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[YesAuto 用车宝典] There is a saying in the daddy circle of the editorial department that it will be windy on the weekend when it comes. I originally thought of spring blossoms and taking the baby out, but the heavens are not beautiful. Spring is always accompanied by strong winds. Finally looking forward to the May Day holiday, I never expected a “monster wind” to make this holiday not so beautiful, and even human injuries occurred. I would like to remind all netizens who travel on May 1st to pay attention to weather changes at all times .

According to previous information, from 18:00 to 22:00 on April 30, hail and large-scale strong thunderstorms occurred in some areas of Nantong, Jiangsu. Among them, large trees fell down to knock down houses, telephone poles were broken, and strong winds entered the river. Cause, 11 people were killed and 102 people were injured due to the disaster.

Coincidentally, on May 1st, due to windy weather in Dingzhou City, the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway caused a catenary failure, causing the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway train to arrive at Beijing West Railway Station late, causing a backlog of passengers due to waiting for the departure train.

At 22:03 on May 1, strong winds occurred near the riverside section of Toksun County, Turpan, Xinjiang towards Turpan City, with gusts of level 11 or higher. Many vehicles had their windshields broken and people were trapped and urgently needed rescue. The firefighters at the scene used one end of the rope to fix the vehicle, and the other end was put on the firefighter's belt to rescue 22 people, and sent the trapped people to the hotel in the jurisdiction.

The unpredictable weather is far more than these. According to the latest forecast from the Central Meteorological Observatory, the weather for our holidays in the future will be very unbeautiful, and there will be heavy rainfall in the north and the south.

The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blue sandstorm warning at 06:00 on May 2:

Affected by cold air and strong winds, it is estimated that there will be blowing sand or dust in the eastern Xinjiang and southern Xinjiang basins, western Gansu, central and western Inner Mongolia, northern Ningxia, and northern Shaanxi from 08:00 on the 2nd to 08:00 on the 3rd, among which the southern Xinjiang basin , There are sandstorms in parts of western Inner Mongolia, and there are strong sandstorms locally.

There will be a large-scale precipitation process in the south from west to east. The southeast of the northwest, the east of the southwest, Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, and the northern part of South China will have moderate to heavy rains. There will be heavy rains in some areas, heavy rains locally, and local heavy rains. It will also be accompanied by strong convective weather such as thunderstorms, gales and hail.

Meteorological experts reminded that there will be local strong precipitation and strong convection weather in Guizhou, Hunan and other places. The public is requested to make reasonable arrangements for travel according to the latest weather forecast and warning information. When outdoor activities, take care to prevent the collapse of billboards and temporary structures that may be caused by strong winds. When traveling in mountainous areas, beware of secondary disasters such as mountain torrents, landslides, and mudslides.

Except inland, the sea is also not peaceful. From the afternoon of May 2 to the daytime on May 3, there will be southwest winds of magnitude 6 to 7 and gusts of magnitude 8 in the Bohai Sea, and northwest winds of magnitude 6 to 7 and gusts of magnitude 8 in the northeastern part of the East China Sea. From the daytime on May 4th to noon on the 5th, affected by cyclones entering the sea, there will be strong winds of magnitude 6 to 8 and gusts of magnitude 9 to 10 in the southern part of the Yellow Sea and most of the East China Sea.

This wave of “monster wind” during the holiday can be said to have completely wiped out our good mood. But whether you have already planned your travel route, or go home to save your relatives, please keep in mind the following travel suggestions:

1. Whether traveling on land or rivers, lakes or seas during holidays, please check the weather forecast . If it is not necessary, friends within the forecast area should reduce travel as much as possible;

2. Please stay away from billboards, trees, telephone poles and other facilities whether you are walking, driving, or parking;

3. In severe weather, please lower the speed, find a safe place to avoid danger and call for help;

4. Pay attention to the safety warning signs set up in the scenic area , and do not enter the dangerous area. After staying in the hotel, you should understand the safety instructions of the guest room, and be familiar with safe escape routes and safety facilities .

Written at the end:

I believe that with the departure of the epidemic, you have planned various travel routes on this May Day, but there is a saying in the self-driving circle that always keeps awe of nature . This holiday coincides with a sudden change in weather and beautiful scenery. It will not disappear, we might as well keep our energy and financial resources to prepare for the excitement of the next holiday. Even if you have arrived in an area with severe weather, please do not compete with the forces of nature, plan your trip reasonably, travel safely, and return safely. (Li Xiang, Home of Wen Auto)