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[YesAuto concept car real shot] As a Chinese brand from the “first son of the Republic”, Bestune Motors has recently achieved good performance in the market with new products such as T77. This is not easy under the background of the current cold auto market. At the current Guangzhou Auto Show, Bestune Motors also brought a pure electric concept car code-named C105. Although it is called a concept car, in fact this model born under the new pure electric platform of Pentium will be launched next year. Next, let us see what is unique about this car.

Article summary:

In addition to the eye-catching appearance, Bestune claims that the C105 will have a 450km cruising range under NEDC conditions and L3 autopilot function after mass production. The car will also have a “3D holographic intelligent interactive assistant” and a high-end audio system, and the product positioning is not low. At present, C105 is just a code name. Bestune is currently soliciting the name of this car from the public. If you are interested in participating, maybe its name is your creativity.