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[YesAuto original test drive] The old saying “There is paradise above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below” is familiar to everyone. It is indeed a joy in life to be able to drive to Hangzhou once. The scenery of these famous places is undoubtedly very beautiful, but self-driving When you encounter winding and unfamiliar mountain roads in these famous places, everyone may be puzzled because they don't know which direction to go to in order to reach the destination fastest. If you want to buy a practical, self-owned brand car with a multimedia navigation device for less than 70,000 yuan, and then drive to famous places by yourself, then I think you should continue to look down, maybe I test the Geely Vision Navigation version today It's the car you want.

Appearance: pragmatic and rigorous design style

I believe everyone is already very familiar with the vision, so I don’t need to write too much text on the appearance, or a short description is what everyone needs.

Vision has been on the market as early as 2007, and the appearance has basically not changed so far. Its appearance design does not have too many highlights, and the overall trend is pragmatic and rigorous design style. The car body expresses the solid feeling of the vehicle through the rounded surface curve, and the lines at the rear end use sharper lines to depict the three-dimensional feeling. The huge front and rear taillights are harmoniously matched with the whole body, without giving people too much sense of abruptness.

What you see in it is independent design elements, and you will not find any elements that imitate others. The overall shape orientation is more modest, but this is more suitable for its purpose of focusing on family practicality, and it is more adaptable to the big picture. The tastes of some target consumer groups.

GPS navigator: easy operation and high accuracy

In Hangzhou, where life is unfamiliar, it is indeed very difficult for me to visit many scenic spots within a limited time. Of course, this is also the opportunity for me to experience the vision navigation version. If you think you have a car, and then buy a copycat navigation for a few hundred yuan, you can drive freely to enjoy the mountains and rivers, then I can only say that there is a problem with your point of view, otherwise there will be no such thing now. Many car manufacturers have launched their own original navigation version models.

The multimedia navigation system of the Vision Navigation Edition is a new and convenient configuration of this car. Its functions are very rich, including GPS, Bluetooth phone, DVD, radio and other functions. In addition to the navigation function, it also has a good performance in terms of entertainment and expandability. It is equipped with an IPOD interface and a USB interface. It displays the commonly used functions in the form of buttons on the left side of the small but good LCD screen, which is more convenient for the driver to control while driving. Of course, this is not something to be encouraged to do, after all, safety is the most important thing. Yes, it is recommended to operate when parking.

Its navigation system uses the Kalide map, which has a reliable guarantee in terms of accuracy. Of course, I personally experienced its accuracy during the test drive. Although it cannot be said to be accurate, at least in the whole test. During the driving, I did not miss the destination I needed to reach because of taking the wrong path. The operation steps of this navigation system are roughly the following steps: Click “Find” → handwriting input address → click “Set as Destination” → click “Start Navigation” → select “Route Selection Method”, after completing the above 5 steps, The navigation will start, the operation is easy enough, and there are not too many redundant steps.

This navigation system can be used for handwriting operations, and the accuracy of recognition is fair. It doesn't take too much effort to operate, but the touch of the screen is not very good, but this has little effect on the overall operation. In terms of the speed of searching stars, its response is not bad. Generally, it can react within a few seconds after clicking to start navigation. It can generally search more than 7 satellites, and it is also effectively guaranteed in terms of information accuracy. It will be displayed in a split screen when it needs to change routes, enter a highway, etc., and the left screen will first show the route to be walked in an analog way.

The most noteworthy feature of this navigation system is that it presets the detailed information of the Geely 4S store. Under its guidance, you can reach the Geely 4S store closest to you or the Geely 4S store you most want to go to. This function is indeed intimate.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, reversing is more difficult for the driver. Its GPS navigation system is equipped with a tracking reversing image function, which can relieve your daily driving. However, the camera of this reversing imaging system is monochrome, and the resolution is not too high. It will be more difficult to see the situation behind the car on the screen under strong sunlight, because you can't rely on this one 100%. Reversing system, skilled skills are necessary, but I believe that the effect will be better if you use a color camera.

The camera of the reversing imaging system is externally located above the rear license plate. What is more user-friendly is that it can be manually adjusted up and down, so that you can find a more suitable reversing angle of view. It's just that when such an external design encounters naughty children or thieves, you may have trouble. In serious cases, you may need to assemble a new one. It would be better if you can hide it.