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[YesAuto Design Decoding] “There is no poetry and distant people in my heart, and there are no other places.” As an amateur photographer, I agree with this sentence, because there are always people in the field of photography who can be in those ordinary places. The pictures are amazing, and those eyes that find beauty are really enviable. In the field of design, those designers who can create beauty make me admire even more. I have always been curious about where their inspirations come from, and how they transition and blend. In contact with the designer of Fengxing T5, I have some answers.

Design team

Product Design

The vehicle design of the Fengxing T5 revolves around two themes of tradition and urbanism. The “traditional” theme is mainly displayed in the exterior design, while the interior has more urban elements. We first introduce you from the appearance.

The front face inspired by the “ding” gives people a sense of stability and grandeur. The designer uses black and white painting, adding chrome strips, feather-shaped daytime running lights and other methods to embellish it, making it stable and not dull, and rich in layers. Messy. What about its sideways and rear performance?

Relatively simple sideways, rear end that echoes the front face

The side profile is simpler than the front, and the rear design has become relatively rich. The designer needs to prepare an appropriate transition between the front, sideways, and rear of the car, so that each side connects naturally and conforms to the theme of the vehicle.

Generally, there are two types of chrome-plated decoration for car windows. The full-enclosed type will appear regular; the popular T5 adopts an open type, which can give people more room for imagination, and the gradually restrained shape will guide the vision to the rear of the car, which conforms to the public The car-watching habit has the same effect as the gradually sharp waistline.

Like the front face, the rear of the popular T5 also has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and the main line also uses traditional design elements to strengthen the theme. However, as a contemporary means of transportation, the designer also hopes that it has the enthusiasm, warmth and sense of technology of the city, which is mainly expressed in the interior.

Interior: enthusiasm and warm urban emotion

    Unlike the cold steel plate, the interior material will be more selective. Therefore, the interior can interact with users through more dimensions such as shape, color and different touch to express their own personality.

Both the exterior and interior design require excellent skills and rich experience, but I always think that there are more dimensions to consider in interior design. After all, our entire car use process is almost in the car. In addition to conveying emotions, interior interiors must also consider a large number of humanized designs. The interior of the Fengxing T5 shows us a good positive example. It has a rich emotional transmission and also allows us to see the humanized upgrade of the details.

Full text summary:

Aesthetics has always been a matter of “the wise enjoy the water, and the benevolent leshan”. The likes and dislikes of a car are often determined at the first glance. Whether the internal and external shapes of the Fengxing T5 match your aesthetics. There is already an answer. However, in vehicle design, how designers highlight themes, how to make transitions between different styles, and how to convey emotions through color/texture/touch, these techniques can be applied to all aspects of our lives. From dressing and dressing to creative design, there are parts that we can learn from.