports model. Let's compare the two models below, hoping to help you with your purchase.

● Different appearance styles: Xingcheng's lines are smooth and dynamic, and the wings are tough and more powerful.

Although the appearance of the two cars are both following the sports route, they are not the same in design style. The appearance of the Mazda 3-star is not new, but it can give people the first impression that they are young and energetic, and the front face is basically the same. The second-generation imported Mazda 3 has the same hatchback, with a signature smiling front face and a streamlined body design. The overall look is dynamic and unobtrusive. The shape of the Mitsubishi Wingshen is rich in connotation, provided that you have already understood its past and present. Later, compared with Xingcheng, the lines tended to be tougher and more powerful.

Mazda 3 Xingcheng uses the latest family-style design. The big smiling mouth and the willow-shaped headlight make Xingcheng look very tense. The two protruding ridges and wide wheels extending from the bumper to the hood The eyebrows are all showing a dynamic shape, and the lines on the side of the body are richer, and the visual layering is increased. In general, Xingcheng incorporates more exaggerated and radical design elements, the purpose is to make the shape more individual and more individual. Younger.

In comparison, the overall appearance of Mitsubishi Wingshen is relatively simple and tough, without too many radical elements, but this does not mean that it is not fashionable and dynamic. The design of Wingshen is very similar to the imported tenth-generation EVO of the performance car. Throughout the history of this model, it is enough to make you feel its sharp and sharp sports concept.

The body size data of the two models are not much different, but such data is obviously not for the pursuit of ample riding space, but more for good handling.

To be honest, the most inactive part of the two models is the tires and wheels. No matter the size of the tires and the shape of the wheels are not much different from ordinary family cars, perhaps this is where they take care of the family. In my opinion, the exercise is not thorough enough. This is good, at least it can also boost the modification market. In addition, Yishen uses a non-full-size spare tire, and Xingcheng, which uses a full-size spare tire, seems to be kinder.

● The design and workmanship of the central control interiors of the two models are not the same

After comparing the appearance, let's take a look at the central control interior design of these two cars. Both cars provide two kinds of interiors to choose from. The black version of the interior is prepared for those who like sports. From the point of view of workmanship, the performance of the two models is excellent; but from the point of view of materials, the soft plastic materials used by Mazda 3 Xingcheng are higher than Mitsubishi Yishen hard plastic.

The central control design of Mazda 3 Star Cheng also follows Mazda’s latest design style. The integrated design of the driving position and the central control panel are familiar to everyone. The three-spoke multifunctional leather-wrapped steering wheel provides a good grip, with two left and right panels. It integrates audio control and driving computer control buttons. At the same time, the position of the shift paddles is also very suitable. Both the left and right sides can control the up and down gears. The silver chrome plated parts under the steering wheel make the whole look very textured.

Compared with Mazda 3 Xingcheng, the design of the central control of Yishen is more ordinary, especially the design of the steering wheel. Although it is not ugly, at least it is not on the same level as the sense of movement. It is also exaggerated and easy to use shift paddles to save some of it. face. The slender decorative strip divides the central control into upper and lower parts, increasing the layering of the interior.

Mazda 3 Star Cheng uses leather seats, the seats are very thick, but the wrapping is average, which does not match its sporty characteristics. In addition, the top models are not equipped with electric seat adjustments, perhaps to make the price more expensive. Close to the people. The side wrapping of Yishen's seat back cushion is better than Mazda 3 Star Cheng, and it is very sporty. High-end models are equipped with electric seat adjustment. Of course, the addition of configuration is directly proportional to the increase in cost.

Comparison of space/storage function

Generally speaking, models that focus on sports will not have a great advantage in terms of space, but most car owners still spend most of their time in the car with home transportation, so the riding space is still very meaningful. At the same time, the rationality of storage space design also reflects the practicality of this model. Let's take a look at how the two models perform in these two aspects.

Through actual experience, the performance of Wingshen’s front-row riding space is better than that of Xingcheng. Experiencers with the same height of 180cm still have three-finger headroom in the front row of Wingshen, while Xingcheng’s front row head space is very cramped. Up.

The rear headroom of the two models is not generous, basically only below the level of two fingers. Although the wheelbase of Yishen 2635mm is 5mm shorter than Xingcheng, its front seat backrest is not as thick as Xingcheng, so the rear leg room performs better, half a punch distance than Xingcheng.

In terms of storage space design, Xingcheng is more humane than Yishen. Xingcheng has set up a glasses case on the front row of reading lights, a storage compartment on the center console, and a cup holder on the back door. These practical storage designs were not found on Wingshen.

It’s not difficult to see from the appearance that Xingcheng’s tail is relatively short. My intuition tells me that its trunk does not have an advantage. After comparison, it is true. In addition, the multi-link rear suspension also takes up a lot of space, so the internal space of the trunk is relatively small. , And the opening is not big, so the practicality is average.

Compared with Xingcheng, Yishen’s trunk space is much larger, but the flatness is not as good as Xingcheng. In addition, the rear seats of both models can be tilted to improve space utilization and use hydraulic support. The rod saves a lot of space.

● Configuration comparison: There is a certain gap in the price of the models and the configuration level is close

The models compared this time are the Mazda 3 Xingcheng 2.0L automatic luxury version with a price of 153,800 yuan and the Mitsubishi Yishen 2.0L CVT Jinxuan version with a price of 169,800 yuan. Due to the price difference of 16,000 yuan, it is difficult to say in terms of configuration. Who is better, then we will talk more about the practicality and cost-effectiveness of the configuration.

