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[YesAuto Connected Travel] August 25, 2011 is an epoch-making day for both Haval and China's auto industry, because on this day a car that influenced the Chinese auto market has boarded the stage of history-Haval H6. The monthly sales of bicycles are up to 80,000, and 85 months (approximately 7 years) sales have reached the top. It can be said that the results of the Haval H6 are made with real swords and guns. After 9 years, the Haval H6 ushered in the third generation of models. Against the background of globalization, can Haval H6 achieve greater brilliance?

Looking at the in-vehicle systems of Haval’s current models for sale, the attitude towards intelligence and connectivity is not unfavourable. Even though the previous generation of H6 has kept up with the pace of intelligent connectivity after several changes, it is always lacking What happened. And with the debut of the third-generation models, the image of the intelligent network in our minds is back.

In the Hi-Life era of Haval H6, it gave drivers and passengers great surprises through the use of small programs. In the third-generation works, everything from interior design to system planning has been completely renewed, redefining the image of the intelligent network. This time we took the opportunity of a factory visit to have a simple experience of the third-generation Haval H6 in-vehicle system.

I tested a lot of in-vehicle systems, and the only thing I disliked was the hard-coded page card, and I couldn't even move the order. In fact, everyone has their own usage habits, and some of the function levels are not clear, which brings trouble to users. On the contrary, it is the most practical to deploy what you want like Haval H6.

At the voice level, HKUST Xunfei provides the entire solution, and basic operations such as One Shot, partial wake-up, and context semantic cohesion can be completed. From the actual experience, the recognition rate has nothing to say. Whether it is in the map scene or in the entertainment system scene, there are basically answers to all questions, and even unanswered questions can be answered more vividly.

Edit comment:

Due to time constraints, we only had a light experience. Judging from the various Haval systems we have seen in the past, it actually has an early insight into the intelligent and networked gameplay, and at the same time, we can play it step by step. For Haval H6, although the quality of the in-vehicle interconnection system does not directly affect whether to purchase, if there is a useful system, it can indeed improve the happiness index of driving. In the era when the era of autonomous driving is still in the future, I think this is the real significance of the vigorous development of intelligent networked systems. (Li Xiangtu Wang Xingyu from Home of Wenzhou)