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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] The 2000GT launched by Toyota in 1967 is recognized as Japan's first super sports car. The Lexus LFA that came out in 2010 can be said to continue the incense of 2000GT. Of the 500 LFAs produced in limited quantities, 50 of them are Nurburgring models. LFA is very precious due to its limited production and high price (after listing, the overseas price is 375,000 US dollars, and the domestic official price is 5.988 million yuan). The rare Nurburgring version The models are even rarer to see.

Recently, a LFA Nurburgring version with a mileage of only 1,000 kilometers was auctioned by a German auction company with a starting price of 370,000 euros (approximately 2.79 million yuan). The standard version of the LFA is equipped with a 560 horsepower 4.8L V10 naturally aspirated engine developed by Yamaha, while the LFA Nurburgring version is still equipped with this V10 engine code-named 1LR-GUE, but the maximum power has been adjusted to 571 horsepower.

The LFA Nurburgring version has four body paintings including black, matt black, orange and white. The entire car adds an aerodynamic package made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The body height is 10mm lower than the standard version of the LFA. The support of driving in corners has been further improved… However, these are not enough to attract buyers. What makes this very special LFA Nurburgring version even more special is that it has Akio Toyoda's autograph on the body!

The auction company did not disclose the origin of the car and the signature on the car, but claimed that this is the only LFA signed by Akio Toyoda among the 500 LFAs in the world. The signature is located on the front left of the engine cover, and there is also a signature at the same position on the inside of the carbon fiber engine cover. It is not difficult to see from the vehicle pictures provided by the auction company that this LFA Nurburgring had just attended a wedding before, and the new couple’s name was also posted on the body.

It is reported that in the early years, the Chinese market was allocated a quota of 20 LFAs, but you can hardly hear the beautiful sound of LFA on the street, which is almost like an F1 car. After all, the threshold of LFA is too high, even car owners should be careful. Store in your own garage to enjoy alone. After the production was discontinued in 2012, LFA still has single-digit new cars for sale in North American dealers. The LFA Nurburgring sold at the German public auction is really rare. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether Akio Toyoda’s signature is present or not. Rarity is destined to be a sought-after financial product. (Li Haopeng, home of the car)