In terms of safety configuration, the two models basically remain at the same level. For example, the mainstream and entry-level safety configurations such as dual airbags for the driver and co-driver and ABS+EBD will certainly not be lacking. Both models focus on sports, so they are equipped with traction for active safety. Control and electronic stability program. In addition, Yishen is better in passive safety, equipped with knee airbags more than Xingcheng.

From the perspective of cost performance, Yishen has more sports seats, electric seat adjustment, automatic xenon headlights, headlight cleaning, sensor wipers, and knee airbags than Xingcheng. Although Yishen's configurations are still certain. Practical, but the price difference with Xingcheng is 16,000 yuan. In general, Yishen's price/performance ratio is slightly lower than Xingcheng.

Powertrain/performance comparison:

Power is undoubtedly an important indicator to measure a sports car. With the background of Tiida, Yinglang and Golf T models, the naturally aspirated engines of Mazda 3 Xingcheng and Mitsubishi Yishen obviously can't keep up with the trend.

Mazda Xingcheng is equipped with the familiar 2.0L Mazda MZR engine with a maximum output of 110kW (150 horsepower)/6500rpm and a maximum torque of 182N·m/4500rpm. It is still equipped with Mazda’s unique S-VT (Sequential Valve Timing System). ), VIS (variable intake manifold system), electronically controlled throttle valve and TSCV (variable swirl control system) technologies also lack some bright spots in technology. It is matched with a 5-speed automatic manual gearbox. Compared with the previous generation, a gear has been added, and the smoothness and fuel economy of shifting have been improved.

Yishen uses a Mitsubishi 4B11 engine with a maximum power of (152 horsepower) 112kW/6000rpm; a maximum torque of 197N·m/4250rpm, with MEVIC continuously variable valve timing system technology. In addition, the engine is matched with a CVT transmission produced by Japan's Jatco company, and has a 6-speed analog shift function and steering wheel shift paddles, which has a certain degree of driving control fun.

The suspension structure of the Mazda 3-Star basically continues the multi-link form of the previous Macpherson and rear suspension of the previous model. Only small improvements have been made on the rubber bushing and the center beam of the rear suspension. However, in the overall tuning style, More radical than the previous model.

Mitsubishi Wingshen adopts a structure with front and rear Macpherson and rear suspensions with stabilizer bars. In theory, this structure is stronger than the Mazda 3-star, and it is also in line with the requirements of sports models, but in order to take into account For household needs, Yishen's suspension tuning is a bit soft and the stroke is short, and it does not fully display the characteristics of the suspension.

● Performance comparison:

As for the main sports models, the acceleration, braking, fuel consumption and other performance aspects of the vehicle are also factors that consumers consider when buying cars. After looking at the engine parameters and chassis structure of the two models, let's take a look at their actual performance.

The combination of Mazda’s 3-Star 2.0L naturally aspirated engine and 5AT can be considered a tacit coordination in daily driving, but the dynamic performance is not its strong point, and the 10.44 seconds result is also reasonable.

Obviously, compared with Xingcheng, Yishen's acceleration performance is indeed a lot better, and the acceleration performance is exactly the same as the imported model, reaching 9.2 seconds, which is among the best in the compact class. In addition, it should be mentioned that Xingcheng also has a 6-speed manual transmission model to choose from, which is more powerful in power output and more fun to control.

Xingcheng uses four Bridgestone Terran ER300 tires with specifications of 205/55R16. In the braking test, the grip and gradually and abundant braking force are satisfactory. The braking force fluctuates throughout the braking process. Not much. And after several brakes, the performance fluctuations are also very small, indicating that the phenomenon of thermal attenuation is not obvious. Finally achieved a braking distance of 40.8 meters.

Let’s take a look at the braking performance of Yishen. The braking force is relatively gentle in the early stage of braking, and the braking force becomes more powerful from the middle and later stages. The braking force fluctuates relatively greatly throughout the braking process, and the final average braking performance is 42.7 meters. Compared with Xingcheng's 40.8 meters braking distance, it is slightly inferior.

In the fuel consumption test of the two models, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is less than 8.5 liters. Although they are still uncompetitive compared to their turbocharged rivals of the same level, for an automatic transmission model with a displacement of 2.0, such fuel consumption is It is also acceptable to consumers.

Full text summary:

Xingcheng and Yishen, the two main sports models, are used as tools to enter the young market. The price range of 150,000 to 170,000, dynamic and fashionable appearance, and good control will undoubtedly attract a large part of young consumers who are pursuing “sports.” By. In terms of appearance, Xingcheng uses exaggerated and smooth lines to interpret young fashion, while Yishen uses simple straight lines to show the sense of strength. Xingcheng's central control interior is excellent regardless of style, workmanship and materials, and Yishen is in the central control. The design of the table and steering wheel is more mature. In addition to the outstanding performance of Yishen in acceleration of 100 kilometers, the two models are not the same in terms of braking and fuel consumption.

In the case of such close performance, brand and cost performance have become the key to consumers' decision. From the historical precipitation of the sports car brand, Mitsubishi Yishen obviously has a higher recognition than Mazda 3 Star Cheng. From the perspective of cost performance, Mazda 3 Xingcheng pulled back a city. All in all, the performance of the two models in the sports compact car market will inevitably make consumers entangled when choosing them. If you are new to the society and like trends and freshness, then Xingcheng will please you more. , If you pursue a sense of movement while taking into account a sense of family mission, then the more stable and dynamic Wingshen will be more suitable for you.